Bikini-clad teacher Tiffany Shepherd, aka Leah Lust, turns to porn after being fired from school

A while back she posed in a bikini on a boat and lost her job because of it. Now the ex-students of Leah Lust can see the real deal in some of her new x-rated movies. The porn industry must have been the only one accepting applications during the last year. Hopefully this is just a stepping stone to regaining custody of her children.

Waterford man says fake student scheme was to show 'flaws in the system'

A 52-year old man pretended to be a high school student so he could (he claims) expose some flaws in school security. His plan was to write a book. Well, hopefully in the first chapter he includes that part about getting arrested within hours of the first day, facing charges of forgery and criminal trespassing, and being held on $100,000 bond. It turns out the system is completely effective when creepy 50-year old men try to pass as high school seniors. Wow...potential sex offenders will do anything to get near kids!

Flap over flag, hijab leads to suspension of Hernando student

A Muslim student did not stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. A classmate of her decided to confront her in the hallway and demand she take her hijab off. She went on to explain that she plans to enlist in the Army so she can go to Iraq and fight against other enemies that look like her. The parents of the 16-year old feel that this hateful, racist, and threatening harassment falls well within her freedom of speech. Just when you think we're making progress after 9/11, you hear a story like this that sets us back another ten years.

9-year-old Indian girl paraded naked for failing to pay school fees

Maybe we were wrong at DetentionSlip. Maybe U.S. schools really aren't that bad.

Naked man hijacks bus carrying students

Story: Naked man hijacks bus carrying students

I know they call it "Hot-lanta" but seriously dude -- put some clothes on before you try to hijack the school bus. Especially in the summer -- if school bus seats are anything like the hot vinyl frying pans they used to be when I was in school, they aren't the sort of place you want to be sitting bare-assed.

Boy gets helicopter ride to school

This story seems to neglect the most interesting fact. Apparently in Florida you can just rent helicopters and ride them all over town, because that's what his dad did. Other classmates plan to out-do the boy by showing up to school in tanks and battleships.

Transgender teen wants genderless bathrooms

Story: Transgender Vt. teen wants genderless bathrooms

I am not sure how many transgendered students there are attending Vermont high schools, but I am guessing that number is very close to one. Sounds to me like this kid just wants his own bathroom!

9-year-old punches guidance counselor

Story: Citrus deputy: 9-year-old punches guidance counselor

I am guessing elementary school guidance counselors aren't trained to roll with a punch. It was also learned that the boy has a history of punching classmates and family members. It's too bad his mom didn't want to deal with this before, because now her little son has a criminal record. What a way to start off the school year!

Fla. students sent home over for anti-Islam shirts

Several students were sent home from school in Gainesville for wearing shirts comparing Islam to the Devil. A pastor at a nearby church was handing them out to his followers. He claims, "spreading the church's message is more important than education." Well, I can see he certainly isn't spreading a message of peace and love. But it makes for a good toss up question- Which is more boring- church or school?

Texas Middle School Student Dies After Hot Football Practice

It didn't matter that it was 105 degrees outside. Clearly a State Championship is more important.

Boy, 5, on wrong bus dropped off miles from home

Story: Boy, 5, on wrong bus dropped off miles from home

It is easy to understand how a 5-year old can get on the wrong bus and be dropped off miles from his home when responsible adults aren't doing their job. Hope he had some cab money to get home.

Back to School = Back to Sex!

We're back to school and the timing couldn't be sooner for our sex crazed pedophiliac teachers. They must have been in a drought all summer because sex scandals are hitting the headlines like wildfire. Right after hearing that a Phoenix teacher got 12 years for molesting a 14-year old student, teachers from Sunnyvale and Oil City, Pa couldn't resist the urges with teens of their own. A Salt Lake sub lowered the bar with a 13-year old girl and a Barre, Vt teacher just got arrested AGAIN for having sex with the same student. Four teachers from Bucks, PA a got fired because they knew about a teacher-student affair. But a teacher from Warrenton, Va took the prize this week because not only did he have sex with his student, but he made it into his own porn. Gotta love what the bottom of the barrel has to offer. Better add condoms to the back-to-school supply list!

'Education' misspelled on CMS teacher coaster

I hope North Carolina isn't putting their best foot forward in this one. They distributed 1800 coasters as a teacher gift and misspelled the one word we hope they get right- Education. Is there anyone who wants to argue that Microsoft Word spellcheck hasn't dumbed us all down a bit?

Gun discharges in bookbag at Macon middle school

It sounds like the student was practicing proper firearm safety by not aiming the gun at any people. It just stinks that he most likely ruined a brand new backpack during a time of economic crunch. His mom should teach him a lesson by making him use the bullet-hole riddled one the rest of the school year.

"Sexting" banned at public schools in Texas

Story: "Sexting" banned at public schools in U.S. state of Texas

Good luck enforcing this one! I wonder if it makes more sense to ban "cell phone use," rather than specific actions on cell phones. It's already illegal for anyone to possess kid porn, and anytime a teenager (under 18) sends sexy images of themselves to friends, they are breaking the law. Maybe we should educate students on that fact, rather than trying to institute school rules about off-campus behaviors.

