Segregated Prom (Dance Remix)

Music video just done up mixing elements from the story about the Segregated Prom in Georgia. Watch, forward, spread the word. covered this story earlier this week:
Segregated Proms En Vogue in Racist Georgia High Schools

The NY Times covered it as well:
A Prom Divided

Sound track was done up by DJ Whoquestion, a high school student who actually first tipped us off about this story earlier this week. Video was put together by TheTruth (which explains any typos).

Breaking wind at the bottom of South Fork High School incident

Story: Breaking wind at the bottom of South Fork High School incident

After being accused of farting in class, a 15-year old boy was punched in the side of the head. Wow. I guess passing gas is offensive to some people. Our research team is looking into it, but this might be the first fight that was ever started by flatulance. The cafeteria is holding off on serving Mexican food as a safety precaution until this matter is resolved.

Dallas ISD hall monitor held in road-rage case

Story: Dallas ISD hall monitor held in road-rage case

A Hall Monitor (not the one employed by from a Texas school takes "crazy ladies" into his own hands. His solution to a poor driver (with her children in the car): running their car off the road and pointing his pistol at them while yelling threats. I can only imagine how he treats children misbehaving inbetween class. I've got a hunch he has lost his cool at least once before, which doesn't make me feel better about the situation.

New Trier caper: Beer photo slipped in yearbook

A picture of a beer can in the yearbook is rattling this high school. No one can figure out how it got there. More shockingly, the drinking age is 21- So how could a minor obtain a can of beer?! We are going to uncover every stone to help the yearbook editor solve this mystery.

Girl, 11, accused of making hit list

Story: Girl, 11, accused of making hit list

This girl got on a library computer and saved an excel document named "Killbook." One of her victims was a teacher who she wanted to kill "with a very, very, very, very, very sharp knife." In todays day and age, the sixth grader will be charged with making "terroristic threats." It used to be that when kids didn't have friends, they would make it through school flying under the radar and go on to lead lonely lives. Let's just take the easy route and blame video games again, right?

Lakeland honors student banned from graduation ceremony

Story: Lakeland honors student banned from graduation ceremony

The senior has had problems getting to his graduation rehearsals. And Rules are Rules. Because of his lack of commitment to rehearsing, he can kiss his ceremonies good bye. Hopefully he can watch from home on TV. Hey buddy, it's not that memorable, so don't lose sleep over it.

Fairfax High's prom queen is a guy

Story: Fairfax High's prom queen is a guy

It got a little weird when the prom queen and king danced, and they were both dudes. But good for this school that an openly gay teen can gain popularity and be accepted by the student body. Maybe California can send a tolerance memo to the schools in the deep south that still seperate black and white students for prom?

Students suspended after ‘mass’ flip-flop prank

Story: Area students suspended after ‘mass’ flip-flop prank

If only flip-flops were the only problem facing our schools. Any student caught breaking this dress code policy was slapped with a 2-day suspension. "Thirty Helens agree that sensible shoes make sense." Good thing this principal doesn't allow comfort in school.

Principal sits on roof to raise money for school

Story: Principal sits on roof to raise money for school

Was he planning on jumping if he didn't reach his goal? And isn't there some kind of risk management department in this school district? A roof can't be the safest place to host a fundraiser. It took Steve Martin's character from Roxanne to finally coax him down.

San Diego students spell '09' in desks, chairs

Story: San Diego students spell '09' in desks, chairs

This is great! Senior prank season is one of our favorite times of the year at DetentionSlip. Even though these students were caught, they managed to move almost 400 desks out on to the field and spell '09' with them. I would say from a furniture moving point of view, that's some pretty efficient muscle. Seniors- email us pictures and stories of your best school pranks to!

'F word' yearbook joke backfires at FWB High

Students and parents are upset that they paid $95 for a yearbook that has the letters F-U-C-K in bold red letters spread across four photo captions. Sounds to me like this editor might be able to land a job at Disney with her subliminal messaging techniques. The school gave everyone awesome stickers to hide the offensive letters. I'll put money that there are more hidden words somewhere in those pages. And in about 6 months everyone is expected to get over this and actually see some creativity and humor in it.

