Student sues school district over religious drawing

Story: Student sues Wisconsin school district over religious drawing

Unless this kid is getting up on lunch tables in the cafeteria and preaching scripture, I'm not gonna have a problem with him drawing a picture of a cross in art class. The school also has plans on cracking down on WWJD bracelets and monitoring students thoughts before tests to make sure they're not praying for a good grade.

With a sign 'round your neck that says "Wack MC"

"Select students at Desert Pines High School put together rap-like lyrics and a base-induced beat to get students to attend proficiency testing."


Please don't try to co-opt hip-hop, or any other for that matter, culture to get students fired up about proficiency testing. First of all, your rhymes is wack, and that math club vice president girl you found to read lines off beat is worse than Hedi Montage. Stick to what the Las Vegas school district is best at, paying teachers substantially less than valet parking jockeys. We don't care how "base" induced your beats is.

Teacher accused of allowing beating for tardy student

Story: Teacher accused of allowing beating for tardy student

In California they want to fine them, and in Colorado they just let your classmates beat you up. We are really teaching these young minds the importance of being prompt. It's a life lesson! I think teachers usually make bad choices like this every year around this time because of Wrestlemania Fever.

Police want $250 fines for kids who ditch school


Story: Oceanside police want $250 fines for kids who ditch school

It's only going to upset that parents when they start getting piles of tickets for their irresponsible children. This maybe would have also prevented the young girl the other week from stopping an out of control school bus from crashing had she been in school. [story here] The county is however, gonna make a killing on 'Senior Skip Day.'

500 march to protest pending school budget cuts

Story: 500 march to protest pending school budget cuts

This is happening in schools across the country. If you took 1% of the money we spend in Iraq and the moon (2 places that are NOT in our own country), we wouldn't have to fire 1000's of teachers every year for 'budget' reasons. Maybe these laid of teachers should enlist for the war, it seems to be about the only profession with job-stability.

Cops Bust High School Root Beer Kegger


Story: Cops Bust High School Root Beer Kegger

Once you kids are old enough to drink Root Beer, this won't be as much fun. What a tremendous waste of resources for the police department, and how can they force all these kids to submit to breathalyzers? There wasn't any illegal substance found! Apparently illegally parked cars are now grounds for warrantless search.

Coach steals $500 from high school

Story: Coach steals $500 from high school

He was planning on using the money to help fix his shattered dream that he never became a professional athlete. That, and probably hookers.

Principal Threatens to Kill Science Teachers

Story: Principal Allegedly Threatens to Kill Science Teachers

He was also charged with telling the teachers that they were "Liars, Liars" and that their "pants were on fire." However, the school did notice an improvement in students test scores when they realized that their lives were at risk if the kids failed. Talk about a good motivator.

Middle school student arrested for giving drugs at school

Tulsa middle school student arrested for giving drugs at school

I guess 12 is about the age that you need to find a part-time job so you turn to setting up drug rings in school. He said he found them on the way to school. We all know that this means he has a routine stop where he conveniently finds pills in some pushers hands, and then that person finds a stack of ten dollar bills in return.

Elementary School Teacher Arrested for Child Pornography

Story: Elementary School Teacher Arrested for Child Pornography

The report says "He said he has not touched any child from the school in an inappropriate manner." Oh, ok. That's reassuring. That's like me having a collection of peoples faces in my backyard that I use as target practice with my rifle. "But I haven't actually shot anyone." We get it man, but you're also that creepy 53-year old that gets a little too excited when the 2nd graders have popsicles on Field Day.

Deputy Shocks Girl With Taser At Elementary School


The girl was winning a fight against an officer before she was tased. Are 11-year old girls stronger than most cops now? I can only imagine what would happen if a couple of them decided to gang up.

Principal accused of leaking test

Story: Roslindale principal accused of leaking MCAS test

This guy went about it all wrong. A little common sense tells us that the smart kids don't need tests answers. They get mad and snitch when people cheat. All he had to do was set something up with all the dumb kids in school.

