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Today (Wed) at 11:45am EST, founder Anthony David Adams will be on Fox News Strategy Room talking about the problem of Corporal Punishment in US Schools.

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Mother Doctored Photo of 13 year old student

A Utah mother, Danielle Stark, changed a photo of a woman and a dog having sex by adding a 13 year old girl's head to the dog's face. Stark was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.


Double Diplomas: 19 Sets of Twins, New York

I'm seeing double! How uncanny! 19 sets of twins, though not all identical, graduated high school this year in New York. Though specifically Baker High School who had 12 sets of twins graduate broke a Guinness Book Record originally set by a Massachuettes high school who had 10 set of twins graduate at the same time.


VIDEO: What Motivates Us

Dan Pink on what motivates us. Great talk and awesome animation. Anyone know someone who can make animations like this?

Timbaland and Dr. Dre perform at School

Timbaland and Dr. Dre returned to high school and performing, making some California students happy.


It's happening again. Kids wearing scandalous clothes and getting in trouble for it. This time the garment piece was an American flag shirt.


School for Sale! Minus the Gym...Of Course

For only $995,000 you can own your very own school. But what is so odd about this sale is that the community wants to keep the gym and sell the rest. Would you want it without the gym? Is it a deal or a no deal?


Disney's Prom, the next High School Musical

Disney making another movie focused around high school, actually the follow up to High School Musical 3, only with new faces (but we love Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens!).

And this time it's about one night that is most or...the least memorable, the prom.


National Boycott Planned for Memphis,TN if Corporal Punishment Reinstated in Schools

The Memphis, TN school board is entertaining the idea of bringing back corporal punishment after a district wide ban for the past 5 years. is leading an effort with the support of parents, teachers, activists, musicians, and other celebs who are vowing to boycott the city best known for blues and Elvis if corporal punishment is reinstated.

Corporal Punishment is the archaic practice of hitting kids with boards or leather straps. It is currently banned in 107 countries, 30 US States + DC, and has been exhaustively proven to be ineffective. It's widely recognized by the international community as a human rights violation and has strong opposition from groups like the NAACP, PTA, and hundreds of other organizations.

NY Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy is about to introduce legislation that would ban corporal punishment on a national level. 

You can sign the petition to end corporal punishment in US schools here:

Saltutatorian with Autism

Eric Duquette, who was diagnosed with Autism and couldn't speak until age 5, gets the last laugh as he is honored for being the Salutatorian for his 2010 graduating class.


School Criticized For Confiscating Student's patriotic hat

Teachers thought a G.I. Joe filled hat promoted violence and was against the school's violence code when he was only trying to support and honor U.S. troops.


Ex stabbed Catholic School Teacher to Death

Violence, violence and more violence at schools, but this murder didn't happen at school, but happened at home because of a divorce spat. The husband stabbed killed his wife, who happens to be a school teacher, to death.


Child Bitten by a Fox at school

Go Foxes! Parties are supposed to be fun, and a school mascot would lighten up anyone's day, but not here. A real fox attacked a child at an England high school while he was attending another child's birthday party.


Creationism in the Classroom

"How can an African American person, evolve from a white person? I mean, we're different skin."

It's actually the other way around my friend.

The girl at the beginning who says something along the lines of, it's impossible for us to evolve from such a simple organism... What if you showed students a vector drawing, and they said, it's impossible for that to come from a mathematical equation? Would that mean it's impossible? 

So much about science seems like magic or impossible -- thats the beauty and excitement of it all. These kids are genuinely curious -- this teacher, instead of teaching them, fails to take this opportunity to help move their mindsets forward and use their questions as the basis for experiment and learning. 

Have any of you folks run into this? How would you leverage this as an opportunity for learning?

Suspicious packaged found at North Hollywood High

A mysterious box showed up at an L.A. high school that had wires coming out of it. Thankfully, the box diclosed nothing harmful as feared, but school administrators were suspicious, thinking a bomb was enclosed.


Teen arrested after bomb explosion

A student from a Menlo Park middle school, was accused of detonating a bomb. Police say the bomb was made out of things purchased at a local hardware company. Apparently, anyone can make bombs now a days...