Tis the season for teacher sex scandals

They say things come in three's. These teachers certainly haven't done anything to dispell that myth. One is a repeat offender, another had a special fling at Disney World, and the third was caught with weed while having sex in the back of her Honda Pilot. Is this really why some people become teachers? If so, we really have our work cut out for us to reform education.

Segregated Proms En Vogue in Racist Georgia High Schools


Story: In Georgia, Segregation Endures on Prom Night -

I'm not sure what's more troubling, the fact that THERE ARE STILL TWO F^&$ING SEPARATE PROMS for Black / White kids (what if you are mixed race, asian, latino?) or the CAVE MAN IGNORANCE of the white folks they interviewed.

The trick bitch on the right (the mom) said:

"This community and this school system is fine like it is. This is the way they have done it ever since the school system opened and they have started having proms. So it has worked for them this way. Why change something that has worked? It isn't broken. The kids are fine with it. Everyyear when it comes time to start planning for prom, you have the white kids who start planning for their prom, and the black kids who start planning for their prom."

The trick bitch on training wheels (Harley Boone, the daughter in the middle) said

"..we don't have a school sponsored prom, we have a private prom. It's always been segregated.There's always been 2 separate proms. It don't[sic] seem like a big deal around here, it's just what we know and what our parents have done for so many years. In our school system it's not really about being racist or having all white friends or all black friends. We all hangout together, we're all in the same classes, we all eat lunch together at the same table. It's not about what color you are, it's about your attitude and how you present yourself, and how you take care of yourself, it's not about if you're black or if you're white."
Ummmmmmm... Whaaaa? How the f&%* is this girl graduating high school -- it actually IS about whether you're white or black (thus the entire segragated prom thing).. And "it's all about how you present yourself", you mean like that bootleg Louis Vutton knockoff bag you're rocking? Or how about presenting yourself in a national news outlet as a racist twit. Oh, we get it now!

Of course, the black students interviewed weren't as enthusiastic.

Read the article and accompanying slide show here.

Oh, and Harley Boone is on Facebook, friend her while I go vomit.

Texas cheerleaders smear poop everywhere

Story: Cheerleaders' disgusting "prank"

We can call this one: "Three girls, one sock." If you've ever wondered what cheerleaders do behind closed doors, now you have an answer. They poop into socks and smear it on lockers. Is this enough proof yet that we evolved from apes?

Tab for fixing locks at Deltona school: $20,000

Story: Tab for fixing locks at Deltona school: $20,000

The vandals glued all the doors shut and spray painted some windows. Since corporal punishment is still legal in Florida, they should force the teens to have class outside all day, right? It was easy to capture them...the school just looked for students whose fingertips were still glued together.

Here, Here! 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance

Story: Here, Here! 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance

Wouldn't it be a heartbreak if she got the swine flu on the last day? But in all honesty, DetentionSlip congratulates Stefanie Zaner on never missing any school days her whole life. Stef is predicted to be the first college freshman to not regret taking 8am classes her first semester.

14 Students From Troubled El Cerrito Schools Arrested

Story: 14 Students From Troubled El Cerrito Schools Arrested

If you are wondering what some hallmark characteristics of teens you don't want your children hanging around are, some might include: willing to rob from the school and throw rocks at a teacher. These sudents (ranging in age from 13-14) have been going on crime sprees that are are not getting them any closer to graduating middle school. Too bad for them that assualting classmates doesn't get you PE credit.

Mary K. Letourneau hosts 'Hot Teacher' night

Story: Mary K. Letourneau hosts 'Hot Teacher' night

The teacher who was arrested over ten years ago for raping a sixth grade student is now being celebrated with parties in her honor. Is this the litmus for what is acceptable in American culture? For all you youngsters out there...there is nothing glamorous about statutory rape.

Penn Hills Student With Eyebrow Trimmer Suspended

The suspect is described as "a member of the basketball team, 9-year Girl Scout, a youth usher, a member of the choir and leadership team." She is believed to be armed and assumed to have highly manicured eyebrows. Please be advised that without a moments notice, anyone is at risk to have their brows trimmed. Remain on high alert.