Back to School Problems at Burroughs

Story: Back to School Problems at Burroughs

This might be the only school in the country where the swine flu isn't the biggest health concern. Some PTA mothers are actually strapping up with face masks and telling parents to turn around and bring their kids back in a couple days. The school recently had some construction, and the PTA (who also apparently moon-light with the EPA), doesn't feel the air quality is breathable yet. Is it just me, or is staying in school is becoming harder and harder?

School bans t-shirt bearing the First Amendment

I have never been more proud of our freedom than after hearing this perfect display of irony.

Helper Junior High teacher allegedly paid student for sex

This takes teacher sex scandals to a whole new level. Not only does a 15-year old boy get to have sex with his teacher, but he gets paid $1500 to do it! I would like to hear an argument that he is not the luckiest teenager ever.

Missing kindergartner found in 1st grade

A cop had to investigate the entire school only to realize that the boy made a friend on the playground and followed him back to class. It would have been nice if the 1st grade teacher noticed that she mysteriously inherited an extra child mid-way through the day.

150 suspended over dress code at Indiana school

Story: Mass suspensions over dress code at Ind. school

This principal means business. Anything too tight, too baggy, too revealing, or with logos and designs is strictly prohibited from school grounds. We understand that students may have broken the rules, but the real question has more to do with the intent behind the policy. The more effort schools put on battling dress code problems, the less time the have to focus on real issues...say, grades, attendance and graduation rates for example.

Bill Cosby attacks education cuts

Story: Bill Cosby attacks education cuts

Bill Cosby is protesting budget cuts and Tony Danza wants to be a teacher. What is going on in Philadelphia that all the 80's TV stars are joining together to help education. If Michael Jackson were still alive I think we'd be hearing another "We are the World" song.

Mom allegedly beats daughter's school bus driver

Story: Mom allegedly beats daughter's school bus driver

If you've ever asked yourself what a good reason is to show up at the house of your childs' school bus driver and punch them in the face, here is how one mom justified it: "because she thought the bus driver was mean to her daughter." It's good to know that unnecessary violence is still a solution we are teaching our kids.

Pittsburgh school blamed for student's anorexia

Story: Pittsburgh school blamed for student's anorexia

A student is claiming that her peers made fun of her weight, the school did not step in, so she was driven to anorexia. I am glad her mom waited until there was a financial gain to actually recognize her struggling child needed some help. My high school cafeteria had all-you-can-eat pasta every Friday. I have always been looking for a scapegoat for being overweight. Wish me luck!

Birmingham school board candidate lied about biography

This guy had it all wrong. Usually people running for office make lies about promises they can't keep and scandals they are trying to cover up. This guy built up his resume while campaigning, but in reality is some 21-year old high school drop out with no credentials. Now he will never get the chance to lie while in an elected public position.

Church and State: Schools Divided

Story 1: Texas public schools required to teach Bible this year


Here's a chance to examine the spectrum we are facing with religion in schools. In one corner, Texas schools will be teaching the Bible just like they teach The Great Gatsby or Hamlet. And in Florida, a couple of educators not only have their careers at risk, but could face jail time for praying before a meal at a school event. Last I checked, our country is loaded with churches that are more than willing to teach the word of the Lord free of cost. And I can't think of many job/college applications that require a background in the Old Testament. So regardless of any freedom of speech arguments, it really seems like there is no practical reason to invite religion into a classoom.

Clever cat earns ‘high school diploma’ online

Story: Clever cat earns ‘high school diploma’ online

After years of simply chasing the cursor around on the monitor, little Oreo finally discovered how to earn a diploma. Nothing against online graduates, but employers might want to give a second thought to anyone with one of these degrees.

Tony Danza may teach public high school in Philadelphia

Folks...this is what it has come to. This is the future of our public education system. May God bless America.

Teacher with gun replicas prompts school lockdown

Students get referrals for saying the word 'gun.' They get suspensions if they draw pictures of a gun. I am not sure at what point actually bringing toy guns to a school seems like a great idea. Toting two replica rifles on his back, you can understand why some school staff might think a crazy gunman is walking the campus. Keep it on the battlefield next time, soldier.

Student faced gay slurs by teachers, state says

Story: Student faced gay slurs by teachers, state says

It's bad enough that gay teens get harassed by their peers, but now teachers are getting in on it?! So much for confiding in "trusting" adults.

Principal allegedly engaged in 'immoral conduct'

The line outside this principal's office is a little longer than most. That's because she is not inside of it. She is in a hotel room banging the dad of one of her students. It took a gun threat to catch her red-handed, but now the staff knows why she was never at school. Ahh, priorities.

Principal suspended for having student to unclog toilet by hand

He was originally fired, but after reassessing the damage, it was shortened to a 15-day suspension. I guess it falls within reasonable discipline to have a 6-year old shove his bare hand in a dirty toilet. To put this in perspective, the incident happened in December- which happens to be just four months into the young kindergarteners school year. I suppose in this principals eyes that is enough time to reach complete maturity.

