No wrongdoing in coach's alleged student whippings, officials say

Remember the Jackson Mississippi coach who was busted for whipping players on the basketball team for missing free throws? The school district is asking that the federal lawsuit be dropped, and claims there has been no wrongdoing in the case.

That there is even any discussion over whether it would ever be ok to hit students is remarkable and shows just how far folks in this district and state have to come. Yes, if you are from Mississippi, you are allowing students to be beaten in your state.

STORY: JPS seeks dismissal of federal lawsuit

BREAKING: WI High School Student Holding 19 Hostages


A high school student in Wisconsin took 23 students and 1 teacher hostage at the end of the school day today. He burst into a classroom with a handgun and took control of a classroom. So far, no one is known to be injured, and he just released 5 of the hostages.

STORY: Cops: 5 hostages freed from Wis. classroom

12 Year old beaten for failing science test in Alabama School

So, your job is to educate the students.. and you fail at your job, so you resort to hitting the students.. WHAT??!!

The United States is the ONLY Industrialized country in the WORLD to ALLOW Corporal Punishment in School. 

Jet ski from Japan to China Says Google

Click to enlarge...

For any students planning a winter trip through Asia, you'll be glad to know Google Maps can help you.. as long as you don't have an issue riding a Jet Ski 782 Kilometers.

Driving Direction #43 is Jet Ski Across The Pacific Ocean

See for yourself:

Texas High School Suspends Cheerleader for Refusing To Cheer for the Guy Who Raped Her

We get a lot of garbage coming out of Texas, but this is perhaps the worst yet. A high school cheerleader was punished after she refused to cheer the name of the guy who raped her.

The student was accused of raping the cheerleader, to which he pled guilty to a lesser charge of assault. The school of course couldn't keep a star athlete off the basketball team, and was outraged when the cheerleader refused to cheer out his name while he was making free throws.

WHAT THE F&^%^!!!

Creationism vs. Darwinism in Education Infographic

Reform School NYC : Art for Education

Installation by founder Anthony David Adams entitled "Leave Them Kids Alone" at Reform School in New York City. Vegan belts provided by Truth Belts out of Canada, laser etching by PRPLMNT out of Brooklyn.
Today is the LAST DAY in New York to check out REFORM SCHOOL -- an amazing curation of art meant to inspire education reform. It's all being housed in a converted 5 story school house in Soho (Prince & Mott, New York City). The show runs today from 11am - 9pm Est.

DetentionSlip founder Anthony David Adams has contributed an installation entitled "Leave Them Kids Alone" -- a collection of 20 belts laser engraved with the names of each state where corporal punishment is still legal, and an accompanying wooden paddle.

According to Adams "The response to the piece has been amazing. I overheard a couple saying they came in from Queens to see the show because someone posted a photo of the work on facebook... and I had to do a double take when I saw Adrian Grenier (Vinny Chase from Entourage) visibly and audibly react in shock when he came to see it Saturday night. I've been around talking with people, and it's really doing it's job to raise awareness and start conversations -- most people are outraged and say that they had no idea this was happening in US Public Schools."

Check it out at

Obama fumbles town hall question about private schools

When asked why he didn't send his daughters to a public school in DC he fumbles..
In one breath he says DC schools aren't up to par. Then he says that there are individual good public schools in DC and in every city in the country. Then he says its hard to get into such schools, due to lotteries, etc. Then he says "given his position" he could get his girls into any school. Then he sort of mumbles about how all schools need to be better and that DC schools aren't there yet.

Don't you think that just by virtue of the President putting his kids in public school they would step it up? Put faith in the Public School system.

Should people in positions of power and privileged use the public school system? Should politicians?

VIDEO: Homemade Spacecraft takes flight

What a cool project to do with your kids. We've seen a similar set up before, but I think this is the first we've seen of an HD camera being sent up.

Again, these types of things can be put together for a few hundred bucks -- what an AMAZING science project for a classroom to do.

Have the kids each sign a small contract saying they will explore the world through science, and send the contract to space! Frame them up and give the kids a great souvenir that will be sure to motivate them to keep science in their future.

Students fined for being late for class

We might be changing out named to five dollar bills if the trend in Salt Lake City continues... A school will be allowing students to choose between a $5 fine or 30 minutes of detention for being late to class. The fees will go to pay the teachers who need to watch the kids in detention.

The idea itself seems interesting -- but how about a dual policy that fines boring / ineffective teachers and reimburses the students for wasting their time.