Student Suspended for Wearing Perfume

Story: Student Suspended for Wearing Perfume

The girl didn't feel as bad when she learned that the boys were disciplined for tucking their shirts in, some other girls got detention for crossing their legs while sitting, and most of the cafeteria lost their recess time for not placing their fork and spoon on the proper side of the plate.

Teacher Sorry After Mother Complains She Told Class Obama Is a ‘Scary’ Muslim

Story: Teacher Sorry After Mother Complains She Told Class Obama Is a ‘Scary’ Muslim

This is great. How can we ever expect our kids to get a fair and just education when the teachers are the ignorant ones? I can only imagine how she taught the slavery and Holocaust lessons this year.

Kindergarten teacher arrested after cocaine found in makeup bag

"Sorry little guy, that's not chalk dust you found near Miss Robinson's purse"

Kindergarten teacher arrested after cocaine found in makeup bag

It must be hard to resist keeping drugs around 5-year olds. But on the other hand it beats the old fashioned way of relying on cup after cup of coffee to keep you wired all day.

George Carlin on Education, etc.

George Carlin gets it.

Thanks to Alexander Russo at for finding this clip!

Discipline Looms For Teacher Whom Student Gave Back Rub

Story: Discipline Looms For Teacher Whom Student Gave Back Rub

He admits to (and doesn't see anything wrong with) allowing the girl to skip school with him and drive her to his house. The state of Florida is nailing one of these teachers every day for something like this. If you have ever visited the Sunshine State, you'll find it's crawling with plenty of tan, fit, bikini-clad, LEGAL women on every beach and bar. There should be no excuse for chasing after 14-year olds.

High School Cheerleader Dies of Breast Surgery Complications

Sometimes there is a steep price for popularity. Everyone knows that her bigger cup size could have taken the basketball team to states this year.

Sex Offender Discovered Working At Elementary School

The school doesn't feel they need to perfom background checks unless the volunteer works "in close contact with children." Parents became suspicious when he began giving out lollipops to the boys and telling the girls that they look like models, and that they should let him take photographs of them.

School board may ban energy drinks

Now schools are sending kids to the hospital when they get a sugar-rush. But aren't these the same people that accept stacks of cash from these corporations to allow them to advertise in the hallways of the school?

Canadian university threatens to expel a student for Facebook study group

STORY: Canadian university faces off with digital generation

James Norrie, director of the School of Information Technology Management at Ryerson, was also rumored to be planning an expulsion of engineering students, for having the potential to build firearms that could potentially be brought on campus. He has also allegedly started proceedings to have the entire atmospheric science department shut down, in an attempt to stop global warming.

Send hate mail letters of encouragement to:
James Norrie
Or phone in a personal message to:
(416) 979-5000, key in '1' then the extension 5287

Mom's bathroom break triggers school lockdown

Some say "it's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for." This school feels that it is the moms' with bladder problems that are a real threat to the school's safety. When they learned that she was in no way a threat to anyone, at this point we can only hope she didn't pee on the seat.

High School Teacher Charged With Rape

What is left for teachers to do to get into trouble? Is there another profession that employs more criminals? It's only a matter of time until every student in the United States is effected by one of these stories.

2 female teachers arrested for fighting during school

Oh ya! These kittens have claws! Earrings are coming off for this battle of the broads. At what point is it a good idea to square off in the middle of school? Hopefully they weren't fighting over some 14-year old boy.

Student suspended for posting video on YouTube

From the article: "an investigation found there was no threat to the school or students" and "a psychological profile was performed on the student and there was no previous history of trouble with the student."
We're really trying our best to give everyone a fair chance, huh? Hopefully during his extended suspension from school he was able to get some time-consuming editing and rendering done.