Teacher charged in sexual liaison with teen

This story is not rare. Every once and a while we need to remind readers that teachers are still having sex with students ALL THE TIME. This lucky lad not only got to make out in the classroom with her, but he was introduced to the back of her minivan (hopefully seats down). They are only twenty years apart, but age ain't nuthin but a number right? And corruption of a minor ain't nuthin but a court appearance.

School curbs girl's report on gay rights activist Milk

School curbs girl's report on gay rights activist Milk

Hey San Diego, if you didn't get the memo, it's the 21st century! Turns out a 6th grader did an independent project researching Harvey Milk and the school decided it would only let her present the project to students whose parents, wait for it... Signed a permission form.

I'm a big fan of permission based education. If you don't agree with a particular piece of history, just don't sign! Amazing. Of course, the ACLU has already threatened a suit if the district doesn't apologize in writing, and let her present to the entire student body.

Pittsburgh Teen Uses Snake As Jump Rope In School

What is Pennsylvania's fascination with snake cruelty? One day they're chasing co-workers with them and the next day kids are playing double-dutch with the 4-foot class pet! Good thing they caught this boy before he could take the hamster out to the baseball field.

Washington Co. Janitor Chased Co-Worker With Snake

"If I get fired or lose my job, nobody is coming out of this building alive." I would say he is handling these accusations well. He also had plans of locking people in dark rooms at a high altitudes with spiders and roaches crawling on them.

Aspiring teachers fall short on math

Story: Aspiring teachers fall short on math

They've recently added a math section to the state's licensing exam. 75% of the future teachers failed it. To put that into more simple terms- 3 out of every 4 test-takers don't know how to teach math to elementary and middle school students. This means there is a high probability that schools won't be looking to employ them. You can use mental math on that one.

Eight Year Old With Marijuana

There is an argument to legalize marijuana because it doesn't hurt anyone. Well, let's just say that not all adults are as responsible as we hope. If you're gonna leave your weed around an 8-year old and think there will be no side-effects, maybe you're not in the best position to cast a vote on this issue. But hey, at least it's not crack.

Driver who slapped student suspended

Story: Driver who slapped student suspended

So everyone now knows, you can slap an 8-year old and only be suspended for 10 days. The punishment for abusing minors must only be a 'slap on the wrist' in Kentucky.

FACT CHECK: Are US students really that bad?

Story: FACT CHECK: Are US students really that bad?

Just because our test scores are lower, drop-out rates higher, and we're learning at a slower rate than many other developed countries, does that really mean the U.S. schools suck? DetentionSlip has been pointing out many of the flaws in our public education system, but it's only scratching the surface. Readers, this can be your time to chime in and voice your concerns. Looking forward to the commentary.

Playlist-less: Local High School Bans 20 Songs From Prom

A women's group compiled a list of over 300 songs that degrade females by glorifying sex and inspiring grinding on the dance floor. Twenty of them are now banned from prom this year. Basically, all of the popular hip hop songs right now will not be heard by these students. It might sound cliche, but old folks were equally troubled when Elvis began shaking his hips. Don't be surprised if teens smuggle in iPods and sync up their playlists for a more eventful prom night.

Xavier students rally around ousted high school teacher

Ask yourself if you've ever spent the night with a girl before. If the answer is yes, then you better thank god (well not the Catholic god), that you still have your job. This teacher had a couple drinks and crashed with his girlfriend. According to his school and religion, that is a big "no-no." In other words, they would have much rather seen him drive home drunk.

Utah school forces student to change out of kilt

Story: Utah school forces student to change out of kilt

Even though it was part of his Scottish heritage and for a school project, the boy was told he was cross-dressing. There are about 5 million people in Scotland scratching their heads right now wondering if they've been dressing like girls all along. To make matters worse, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper is also pissed off about the suggestion.

Teacher attacks vandal's faulty grammar

Story: Teacher attacks vandal's faulty grammar

A teacher is going around posting a page-long explanation describing the spelling errors with local graffiti. The sad thing is, most of it is probably coming from current or former students of her school. Not that vandals will ever care about sentence fragments or what a prepostition is, but does this mean she is encouraging more graffiti, just as long as it is grammatically correct? To answer your next question: No, some people must not have anything better to do.

