Girl suspended for bringing peppermint oil to school

Story: Girl suspended for bringing peppermint oil to school

We are not sure if she was starting her own "Fresh Breath Club," or just raided her moms medicine cabinet, but what message are we teaching a 10-year old when she is immediately suspended for such an innocent behavior? Sometimes kids just need explained to them what they did wrong, rather than coming down with an iron fist of zero tolerance. I'm surprised the girl even knew what it was...isn't peppermint oil an old ointment from ancient cultures?

L.A. teachers still owe from $60 million payroll mistake

Story: Two teachers ordered to return more than $148,000 in overpayments

A couple years ago the L.A. Unified School District decided to upgrade its payroll software and it resulted in nearly $60 million worth of overpayments to its employees. Two of the teachers who reaped the most benefits (almost $150,000K between the pair) haven't returned their share and are still on the lamb. We can only assume they don't get cell phone reception in Barbados. In the meantime, thanks to some computer tech who messed up a few zeroes and ones, don't plan on a raise any time soon if you're teaching in L.A.

Dallas high school student arrested for masturbating in class

Story: Northwest Dallas high school student arrested, accused of masturbating in art class

According to the report, "The student began to moan and said "aye mami" before beginning to masturbate fervently in front of the teacher and classmates..." My only hunch is that his art class was out of rubber cement.

Fifth Grade Boy Gives Out $10,000 to Friends

Story: Police, school squelch child's $10K giveaway

Christmas was about to come early for a bunch of elementary school kids. It is believed that the boy took the $10K from his grandparents' safe and started passing it out before he was caught. This reporter has learned that the person most disappointed by the outcome of the incident was the local owner of Toys-R-Us, who was about to see a windfall of little kids through his doors.

School lets parent shoot BB gun in gym

Story: Balloons, BB gun, school gym: In hindsight, an 'unwise' call

If a student whispers the word 'gun,' he/she will get suspended or expelled. This school allowed a sharp-shooting parent to come into their gym and pick off helium balloons as if it were a game of Duckhunt. Maybe this principal should have done some minimal research to learn that balloons will eventually deflate and come down on their own?! In other words, the school felt that helium balloons were a worse threat than a loaded gun. Awesome.

Student suspended for wearing Santa Claus suit to suburban Philadelphia high school

Story: Student suspended for wearing Santa Claus suit to suburban Philadelphia high school

The student was handing out candy canes and the principal was handing out suspensions. The principal allegedly also threw a fit when he found out that Tiny Tim was going to have Christmas this year.

Kindergarten Teacher Accused Of Hitting Kids

Story: Kindergarten Teacher Accused Of Hitting Kids

It wasn't so much the slapping of children or hitting them with sticks, but the rubbing of hand sanitizer in their mouths and faces that pushed parents over the edge. I guess kindergarten is a good age to make kids start fearing for their life every day they come to school.

Kalamazoo Catholic schoolchildren write letters to Baby Jesus instead of Santa

Story: Kalamazoo Catholic schoolchildren write letters to Baby Jesus instead of Santa

This year for Christmas, the child of Christ will be receiving notes from children instead of Santa Claus. These kids are going to be in for a heartbreaker when they realize that neither Santa or baby Jesus exist! Furthermore, even if baby Jesus received letters from a classroom of children...infants can't read! No wonder our kids aren't doing well in school.

Las Vegas teacher disciplined for denying Holocaust

Story: Las Vegas teacher disciplined for denying Holocaust

According to the teacher, "photographs were doctored, text books are innaccurate, and the Nazi's lacked the technology to kill so many people." I suppose there was just a genetic defect that led to the deaths of over 6 million Jews? The teacher is also under investigation for denying that we landed on the moon, claiming that JFK is still alive, and trying to convince students that the Earth is flat.

Teacher Accused Of Stalking Teen

According to reports, he would text and call the 14-year old in an attempt to "lure the girl to the park." It is not clear yet if he used candy as a bribe.

Local girl banned from singing 'Christmas'

Story: Local girl banned from singing 'Christmas'

The little girl was all ready to sing a Christmas song by Alvin and the Chipmunks in her school talent show, until she was reminded that Christmas does not exist anymore. Years ago, Jesus and Santa got together and decided they needed to evaluate some of their marketing strategies. The end result was a compromise in which both parties felt that to avoid class-action law suits, it would be financially beneficial to remove their products from public schools. And that's when we substituted the word "holiday" into everything.