Vancouver Island school yearbooks to be reprinted

What ever happened to freedom of speech? A teacher cut out one student was cut out from the pages of the yearbook because of what the student said about the principal; he falsely accused the principal of spending money on a fence instead of textbooks. But administrations is gladly paying the cost to make corrections, and


Prince William middle school to try single sex classes

Parents in Washington no longer have to pay for the secluded single sex classes that private school can offer. But the good thing is that this is a choice for the students if they feel they will be more comfortable with their own gender.


Student Charged for Theft

A student from a NJ school was charged for stealing over $35,000 in computers. He, so obviously, pushed the laptop cart towards the door containing all the materials. He was caught and arrested, after a struggle, having run from the police.


Teacher Openly Does Not Support War at Graduation

Graduation is a day of applause and congratulations for all students and their endeavors, but one teacher refuses to honor her students, specifically referring to them enlisting in the military. During graduation, she protested war, waving a sign that read "END WAR."


7th Grader Drowns while on School Trip

The Roosevelt Middle School class went to Mauthe Lake as a fun trip away from the classroom to cool off for the day. Later in the day, an unnamed chaperon noticed a boy missing, who was found at the bottom of the lake. He was taken to the hospital, but was unable to be revived.


Man Charged in Nepean High School Washroom Beating

What people do in bathrooms? They pee, they wash their hands... Oh what else do they do? Assault others...

A 31-year old man grabbed and assaulted a 10th grader at Nepean High School in Ottawa. The girl kicked, screamed, and then ran out of the school, despite no injuries. The man confessed a day later and is being charged.


Killing Love Triangles at School

A love triangle at school turns bloody...and deadly when one third of the trio turned murderous.

After the 48-year-old teacher's 21-year-old fiancee found out about her affair, her fiancee stabbed her 18-year-old lover and student to death. Sounds like a "normal" day at school...minus the murder...


School Teacher Charged with Murder for Fatal May Car Crash Because of Drugs

Drugs never solved anything, but shifts one's perspective. And in this case, it's no different. Undisclosed drugs were the reason a Kentucky middle school teacher crashed and killed an elderly woman. The young teacher was arrested and charged with murder for the fatal act. This sends a clear message: don't do drugs.


Florida teen walks for graduation twice in high school prank

It probably makes you feel like your administration cares when you can walk across stage completely casually and unrecognized. This teen will certainly have an edge on his competition when applying for college and/or employment. With graduation rates in Florida gradually on the rise, you have to wonder if it's because some kids have two diplomas!

Gay High School Couple Crowned Prom Queen and King in NY


Gay best friends,Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard, won Prom Queen and King! They won by such a wide margin that there were no runners up close to their votes. The couple got approval from their principal, but struggled to decide who would be queen and who would be king.

Firefighters Rescue Passengers From Hollywood Ferris Wheel

They say "Welcome to Hollywood"... but this time, they're saying "Please rescue me from Hollywood!" From Hollywood High School's broken Ferris wheel anyway, where at least 10 passengers sat stranded on the broken ride. Firefighters rescued all the ride goers. using a 100 foot aerial ladder as a crane to lower the riders to the ground. No injuries were reported.


Plane Lands on Flordia Middle School Field

What to do when in doubt and you need to land a plane because of engine problems? You land it in a middle school football field. It's practical because it's open space, but what about all the kids? No issue with that this time around because it was early in the morning and students did not arrive yet.


Bus crash injures 9

The wheels on the bus go round and round...even when its upside down.

In Oceanside, a school bus crashed into a car, causing the bus to tip. The crash caused 9 injuries, nothing major. However, the police say it is unclear who caused the crash.


Stop Teachers from Beating Kids in US Public Schools!

Anthony Adams has sent you an invitation to sign the petition "Stop Teachers from Beating Kids in US Public Schools!" on

**in the time it takes you to read this email, at least one kid will be hit for the first time in a US public school** I know I sent this out a few weeks ago, but the link wasn't working. I spoke with Change and I'm assured that now the link works and you can come directly to the petition and sign it! We are SO CLOSE to getting a Federal Ban on Corporal Punishment in US schools and we need your help! Please click the link, sign the petition, and then use the recruit tools to Tweet / Facebook / Email your friends, fans, and coworkers about this very important issue. If you want to talk to me directly about it, please call my CELL PHONE at 608-446-4879 or EMAIL ME Thanks so much! Let's change the world! Anthony David Adams

Click the link below to view the petition.