14 students expelled in food fight

14 students expelled in Mill Creek food fight

We were going to comment on this, but one of the students put it best:

"You only hear about food fights and you never actually see one, and this one was pretty epic,” said Cody Popham, expelled for "hurling a burrito into a crowd of people."

Hey Cody, we've got a summer job for you here at DetentionSlip.

Revealing photo makes high school yearbook

2,500 kids will get to have what appears to be a picture of a crotch shot in their high school memories forever. Now the whole school also knows this girl doesn't wear underwear! This is exactly why yearbooks are supposed to have a faculty advisor that makes sure slip-ups like this don't get printed. Have fun correcting this mistake. It's a little late for photoshop to bail you out now.

Teacher goes on paid leave after 'fat ass' yearbook comment

You never like to hear stories about kids being picked on for their weight. Or if you have no soul, you love making them feel like crap by labeling them as "fat ass" in the yearbook. I have a wild hunch that is not the name on her birth certificate.

Madras teacher jailed for tossing bullets down halls

Story: Madras teacher jailed for tossing bullets down halls

Don't mind me. Just tossing some live bullets down the hallways. Nobody has any idea what provoked this, or what he was trying to prove, but everyone does agree that this isn't something you want teachers doing. Something tells me you'll find him soon reciting lines from Full Metal Jacket.

Mental disorder led teacher to send sexual messages to 14-year-old student

Maybe the real headline should read: "Woman with mental disorder allowed to teach!" You're telling me that this was the best applicant for the job? Well, you get what you paid for I guess. Too bad for the 14-year old boy though, because here's what he missed out on- "I want to rip all of your clothes off and have sex with you to the point of ecstasy." Wow! This teacher may have been the one that got away!

Mom arrested after assaulting Sims Elementary teacher

Story: Mom arrested after assaulting Sims Elementary teacher

A good rule of thumb is that anytime a parent/teacher conference ends with a pregnant mom punching a teacher in the side of the head, you can usually bet some follow-up communication needs to occur. At the innocent age of five, this young boy is already learning first hand how to get things accomplished in life...with an iron fist.

Gym teacher accused of assaulting student

Story: Gym teacher accused of assaulting student

Growing up, one of the best ways to prove physical dominance was to pelt smaller, slower kids with dodgeballs in gym class. At the age of 36, you would hope most people out-grow this phase. Unfortunately, one teacher still feels the need to demonstrate his anger through accuracy (over and over again). The target? A 14-year old girl. The result? A job opening in Lincoln County, NC.

Bus driver no bomb disposal expert

Story: Bus driver no bomb disposal expert

Rather than picking up students this day, she loaded the bus with a pair of pipe bombs she found in a driveway. I guess the silver lining is that there were no kids on board, but who gets the bright idea to personally deliver explosives to a police station? This beats her initial thought of taping them to her chest and walking through the front doors.

Teacher accused of choking student

Story: Teacher accused of choking student

Who would have thought that having your 10-year daughter strangled by a teacher was such a sensitive issue? One day, we will reach a point when ALL teachers learn that you don't have to hurt children to make them behave better. One day.

Students Asked To Plot Terror Attack

Story: Students Asked To Plot Terror Attack

Over 100 students were asssigned a project to illustrate a foreign attack on American soil. Not sure if the teacher is a crazy terrorist himself, or just plain crazy. Correct me if I am wrong, but when citizens begin drawing up terroristic threats, don't they get arrested? When I think of a teacher challenging and educating his class, I always hope it has nothing to do with conspiracies of genocide. I guess that's just wishful thinking.

Pa. high school orders shot glasses as prom favors

Photo by
Bottoms up! The school says the class didn't have the funds to buy picture frames or money clips like in years past. Well, when times are tough, turn to the bottle right? I wonder if the school also plans to foot the bill of the hotel rooms and supply students with condoms as well?