Phoenix teacher on leave after taking students to Hooters

Story: Paradise Valley High School teacher who took students to Hooters in Phoenix is put on leave

The teacher, who oddly enough is a woman, claims that Hooters was the only restaurant in the entire Phoenix area that could accomodate the group for lunch. With a population of almost 2 million people within city limits, you would think they would have at least attracted a McDonalds franchise to open up by now.

Principal accused of raping, molesting 11-year old girl

Story: Elementary principal in Polk accused of raping, molesting girl

If you are looking for a reason to lose sleep tonight, consider these facts: This man is an elementary school principal. He has been touching a girl inappropriately since she was in kindergarten. Every day of work for him is another opportunity to build a relationship with young girls. I wonder how many of them he introduced the game "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Long hair gets Mesquite prekindergartner in trouble

Story: Long hair gets Mesquite prekindergartner in trouble

Once again, the length of a childs hair becomes the center of our education woes. If only every student would come to school with a neatly-trimmed haircut, we would be able to start focusing on the other problems our schools face. Afterall, it's a well supported fact that NO ONE with long hair has ever been successful.

Taunton second-grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

Story: Taunton second-grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

Whether or not you believe in the story of Jesus, it is widely accepted that he died while crucified on a cross. The image isn't a warped interpretation of death from a violent 8-year old. The school administration disagrees. After seeing the above drawing, the boy was sent home and recommended for a psychological evaluation. I don't even think Jesus himself was so quick to call someone a 'sinner!'

Teacher Punishes First Grader By Cutting Her Hair

The little girl kept playing with her pigtails during class, so the teacher cut one off. I would hate to be a boy caught with my hands in my pants.

Teacher punches Snooki on MTV's Jersey Shore

Story: MTV 'Jersey Shore': Snooki punched by Queens teacher, reports say

If you haven't seen the show on MTV, Jersey Shore is about a bunch of greasy, muscular Italian men and rich, overly-tan women with annoying voices in their mid-twenties who get together every summer to get drunk and have sex. It's about to get more popular because a man of decent stature decided to sucker punch Snooki, a girl who stretches to be 5-feet tall. Our luck? He is a teacher! Watch the video first, then ask yourself if you want him educating your children.

Detroit parents want teachers jailed over low test scores

Story: Detroit parents want DPS teachers, officials jailed over low test scores

After learning that some local schools ranked the worst in the nation in math scores, parents responded by demanding the teachers go to jail for their lack of successful results. More sound suggestions might include providing additional training or hiring better qualified teachers, but it's obvious this town wants their teachers burned at the stake. You gotta wonder if they are just taking their frustrations out because the Lions have had so many consecutive losing seasons.

Two female teachers caught having sex in classroom

Story: Language teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro caught by janitor having naked romp in HS classroom

The teachers, who are 33 and 29 and teach French and Spanish respectively, have been described as "good looking," "popular," and "well-dressed" among other flattering adjectives. Somewhere in that high school, there is a boy holding a golden lamp with a genie in it...and he still has two wishes left!

Pregnant Fort Worth teen draws flak after fighting suspension from volleyball

Story: Pregnant Fort Worth teen draws flak after fighting suspension from volleyball

So here's the story- A Texas teen gets pregnant--> her coach doesn't play her in the volleyball game--> her parents begin filing civil suits against the school. So whose side are you on? The coach who protected the safety of a baby, or the parents who are trying to expose loop-holes in Title IX by-laws? How would we be talking about this story if the article was titled "Pregnant Teen Loses Baby After Being Spiked in the Stomach With a Volleyball"?

Introducing TOMS: Shoes for Kids in Need

My friend Blake has an awesome company that does two things 1) makes awesome shoes 2) gives away shoes to kids who need them -- 1 pair for every pair someone buys.  He asked that we share this video with our friends and family this holiday season - and so who better to share it with then our family here on . I really like Blake, his company, and his mission, and hope you will not only be inspired by the movement he is creating, but also see opportunity to share this new type of business model with your students -- a model where the mission of the company is tightly interwoven with creating lasting, positive, social change. They are a great gift not only for your loved ones, but also for the kids in need every purchase helps out.

Let us know what you think, if you've got a pair of TOMS, or any other cool stories about giving back this holiday season.

