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URGENT! Call RIGHT NOW to end Corporal Punishment in NM!

Governor Susan Martinez will be on New Mexicos biggest talk radio show today at 11am eastern, 15 minutes from now. There is a Corporal Punishment Ban that passed the house and senate that is just waiting for her to sign... Please call-in and ask her to sign the CP BAN into law! You can listen live to Bob Clark’s show on its web site at The call-in number is (505) 243-3333. We are SO CLOSE to our first big victory! LETS ROLL!

Word of the Week: Bewilder

The Vocab Film Festival Word of the Week is:  Bewilder.
Check out this recent filmmaker contest submission to the Vocab Videos Film Festival....

Vocab Videos currently is running a contest where you can submit your own vocab video and photo entries for a chance to win over $20,000 in scholarships and monthly and grand prizes from A-List Education, Zinch, Knewton, & Cerebellum.

Get your students involved for a fun class project opportunity! Support participating nonprofit organizations—Harlem Children’s Zone, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Urban Word, and Year Up—just by voting on your favorite entries. Special prizes and donations go to the nonprofit with the most votes at the close of the Festival.

Superman is here, and his name is Sal Khan

Superman is here, and his name is Sal Khan. What started as a project to help teach his cousins has turned into what has the potential to completely change the game in education.

Khan has been recording simple video lessons for hundreds of different concepts from math to science to world history. He has made them all available for free online, and he has created some amazing tools that allow parents, teachers, home schoolers and tutors to track with real time fine grain detail the progress of the students.

Currently, teachers get to spend about 5% of their time interacting with students, the rest is spent lecturing, giving exams, etc. This new model completely turns the classroom upside down -- students can be assigned the videos for home work, and then in class they get mentoring from the teacher and each other.

Here is a Sal introducing the platform this month at TED:

Here is a more in depth overview of the features:

The system is FREE, being used in schools now, and is READY FOR YOUR SCHOOL TO ADOPT. We'd love to see some of our readers make an effort to pilot the KHAN program in your district.

Thoughts? Anyone have any direct experience with this?

US Sex Ed Actually Increases Pregnancies, Abortions + STD's

Our friends at HypeVocal have an interesting article up about how we've been pissing away money on abstinence education -- and how it's actually increased teen pregnancy, STD's and abortions. We've dumped 1.5 billion $$$ over the last 15 years at abstinence only sex education -- which, much like the Dare Program, doesn't seem to work -- AT ALL.

A new bill, Repealing Ineffective and Incomplete Abstinence-Only Program Funding Act, seeks to divert $50 Million a year to the Personal Responsibility Education (PREP) program -- “evidence-based, comprehensive sex education programs”.

STORY: Wanna Cut Waste? Let’s Start with Abstinence-Only Education

VIDEO: Bully Gets Owned

This scranny kid walks up and punches another kid in the face twice, unprovoked. He then gets body slammed. All caught on tape.

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