Christian school tells boy to skip prom

Story: Christian school tells boy to skip prom

It's a simple formula really: Dancing + Rock Music = Sex and Alcohol. All this boy wants to do is act like a normal teenager by taking his girlfriend to prom, but if he does he will be suspended from school and not even be allowed to attend graduation. His principal says he will not be pleasing god if he opts to join this "counterculture of rebellion." So when do you get to have fun? Is heaven going to be loaded with raves and strippers?

Montville high senior in hot water over hot-girls contest

Picture an NCAA college hoops sweet sixteen bracket. Now replace each team with a hot girl from high school. Got it so far? Now analyze each match-up and decide which girl is hotter, then aadvance them to to next round. Eventually you'll determine the best looking girl in school. Well, that little game might just land you in a week of suspension. The organizer of this contest was cited with "intimidation, harassment and insubordination." Wait a second, how does People magazine get away with this every year?
Hey guys- send DetentionSlip a pic of the winner!

Students protest surveillance of two girls kissing

It seems one of the best places to view some girl on girl action is from high school bathroom surveillance footage. I would just not be the best way to find out that your daughter is attracted to females. I am guessing that is a clip most parents don't want to watch. Leave it to the principal to be the bearer of this news. As you might suspect, there are some unhappy students right now.

San Francisco Educators Hail Jimi Hendrix As Role Model for Teachers

Leave it to San Francisco to idolize someone who famously died young from a drug overdose. Not to take anything away from the short career of Hendrix, but is this really the person you want to use to help inspire teachers and students? His image is featured all over their district manual, including the cover. They even sent a Jimi poster to all the schools! Hey, all I am saying is don't scratch your head when you start finding people dead in bathtubs with violent amounts of LSD and heroine running through their bloodstream.

Pot smell ends prom for Brighton teen

The boyfriend of this high school senior is allowed to use the drug under the state's medical marijuana program. In other words, he is legally allowed to smoke weed. Well that doesn't settle well with whatever security guard refused to let the couple into the dance. Interestingly enough, the local police say the school sent them home, but the school says it was the cops. No drug test. No accountabilty. No problem! Sounds like high school, doesn't it?

Dad says son 'not racist bully'

Though many of the details are not being released, here is my (probably) accurate description of the incident: The victim was allegedly making remarks toward an Asian student, so the Asian student kicked the crap out of him. Ready for the irony? More than likely he made at least one comment about 'karate' or 'kung fu,' and a broken nose later he realized that sometimes there is a price you pay for pushing someones buttons. Sorry dad, you might have raised a punk.

Twin teachers plead guilty to meth charges

Story: Twin teachers plead guilty to meth charges

Congratulations mom and dad, you raised two meth dealers! Double the excitement! Even the Olsen twins agree that these teachers took their drug habits a little too far.

CJ basketball coach’s lurid online exchanges in report

If you are wondering what the intentions of this coach might be, allow us to quote him- "I am so turned on by 13-14-year-old girls." Add in the fact he sent videos of himself masturbating to girls online, you'll get a pretty good idea what his fate will be.

Even though Creationism IS nonsense, Judge says teacher can't say so.

Story: Judge: Teacher violated kids' rights by calling creationism 'nonsense'

The teacher calls bullshit on the bullshit, and is found guilty. That's some bullshit!

Can't teachers explain religion for what it is? Stories that were made up to help people recall the sun cycles for farming, plant crops, and have a fun way to explain the world pre-science?

You're allowed to teach Egyptian and Greek "myths" were just stories, but "god" forbid you explain how Christianity was based on the same concepts (For those not up on their history, the Egyptian God Osiris was also born of a virgin, had 12 disciples, was crucified, performed miracles, was resurrected after three days, etc. -- Osiris was hundreds of years before Christ -- along with countless other pre-christian deities -- these are just recycled ideas. See many more of them here)

I would argue that the current climate protects the religious myths unduely. Why do we favor preserving the myth of Christ over Zeus? Isn't that in violation of the equal protection clause?

To be fair this teacher was a little hostile -- he needn't be and can still get his point across, simply discuss the facts! He said a few things, the one worth quoting is: "when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth."

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