Cost going up for High School students’ parking permits in 2008-09

What exactly do students get in return for a $40 parking pass? As previous stories would indicate [click here], it's obviously not added security. The only thing that will result is the local neighborhood getting mad at the increase in cars parking in front of their houses, all because a school district failed to meet it's budget again.

Teacher Arrested for Growing Marijuana

His class was always wondering why they get to have "snack time" every 30 minutes. It probably also doesn't help when your neighbors can't figure out how you have an additional $70,000 of disposable income every year on a teacher's salary.

High school newspaper adviser fired

What does a higly decorated high school newspaper advisor have in common with every magazine and newspaper editor in the country? Nothing. Because evidently the Freedom of Speech does not apply to high school students and they are not allowed to publish anything without the principal getting nervous and handing out punishments.

Teacher Forces Boy To Urinate In Lunchbox During Class

It's every so often that you can find Top of the Line teachers, with great decision making skills, and are completely in tune with showing respect for students. Apparantly teaching just wasn't her niche. We were able to get a copy of her next job application:
Have you ever been fired from a job? If so, please explain.
Yes. I put a student to shame by making him piss on a bologna sandwich in the middle of class.

School Bans Student Cell Phones

The biggest challenge in the next decade for teachers will be adapting to and controlling the advancements of technology, mostly with hand-held devices. If we do not find a way now to incorporate their inevitable prevelance among ALL youth, this battle will never end. Teens now rely on them way too much to make statements such as "...students can still use payphones in the hallway in case of an emergency..." Accept it, they're here to stay.

Teacher charged with 'running brothel staffed by immigrants'

Talk about a secret night life...Judging by the predictable history of teacher's insatiable drive for sex, I am guessing it was somone from his own school that eventually stumbled into him one drunken night and ratted him out. But you know what they say, couples who run whore houses together, stay together.

Student disciplined after stopping out-of-control school bus

What better way to reward heroism than with a Saturday detention. Hopefully this girl learned her lesson. If I was one of the parents of the 40 students whose lives were saved that day, I would be disgusted knowing that this girl didn't follow proper procedure for calling in sick to school. What kind of example is she setting?

Teacher accused of lewd conduct in mall bathroom

Story: Teacher accused of lewd conduct in mall bathroom

What's worse is that he not only works part time at the Boys and Girls Club, but admitted to doing this on multiple other occasions. I have heard that it can be a stress-reliever to go shopping, but maybe this guy misinterpreted that. Some people go to the mall to get deals at Macy's, others go to beat off in front of 13 year old boys. I guess we all have our own thing.

ED in '08: The State of America's Schools

Witty video questions why UNICEF ranks the USA 18th of 24 for education.

The original YouTube video is here:

'Fight club' busted at High School

It is hard to organize a successful after-school club. With estimates over 70 participants (and spectators), I'd say let the sky be the limit for these young activists. The Sharks used to rumble with the Jets all the time, and they all turned out ok.

Teacher Charged for Sex With 14-Year-Old Student

Middle school kids must have it easy. But I think we are teaching them that sex with women is easy to come by. They are going to be in for a rude awakening when they get to the real world and realize that they have to try hard to get girls in bed.

Irate Motorcyclist Prompts School Lockdown

Usually when a minor road rage incident uses a school parking lot for its arena, it sends a shock through students, teachers, and parents a like. So much so, that no one can concentrate for the rest of the day and all tests had to be rescheduled. Come on now, pull yourselves together.

Assistant Principal Accused Of Peeping In Woman's Window

This is reassuring. Now we have principals that follow people home and get caught looking in windows. Police found him injured on the ground after his ladder fell when he attempted to jump it like a pogo-stick from the bathroom to the bedroom of the second story home.

Student Suspended for Buying Candy

Story: Student Suspended for Buying Candy

You know times are tough when you get a 3-day suspension, stripped of your class title, and banned from an Honor's dinner all for buying candy from a friend in school. Does the school plans on patting people down at the door to make sure there are no illegal sugars on property? I think that some contraband was recently discovered during a strip search in the form of a Pez dispenser.