Pros: students learn early that money will buy you out of most any trouble.

Cons: less advantaged students end up serving detention and the wealthier peers simply pay the fine.

STORY: Students at East High School will be charged $5 for being late to class

PANIC! No Dreadlocks At The Disco!

A student is being banned from escorting his date to Homecoming because he has... wait for it... DREADLOCKS!

The school has no written policy that says students can't have dreadlocks, however the superintendent claims that it has been an unwritten rule.

VIDEO: How Poetry Can Transform Education

Watch the interview With Urban Word NYC Executive Director, Michael Cirelli had a chance to catch up with Michael Cirelli, Executive Director of Urban Word NYC. Urban Word is a non-profit organization that empowers and transforms students through spoken word poetry. Their unique approach has won them numerous awards, and they've been the subject of an HBO feature.

Urban Word is based in New York City, but Executive Director Micheal Cirelli has developed a product for educators who want to bring the power of Poetry to the classroom. If you aren't using poetry in your classroom (or you are and want to take it to the next level), check out to learn more about the Poetry Jam and how you (or your child's) school can take advantage of this amazing new curriculum.

SHOCK: Students forced to Beat each other in Texas 2nd Grade Classroom

Dear Texas,

Can you please join the rest of the developed world and adopt a ban on Corporal Punishment in your schools?

The Rest of the World

P.S. In case you didn't hear - one of your 2nd grade teachers thought it would be a good idea to let the kids beat each other as a form of corporal punishment. Of course, if should be pointed out, the federal government allows this sort of thing, as we are the only country in the developed world to lack a ban on corporal punishment.

Decapitated body found at middle school

Waking up in the morning to a gruesome body of a male without a head defines a good morning at middle school...mmm hmm, yeah right!

Thankfully, classes were canceled. But it's still a mystery because there is no word on how exactly the 21-year-old male decapitated himself with explosives.

Story: Mystery Surrounds Decapitated Body

High schoolers mistakenly see gay porn

Blood banks in favor of gay porn, not giving blood!

When a blood bank employee tried to show a power point presentation on the importance of donating blood, he accidentally showed high schoolers images of gay porn, "teaching" sex-ed instead.

Story: Porn Presentation at Pa. High School

Mom pulls gun on middle school volleyball team

Don't be a naughty or else Mom will spank you...or in Texas, she'll shoot you.

One Texas mom pulled a gun on her daughter's opposing team, who had just won the volleyball game. The students fled the scene.

Story: Mom pulls gun on middle school volleyball team

Canada uses kids as speed bumps

Vancouver is rolling out a new program to use 2-D images that appear to look like kids running across the road to encourage drivers to slow down. The optical illusion may work -- or it might desensitize drivers to kids actually in the street and they will just squash more kids..

STORY: Canada unveils new speed bump: optical illusion of a child

Teacher accused of holding students at gun point for ghost hunting

BOO! The supernatural could frighten you and being held at gun point can do the same!

When students sought out a ghost they heard about, apparently, one teacher of theirs caught them and didn't appreciate that. He held the students at gun point for it, telling them to stay until the police came.

Maybe the ghost all along was just the teacher in the dark, dark night...Talk about a creepy teacher!

Story: Tenn teacher accused of holding teens at gun point

Student shocked himself in exchange for a Mountain Dew

A teacher encouraged a student to shock himself in exchange for a Mountain Dew. Cheap reward for so much pain; the things kids will do for a beverage.

Story: Student sues school for self-inflicted, heart stopping, electric nipple shock

Schools ban cancer awareness bracelets for offensive message

Who doesn't love boobies? Schools!!

Schools from California to Flordia ban cancer awareness bracelet that read "I <3 Boobies (keep a breast)." Could this deter the non-profit organization's cause? While the message is a strong and important one, the tone of the braclet is getting people talking, despite them being banned.

The bracelets cost $4 and can be bought at this link: Keep a Breast.

Story: Schools ban cancer awareness bracelets for offensive message

BIG BROTHER: California students get tracking devices

A California preschool is outfitting students with a jersey that has a tracking device to automatically take attendance and determine if the kids have eaten yet. I'd imagine the local teenage hackers will have fun with this.

STORY: California students get tracking devices

NYC Teachers Stashed Stolen Money In School

PS 149, you're so GANGSTA! 