Texas Tech Students Rented School Buses To Party

Story: Texas Tech Students Used School Buses To Party

It sure was nice of the Plainview school district to rent out their school buses for frat boys to party in. It's good to know they now have a safe place to get liquored up on the weekends. I wonder how many elementary school kids learned what Jello shots smell like on their way to school Monday morning.

Missouri Schools Complain About Obama Logo School Supplies

Story: Missouri Schools Complain About Obama Logo School Supplies

The above picture is a notebook that the students were given; the pencils are very similar. Understandably, angry Republicans are complaining that our youth have to be subjected to the Obama brand. More surprising might be that Obama is actually being branded like Nike or Pepsi. The company claims it was an accidental error, but we know who they voted for. By the way, what does a pile of coins have to do with a public school anyway?

Parent attacks teacher with stapler in Gary school

Story: Parent attacks teacher with stapler in Gary school

...The teacher was found riddled with papers attached to her clothes. Next time, she hopes the assailant uses Post-It notes.

Chubby teacher stripped in front of class

Story: Teacher filmed stripping in front of class reprimanded

As a way to ease his rowdy class, this teacher removed his shirt and began rapping and dancing around the room. This technique is commonly used in strip clubs and results in dollar bills being stuffed in the pants. It's also a great way to gross out a classroom of 14-year olds. As innocent as this may sound, Mr. Rouse was also accused of threatening to throw a student out of a window for misbehaving. Hopefully the rest of this school doesn't learn their classroom management skills from action movies.

Birmingham Student Beaten In Class by Teacher

Story: Birmingham Student Says Beaten In Class

Although I haven't done the research, I have to believe that whipping a 9-year old with a belt for giving the wrong answers on a test isn't the most effective teaching practice. I guess some school employees would rather send students home with a bruise instead of an education.

Student suspended for ‘threatening’ rap lyrics

Story: BLHS student suspended for ‘threatening’ rap lyrics

This is a prime example of what's wrong with Zero Tolerance. I am guessing this boy isn't the only teenager in the country to try and write a rap song...fairly confident about that. But since his lyrics indirectly contained references to guns and death, he now faces suspension, potential expulsion, and charges at a juvenile court. Imagine if Run DMC had it this rough?

Teacher accused of offering teens wine, sex

Story: Teacher accused of offering teens wine, sex

For most guys, this doesn't sound like such a bad offer- Why don't you come over for some wine and sex? But when you're a 15-year old boy getting pinned against a wall by your friend's drunk mom, it probably gets a little weird. The sex never happened though. Five years from now, I wonder who will regret this night more- the woman or the boy?

Teacher fired for using school network to find alien UFO's

Story: Higley firing tied to alien-search software

After dumping about $1.5 million worth of computer equipment into his alien hunt, his attorney advised him it was time to call it quits. He installed programs into all of the school computers so he could track radio signals that beamed any signs of extraterrestrial life. I think it's safe to assume that he spent every minute of his work day monitoring these radio frequencies, and the only thing he ever found was porn...which also didn't help his case to keep his job.

Student punished for making funny face in school photo

Story: Student punished for making funny face in school photo

Major problems facing Texas public schools:

1. Drop out rates
2. Gang activity
3. Not smiling properly for yearbook pictures

Teacher Accused of Videotaping Kids in Restroom

Story: Teacher Accused of Videotaping Kids in Restroom

He was caught because every time a student went to the bathroom, he would go to his desk to view the live feed. When schools began introducing new technology in the classroom, this isn't what we had in mind. I wonder if he had to drill a peep-hole back in the day?

Teacher charged with vandalizing Portland school

Story: Teacher charged with vandalizing Portland school

50 is a good age to start scratching items off your Bucket List, right? We're not sure if this teacher had one, but we do know she can now die knowing she trashed a school with sardines and condoms. I have no idea what the relationship is between those two objects, except maybe they had both been collecting dust at her home ever since she lost her sanity.

Parent complains that school went too far with paddling

Story: Parent: School went too far with paddling

We find it necessary to keep reminding readers that some states still allow educators to beat students up with paddles. This boy boy got a few licks for disturbing his class. His mom, (using simple logic) argues that, "...if I put bruises on him, I would be in trouble." Actually mom, I think if anyone else in the country put bruises on him, they would be in trouble too. That's why we have laws against assault and battery. But for some odd reason, we still have schools that get away with giving kids "licks" with a paddle. Go figure.

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