NFHS bans high-tech swimsuits in prep competition

Just another example of schools holding us back because they are afraid of technological advances. If they really want to test the true athleticism of swimmers, they would make them compete nude.

Teacher Busted For Selling Cocaine

Story: Teacher Busted For Selling Cocaine

Maybe the real story should be that he was already teaching with the following achievements on his resume: "battery, DUI, possession of crack and marijuana charges." Some school districts really know how to hire winners!

Disabled Students Are Spanked More

I guess it's even more rewarding to smack an autistic child with a paddle.

High School Math Teacher Admits He Robbed New York Bank

Story: High School Math Teacher Admits He Robbed New York Bank

Hopefully his students will learn an important lesson in telling the truth. And hopefully they will learn not to clear their gambling debts by holding up a bank with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Teacher in jail for sex with student, still being paid

It's been two years since she lost her job for raping a 14-year old student. She's been locked up for about a year and a half of that. She will continue to collect her full salary until this case is cleared in court. It seems that in some states losing your job might not be such a bad gig. Parents must love knowing that situations like this lead to budget cuts in schools. And if you really want to be confused, check out her mug shot and ask yourself what teenage boy would want to sleep with her "at least 10 times."

Accuser's lies killed career of teacher more than pot habit

Story: Accuser's lies killed career of teacher more than pot habit

The author of this original article supports the dope smoking teacher because, "millions of otherwise productive adults use it" and "it's mildly illegal." Well, Mr. Stingl, hate to break the news to you, but millions of adults aren't subject to urine tests, employed by a drug-free school district, and are trusted with maintaining the well-being of hundreds of children each day. Maybe this guy got a bad rap with some harsh accusations, but that doesn't justify that we need him teaching again. Trust me, there are plenty of clean teachers out there who would love to have a job this year.

Teacher quits after being charged with attack at Busch

I'm sure every one of us has gotten drunk at a ball game and tried to push a handicapped employee out of his wheelchair at least once in our life. She is saving herself the embarassment of returning to school, but at the young age of 25, she has a long time to go until she gets to Hell, where stunts like this will be appreciated.

Teacher Forces Student to Smoke 42 Cigarettes in 2 Hours

Every once and a while, just when you think American schools are hitting rock bottom, it helps to turn to our friends in Kuala Lumpur. We thought our readers would enjoy learning how Malaysia is tackling underage smoking. Hopefully this teacher doesn't mind footing any medical bills during this health lesson.

Nurse, teacher accused of selling pot-laced krispies treats

Prep Time: 10 minutes

3 Tbsp. butter
10 oz. marshmallows or 4 cups miniature marshmallows
6 cups crispy rice cereal
1/8 oz. weed

Spray a 13 x 9 pan and a rubber spatula with cooking spray. In a 3-quart saucepan, heat butter and marshmallows over medium heat until melted. Remove from heat, and immediately stir in the cereal, using the prepared spatula. Sprinkle in marijuana buds. Spread into the prepared pan. Flatten gently with the spatula. Let cool and harden completely. Cut into squares. Attend raggae concert and try to turn a profit.

D.C. Extends Free STD Testing to High Schools

As long as these tests are accompanied by sex education, then maybe this isn't such a bad idea. Otherwise I could see a few flaws with passing out baskets of condoms and offering free urine tests to teens. Access to all these anonymous hand-outs seems to encourage sexual activity, which is why the school needs to be prepared to show graphic pictures of violent herpes outbreaks to combat any loose-thinking.

Gym teacher accused of charging students no-running fee

Kentucky consistently ranks among the Top 10 Most Obese States. Now we know why. Anytime a kid didn't want to run laps, they paid their gym teacher $3. So while this guy is raking in hundreds of dollars, his students are learning an important lesson in cheating the system. As if this wasn't grounds enough to fire him, he also confessed to taking one of his female students on a little private ski trip (this was after the thousands of minutes they spent making late night phone calls). We can only assume he funded this trip with his fat/lazy kid money. What a class act.

Teacher Accused of Choking Student Gets 15-Day Suspension

This is great news for parents! In just over 2 weeks their favorite child-choking teacher will be back in the classroom! I guess the code of conduct gets kind of blurry sometimes and ringing a kids neck seems appropriate. Maybe when he returns from his suspension he'll have a new arsenal of submission holds.

Pearl River principal accused of sex jokes

I am almost certain that the state of New York has its workplace sexual harassment policies in tact. It's just unfortunate that not all education professionals brushed up on these before they were appointed to principal. But hey, there's always open mic night.

College Grad Can't Find Job, Wants $$$ Back

She graduated in April, hasn't found a decent job yet, so is now suing her school because of it. Maybe she hasn't read a newspaper recently to know that we are currently facing one of the largest unemployment rates in decades. This is a picture perfect example of what is wrong with a lot of youth today. They expect everything to be handed to them, and panic when it doesn't go their way. Something tells me her rigid work ethics aren't exactly going to be catching the eyes of an employer anytime soon.

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