From the article:
Officials say that former school business manager Katina Williams wrote more than $30,000 in checks payable to cash for unclear expenses, diverted the school funds into three bank accounts between 2005 and 2007, then apparently cashed them herself. Her frequent use of the checks "suggests a portion" of the money "was stolen." But Williams claims that she was following orders from Principal Shaniquia Dixon, and she called the DOE on Dixon: "It wasn't me; it was for her. All I was doing was following instructions. After I told her I wasn't going to do it anymore, I was ... fired from the school."

STORY: Buck-Passing Teachers Stashed Stolen Money In School

Mississippi Middle Schools Separates Class by Race

Remember that movie with Pauli Shore where he is a frozen cave man who thaws out and joins the rest of society? Could someone find the people with the technology to do that and point it on over at Mississippi?

For the love of god, this middle school has decided it's a good idea to have race requirements for various student government offices. Only white kids can run for class president, if you're black and in 8th grade, you can run for vice ( but not 7th or 6th graders) and

Anything we can do to condition them early so we don't end up with any black US presidents again -- I suppose allowing a black VP is a concession we should be willing to make to keep the presidential spots whitebread.

F&^%*$ ME!

STORY: Middle School Separates Class By Race

VIDEO: 4 yr old brings loaded handgun to kindergarten

Darwin Dad of the Year Award Nominee, James Chavez, accidentally left his LOADED semi-automatic handgun in his 4 year old daughters book bag. Sounds like an amazing show and tell.

Hilter quoted in yearbook

"Hail Hilter." Say what? No, no, no, he was just quoted in a Pa. high school yearbook! The quote reads, "And in the last analysis, success is what matters," telling all students that the end justifies the means. Administrators and teachers seemed to just pass the quote over while trying to fill the yearbook with "inspirational" quotes.

Story: Pa. High School Under Fire Over Quote from Hilter in Yearbook

High school teacher asks class to plan terror attack

A young Australian teacher instructed the class to explain how they would plan a terror attack and which innocent group they would target.

Sounds more like an exercise in violence and crude thinking, not an activitiy that teaches tolerance.

Story: High school teacher asks class to plan terror attack

19 McMinnville High School Football Players hit with Mysterious Illness

What's being put in the water?
All 19 players of an Oregon high school team suffered muscle damage after practicing before their fall season began. Doctors suspect creatine (found in high protein supplements) might be in their beverages, which at high dosages can lead to kidney failure.

Story: 19 Oregon players treated for a "very weird" illness

New Concussion Policy for High School Hockey

Coaches and players want to still play with brain injuries to win, win, win!

But because of the overwhelming sportsmen playing with concussions, AT&T Metroplex High School Hockey League implemented a new concussion policy for high school hockey players, which does not allow them to play after a having a concussion.

Story: New concussion policy for high school hockey league

School Fire One Day Before School Started

Seems like someone didn't want to go back to school! Just one day before classes started at an Indiana elementary school, the playground set was destroyed by a fire. The fire started around 2:30am and was set with the aid of old books.

Story: Playground torched at central Indiana school

High School Students bring gun to school

Two high school students brought a gun to school and failed at being inconspicuous about it. If you're going to store something like that in you backpack...pass it to your friend in the bathroom, not out in public. Despite obvious fears of devious and dangerous plots, the two were found out after a third person noticed the boy handing the gun over to a teenage girl. Thankfully, this was before anything bad could happen...both students are currently at a youth detention center.

Story: Two Athens high school students charged with bringing guns to campus

Human skull discovered at school

It appears that some cheesy high school horror film is being taped at Conway High School or even worse a death occurred because Horry Electrics discovered a human skull there! Apparently, the skull was used for educational purposes only. But at the moment, there are no more details why it was buried behind the school!

Story: Conway Police locate human skull at Conway High School

Roadway Misspelling: "SHCOOL"

"School" does not equal "Shcool." A roadside crew misspelled the word "school" as if they've never been. Time for a course refresher or two... especially since they misspelled the school's name, Guilford on a detour sign two weeks earlier!

Story: Crew Paints "SCHOOL" on Road Outside NC school

Over 500 images and videos of child pornography was found on this PA first grade teacher's computer! It appears that he only downloaded the images, not took personal pictures, but what's the difference? Perversion still shines through...

Story: Chesco first-grade teacher arrested on child porn charges

Flordia Principal Steals a Car

Another school leader setting an example for her students! This time, she's saying "Steal cars!"

Rendolyn Amaker, an elementary school principal, tried to rent a car with another person's credit card and ID, and subsequently was accused of attempted grand theft auto for it.

