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Teacher Fired Over "Have You Drugged Your Kid Today?" Bumper Sticker

An English teacher was fired after refusing to remove a bumper sticker for her car that read "Have You Drugged Your Kid Today?"

She says it was political commentary on the over medication of students and she never discussed it in class, but some parents complained which led to her being asked to remove it.

She clearly has a right to political expression, and it would be hard to argue the bumper sticker is obscene. The only real question is can the school regulate what is on her car while it is on school property.

What do you think?

STORY: Teacher: I Was Fired Over A Bumper Sticker

Pop Quiz! How many possible different tweets are there?

blue bird 100+ Remarkably Beautiful Twitter Icons And Buttons

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that limits updates to 140 characters.

How many possible different tweets are there?

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Word of the Week: Wistful

The Vocab Film Festival Word of the Week is: Wistful. Check out this video, which is a great resource for helping build vocabulary.

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VIDEO: Replacing the "N-word" with "Robot" in Huck Finn

Replacing the "N-word" with "Robot" in Huck Finn

Help Person with Autism Self-Publish Comic Book, Surprise Him on National TV

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North Carolina School District Bans Corporal Punishment

Rockingham County North Carolina joins 69 other NC districts in banning corporal punishment, the infliction of pain -- usually by paddling or whipping. North Carolina is one of the only places in the developed world that still allows Corporal Punishment in schools. The United States stands alone in industrialized countries that allow CP and NC is one of only 20 US States that allows Corporal Punishment. Every year over 250,000 students are hit at least once by educators in US public schools. commends Rockingham County for joining us here in the future.

STORYCorporal punishment ban approved in Rockingham County

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Texas Student Gets $637 Fine for Swearing

Image lifted from
A Texas girl was overheard saying "are you trying to start shit" to another student. She was sent to the principals office, given lunch detention, and then the next day fined $637. She's taken on a waitressing job to pay the fine.

Normally I'd make some comment about the right of the school to extort fines from students without due process, an actual court system, and the fact this seems like its the only place a government agency can issue a fine without a mechanism in place for one to dispute it or the legality of it.. BUT, this is Texas, the state which LEADS THE DEVELOPED WORLD in Corporal Punishment cases each year. Yes, TEXAS hits more students in schools than every other developed country in the world COMBINED -- something like 50,000 students are hit at least once every school year in Texas PUBLIC schools.

Thoughts on fining students?

STORY: Texas Student Gets $637 Fine for Swearing

MORE INFO: Wikipedia Definition of Shit

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