Stolen Macbooks at Lincoln Elementary

It's like the game of clue (minus the murder) in Lincoln Elementary. Is it the janitor in the broom closet? The teacher in the classroom? Police suspect the thief of 21 macbooks worth $21k was someone who had the key of the school because there was no forced entry into the building.

Story: $21K in lapstops stolen from Lincoln elementary school

MTV debuts a show to lessen bullying

MTV's new show is all about accepting diversity. "If You Really Knew Me" attempts to tackle stereotypes and lessen bullying by having students relate and open up to one another. MTV even supplies an activity guide to do on your own or at your school--to further their mission to end stereotypes.

Story: New MTV show takes on high school stereotypes

NH ex-teacher pleads guilty on nude photo charge

If you happen to be under 18 and want a naked picture of this older woman (as seen above), try and contact her... she pleaded guilty to emailing a nude photo of herself to a 15-year-old student. Who says she won't do it again?

Story: NH ex-teacher pleads guilty on nude photo charge

Teacher Charged with Sex with Students

Sexing with a student has happened again, this time in Va. Va teacher, Dana Eckes Canter, was charged with eight counts of custodial sexual intercourse with a minor, one of her students. The victim no longer attends Christianburg High School (hardly a Christian situation!) and Canter resigned from her position as 11th grade teacher.

STORY: Dana Eckes Canter (PICTURES): High School Teacher Charged with Sex with Student

Someone burned down the school

It's a student's dream in some sick way that their school would be burnt down...looks like it came true for San Jose's Trace Elementary School students. Arson was said to be the cause of the fire that destroyed the school building. Hmm, maybe a student did it?!

STORY: Arson established in San Jose's Trace Elementary fire; school moves forward

Hydrochloric Acid Leak from School Pool

A vapor cloud in a pool at a Ill. high school...very safe for the swimmers out there. I mean firefighters had to wear protective suits, not bathing suits. They stopped the leak and ventillated the area, but there is no word of where the leak came from.

STORY: Hydrochloric acid leaks from Ill. high school pool

People Against Paddling Students

Belt whipping implication in school children's deaths in Texas. Seriously, in this day and age? Apparently, the founder of POPS, Jimmy Dunne is trying to prevent that by asking for donations and spreading the word.

STORY: No Spanking Zone

School Officials Handcuffed six-year-old.

Since when did school officials become the police and six-year-olds criminals? Apparently in July when school officials and subsequently (two days later) a security guard handcuffed a student for misbehaving. Seems odd that administrators and teachers cannot deal with a problem child in more effective ways.

STORY: Parents of a First-Grader Suing a New Orleans School for Handcuffing Their 6-year-old

Domestic Violence on The Youth Baseball Field

Family violence on the baseball field because son got thrown out of the game? Yes, but that's not all! The father, after being arrested, says he only hit the boy on the back when witnesses say otherwise. The boy was kicked off the field because he threw his helmet on the floor after getting out on third close to home.

What a lovely family, a violent and apparently dishonest father and a sore loser for a son.

STORY: Youth Baseball Coach Accused of Punching Son in the Face

Parents of Autustic Girl, who was Arrested, Sues

Arresting an 8 year old autistic girl should be a crime, she's disabled and probably could not help herself. The staffers say she spit on and touched two instructors inappropriately---but who says they didn't deserve it? There's no word of what they did to provoke this's keeping secrets it seems, hmm, shady.

Parents of Autistic Girl, who was Arrested, Sues

Super Bowl Coach Goes Back to High School

Jon Gruden, Super Bowl champion coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, returned to high help coach football at Carrollwood Day School in Tamba, Fla.

Tune in to ESPN to witness his exciting journey back at school in a three-part series, airing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


Later starting high schools?

Teenagers love to sleep in and it's more than just for petty reasons. Scientists suggest that starting the school day later for teenagers helps their life quality after they noticed a slight improvement in grades after pushing class start times from 8am to 8:30am.


Python found in empty locker

While collecting abandoned textbooks and cleaning up the messes left by high school students, a janitor, Ed Reardon, came upon one locker that had a python in it. It is questionable why someone would leave an animal alone to suffer without food and water. However, the snake is in good hands now...a local pet shop kindly took the pet off the Reardon's possession.


Wis. ex-principal charged with having child porn

The internet filter tipped off school administration when they noticed the principal's continual trips to child porn websites...


High School Rivals Meet Again in the Ring

Two former high school wrestling rivals meet in the wrestling ring again after many memories of competing together. Talk about de ja vu. The two men, equal in their high school days, took drastically different paths, one (Lesnar) only focused on wrestling, which makes him an more serious contender in the past for Madsen.


Teacher leashes middle school child

Who let the dogs out? Apparently, a Florida teacher thinks her middle school students are animalistic enough to be leashed. To solve a minor problem, she had one student walk the other... to demonstrate how to handle control. However, her behavior was misinterpreted and she was fined $5,000 for misconduct.


Brett Favre works out, throws passes to high schoolers

After Brett Favre underwent ankle surgery, he has been working out and helping out at Oak Grove High School in Mississippi.


Condoms Won't be Given to Elementary School Children

A Cape Cod school issued a vague but controversial statement proclaiming it's safe sex stance, allowing school children in Cape Cod to obtain condoms if needed. After much controversy, the school corrected their misunderstood statement, clarifying the age they meant, not allowing condoms to be given to elementary aged children.


High School Student Charged with Murder

A 16-year-old Chester High School student, Shaquille Byrd, was charged with murdering his companion, 16-year-old Andre Morales, after police shot him in defense. The boy was charged because this occured during a felony that both boys were committing at the time. The two boys broke and entered a garage with intent to steal.


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