Story: Elementary school principal charged with grand theft

Using High School as a Means to Steal

Stealing=not cool! Posing as a student=not alright. And both illegal for that matter...

It's even worse when vulnerable people are involved. Two men posed as high school students so they could take advantage of elderly people. They said they were doing a school project. Their "project" happened to involve stealing from seniors at an assisted living center...

Story: Men posed as high school students, stole from seniors

Stolen Macbooks at Lincoln Elementary

It's like the game of clue (minus the murder) in Lincoln Elementary. Is it the janitor in the broom closet? The teacher in the classroom? Police suspect the thief of 21 macbooks worth $21k was someone who had the key of the school because there was no forced entry into the building.

Story: $21K in lapstops stolen from Lincoln elementary school

MTV debuts a show to lessen bullying

MTV's new show is all about accepting diversity. "If You Really Knew Me" attempts to tackle stereotypes and lessen bullying by having students relate and open up to one another. MTV even supplies an activity guide to do on your own or at your school--to further their mission to end stereotypes.

Story: New MTV show takes on high school stereotypes

NH ex-teacher pleads guilty on nude photo charge

If you happen to be under 18 and want a naked picture of this older woman (as seen above), try and contact her... she pleaded guilty to emailing a nude photo of herself to a 15-year-old student. Who says she won't do it again?

Story: NH ex-teacher pleads guilty on nude photo charge

Teacher Charged with Sex with Students

Sexing with a student has happened again, this time in Va. Va teacher, Dana Eckes Canter, was charged with eight counts of custodial sexual intercourse with a minor, one of her students. The victim no longer attends Christianburg High School (hardly a Christian situation!) and Canter resigned from her position as 11th grade teacher.

STORY: Dana Eckes Canter (PICTURES): High School Teacher Charged with Sex with Student

Someone burned down the school

It's a student's dream in some sick way that their school would be burnt down...looks like it came true for San Jose's Trace Elementary School students. Arson was said to be the cause of the fire that destroyed the school building. Hmm, maybe a student did it?!

STORY: Arson established in San Jose's Trace Elementary fire; school moves forward

Hydrochloric Acid Leak from School Pool

A vapor cloud in a pool at a Ill. high school...very safe for the swimmers out there. I mean firefighters had to wear protective suits, not bathing suits. They stopped the leak and ventillated the area, but there is no word of where the leak came from.

STORY: Hydrochloric acid leaks from Ill. high school pool

People Against Paddling Students

Belt whipping implication in school children's deaths in Texas. Seriously, in this day and age? Apparently, the founder of POPS, Jimmy Dunne is trying to prevent that by asking for donations and spreading the word.

STORY: No Spanking Zone

School Officials Handcuffed six-year-old.

Since when did school officials become the police and six-year-olds criminals? Apparently in July when school officials and subsequently (two days later) a security guard handcuffed a student for misbehaving. Seems odd that administrators and teachers cannot deal with a problem child in more effective ways.

STORY: Parents of a First-Grader Suing a New Orleans School for Handcuffing Their 6-year-old

Domestic Violence on The Youth Baseball Field

Family violence on the baseball field because son got thrown out of the game? Yes, but that's not all! The father, after being arrested, says he only hit the boy on the back when witnesses say otherwise. The boy was kicked off the field because he threw his helmet on the floor after getting out on third close to home.

What a lovely family, a violent and apparently dishonest father and a sore loser for a son.

STORY: Youth Baseball Coach Accused of Punching Son in the Face

Parents of Autustic Girl, who was Arrested, Sues

Arresting an 8 year old autistic girl should be a crime, she's disabled and probably could not help herself. The staffers say she spit on and touched two instructors inappropriately---but who says they didn't deserve it? There's no word of what they did to provoke this's keeping secrets it seems, hmm, shady.

Parents of Autistic Girl, who was Arrested, Sues

Super Bowl Coach Goes Back to High School

Jon Gruden, Super Bowl champion coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, returned to high help coach football at Carrollwood Day School in Tamba, Fla.

Tune in to ESPN to witness his exciting journey back at school in a three-part series, airing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


Later starting high schools?

Teenagers love to sleep in and it's more than just for petty reasons. Scientists suggest that starting the school day later for teenagers helps their life quality after they noticed a slight improvement in grades after pushing class start times from 8am to 8:30am.