Police Arrest 10-Year-Old for Phony School Shooting Report

I imagine you learn your lesson after making false 911 calls and being arrested on multiple counts. The same girl has also admitted she once got burned by touching the stove, electrocuted by sticking metal objects in a socket, and probably also telling her boyfriend she missed her period.

Student Suspended For Refusing To Take Off Sweater

We suspend them for wearing too little. We suspend them for wearing too much, Is trying to avoid getting sick during the Winter the worst thing a student can do?

High School Teacher Films Girls' Restroom

He replaced ceiling tiles with small spy cameras. Posted videos of the girls on YouTube. Kept these files on his school computer. And, when busted, was caught with illegal methamphetamines.

It's amazing how 'professional' adults can lose complete grip of reality.

Police get involved when middle school student bares too much

Did they try asking him to pull his pants up? Who has the time though really? My first line of defense for a situation like this would be calling the police. It must be great to start your criminal record with: "wore pants too low in gym class."

School refuses to admit deaf student's dog

If it was ever a question whether or not the administration is uniformed about certain handicaps, please consider this quote from the article, "[the student] arrived at the school Tuesday with his mother, twin sister, lawyer and Simba. They left after a brief conversation with at the door with Principal Timothy Voels, who had a sign-language interpreter with him."

I guess blind people need sign language interpreters now.

School custodian accused of raping two students

Story: Slidell school custodian accused of raping two students

Under the impression that his job responsibilities included mopping floors, emptying garbage cans, and raping boys in closets, this guy will soon realize what a broom handle really feels like as I am sure there are eager inmates at a state prison just drooling right now waiting for his arrival.

School detention leads to law suit

Story: School detention leads to suit

We are OK with bringing Army and Marines recruiters to our public schools, but the second a student has his own idea to wear a shirt that supports the war, a detention slip is ordered. Seems kind of like upside-down logic.

High School Offers Homosexual Porn, Parents Complain

There's actually some pretty dirty stuff in this book they're reading. There's a good way and a bad way to educate about homosexuality. I believe that bad way might include giving teenagers literature that graphically depicts gay men with AIDS having unprotected anal sex. And by the way, isn't the legal age to buy porn 18?

Elementary school panics the day after ammonia spill

From the article..."The teacher called, and I thought she said 'pneumonia.' Then a neighbor called and said 'a-mmonia." Apparantly if there are pneumonia outbreaks, we let the students tough it out. But when ammonia is mentioned, more than half of the parents rushed to remove their kids from school. And the spill happened that day before, about a mile away. Anything to miss a day of work I guess.

Woman Accused Of Stealing $12,000 From Elementary School

Aside from the jail time, she only had a $5000 fine. No problem. She can bang that out with a few false PTA fund-raising scams. And we wonder why schools face budget problems.

Cussing banned in California town

Some High School freshman started a "No Cussing Club" at school because he was tired of all the potty mouths around him. I mean, what the f*** is this s***? This town is gonna rally around some d*** 14-year old. I am not sure what the punishment will be is you cuss. I can only assume you will be sentenced to h***.

Student Kills Self in Front of 150 Classmates at Alabama High School

It's another said story, yes. But it's a shame that his only place to turn after robbing a Dairy Queen is putting a gun to himself. Isn't there any kind of counseling or guidance that could have stepped in to walk him through this one?

Dad arrested in high school invasion

This dad led a gang of adults into the cafeteria to beat up a student!! How do you explain this one to your boss? "I am going to need the afternoon off. I have to kick the shit out of some 16-year kid with some of my buddies." So much for fighting your own battles.

4-Year-Old Girl Drunk At School

A little whiskey is the cure for a lot of things. Sometimes you just need to take the edge off of a long night before. You know, something to even you out. Let's cut this girl some slack. (But I suppose we should come down on the parents for getting a 4 year old liquored up at 8:00 in the morning.)

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