Python found in empty locker

While collecting abandoned textbooks and cleaning up the messes left by high school students, a janitor, Ed Reardon, came upon one locker that had a python in it. It is questionable why someone would leave an animal alone to suffer without food and water. However, the snake is in good hands now...a local pet shop kindly took the pet off the Reardon's possession.


Wis. ex-principal charged with having child porn

The internet filter tipped off school administration when they noticed the principal's continual trips to child porn websites...


High School Rivals Meet Again in the Ring

Two former high school wrestling rivals meet in the wrestling ring again after many memories of competing together. Talk about de ja vu. The two men, equal in their high school days, took drastically different paths, one (Lesnar) only focused on wrestling, which makes him an more serious contender in the past for Madsen.


Teacher leashes middle school child

Who let the dogs out? Apparently, a Florida teacher thinks her middle school students are animalistic enough to be leashed. To solve a minor problem, she had one student walk the other... to demonstrate how to handle control. However, her behavior was misinterpreted and she was fined $5,000 for misconduct.


Brett Favre works out, throws passes to high schoolers

After Brett Favre underwent ankle surgery, he has been working out and helping out at Oak Grove High School in Mississippi.


Condoms Won't be Given to Elementary School Children

A Cape Cod school issued a vague but controversial statement proclaiming it's safe sex stance, allowing school children in Cape Cod to obtain condoms if needed. After much controversy, the school corrected their misunderstood statement, clarifying the age they meant, not allowing condoms to be given to elementary aged children.


High School Student Charged with Murder

A 16-year-old Chester High School student, Shaquille Byrd, was charged with murdering his companion, 16-year-old Andre Morales, after police shot him in defense. The boy was charged because this occured during a felony that both boys were committing at the time. The two boys broke and entered a garage with intent to steal.


DetentionSlip on FOX

Today (Wed) at 11:45am EST, founder Anthony David Adams will be on Fox News Strategy Room talking about the problem of Corporal Punishment in US Schools.

You can watch the live stream online here:

And we encourage you to write in to the show via email questions or comments:

Mother Doctored Photo of 13 year old student

A Utah mother, Danielle Stark, changed a photo of a woman and a dog having sex by adding a 13 year old girl's head to the dog's face. Stark was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.


Double Diplomas: 19 Sets of Twins, New York

I'm seeing double! How uncanny! 19 sets of twins, though not all identical, graduated high school this year in New York. Though specifically Baker High School who had 12 sets of twins graduate broke a Guinness Book Record originally set by a Massachuettes high school who had 10 set of twins graduate at the same time.


VIDEO: What Motivates Us

Dan Pink on what motivates us. Great talk and awesome animation. Anyone know someone who can make animations like this?

Timbaland and Dr. Dre perform at School

Timbaland and Dr. Dre returned to high school and performing, making some California students happy.


It's happening again. Kids wearing scandalous clothes and getting in trouble for it. This time the garment piece was an American flag shirt.


School for Sale! Minus the Gym...Of Course

For only $995,000 you can own your very own school. But what is so odd about this sale is that the community wants to keep the gym and sell the rest. Would you want it without the gym? Is it a deal or a no deal?


Disney's Prom, the next High School Musical

Disney making another movie focused around high school, actually the follow up to High School Musical 3, only with new faces (but we love Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens!).

And this time it's about one night that is most or...the least memorable, the prom.


National Boycott Planned for Memphis,TN if Corporal Punishment Reinstated in Schools

The Memphis, TN school board is entertaining the idea of bringing back corporal punishment after a district wide ban for the past 5 years. is leading an effort with the support of parents, teachers, activists, musicians, and other celebs who are vowing to boycott the city best known for blues and Elvis if corporal punishment is reinstated.

Corporal Punishment is the archaic practice of hitting kids with boards or leather straps. It is currently banned in 107 countries, 30 US States + DC, and has been exhaustively proven to be ineffective. It's widely recognized by the international community as a human rights violation and has strong opposition from groups like the NAACP, PTA, and hundreds of other organizations.

NY Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy is about to introduce legislation that would ban corporal punishment on a national level. 

You can sign the petition to end corporal punishment in US schools here:

Saltutatorian with Autism

Eric Duquette, who was diagnosed with Autism and couldn't speak until age 5, gets the last laugh as he is honored for being the Salutatorian for his 2010 graduating class.


School Criticized For Confiscating Student's patriotic hat

Teachers thought a G.I. Joe filled hat promoted violence and was against the school's violence code when he was only trying to support and honor U.S. troops.


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