Obama Induced Sleep

Despite President Obama's high status and inspirational words, he still managed to put one graduate asleep during his commencement speech at Kalamazoo High School.


NY teen charged in second plot on his old high school

NY teen, Christopher Franko, didn't learn the first time the consequences of plotting an attack against his high school. In addition to the consequences, he was thankfully unsuccessful. The second time he was just as unsuccessful, but drew another plotter, Dana Saltzman, in on the trouble. They planned to shoot the school guards, then as many students as possible, then police, then themselves. They were arrested with no bail and face heavy jail time.


Former High School Principal Pleads Not Guilty to Molestation

Former high school principal and volleyball coach pleaded not guilty to molesting four teen girls. These girls played on the volleyball team he coached.

He attempted to leave the US to go to the Philippines, but LA detectives caught him just in time and arrested him a Los Angeles International Office before he left. He faces maximum 8 years in prison if found guilty.


Alligator at Tampa Middle School

A single alligator invaded Tampa Middle School! Thankfully, the gator was found before school, caught and taken away before students arrived at school. But oddly, the unwelcomed guest was probable because the school is near a river that had many alligators in it.


Ohio School Hit by Tornado

What can a roof handle? A little rain? Yeah, most of the time. Snow? Yeah, maybe. A tornado? Apparently not. A tornado swept through an Ohio High school, tearing the roof off the gym where the the 2010 graduation was to take place. Instead the commencement took place at a nearby community college.


Arizona Principal Cancels Whitewash of Controversal School Mural

Councilman, Steve Blair, criticized Miller Valley Elementary School because the mural depicted black children who were bigger than the rest. Originally, the Arizona principal was going to lighten the skin of the students, but decided against it because he felt it had nothing to do with race.


Students create dangerous racist game, "Beat the Jew"

A mix of automobiles and a game with an offensive title doesn't sound like a good sounds dangerous. The game students created was named "Beat the Jew." It was modeled after Nazism. One willing student would be the "Jew" who would be left stranded on the highway and blind folded. The Nazis would try to capture or tackle the "Jew"...


Peace Garden at Pinewood Middle School

Peace. We're traveling back to the 1960s... Pinewood Middle School students in Kentwood are making a peace garden. The garden will be shaped like a peace sign, and despite the heat, students enjoy this break from normal class work. Students got to learn about soil and water and how humans react to their environments. The school's ultimate hope is that this peace garden will influence the students to be pacifists.


Drop in middle school enrollment

Aren't kids going to school now a days? Numbers of enrolled students for an Illinois middle school dropped by nearly 1,000 children. But no, it's not that they're not going, it's that there's not as many as there was, couples just made about 1,000 less babies than years prior. Administrators aren't scared though because this means more individualized attention per student.


Leland Middle School has stricter dress codes

Inappropriate dress, short skirts, revealing tops, tight jeans, is all the rave for middle school students, so Leland Middle School has implimented stricter dress codes. Students can only wear khakis with polos. Clothes have to fit properly and cannot be too revealing.


Former Teacher Pleads Guilty To Child Molestation

Former NJ Teacher admits molesting his 13-year-old student more than a decade ago. Honest, yes, but this confession isn't all its cut out to be... he didn't freely plead guilty. Instead, police tapped his phone and recorded him confessing his sexual relations to the now 21-year-old victim.


Judge blocks public school graduations in churches

Two students and three parents rejected the idea of holding graduation in a church. They didn't want the government to endorse religion upon them, their children or other nonbelievers. The federal judge ruled in favor with them, so that Enfield High School and Enrico Fermi High School will not be allowed to have their graduations at First Cathedral.


Teen Sex Offender Charged with Assaulting Disabled Classmate

Teen dating is rocky as ever... this statement seems especially when dating a sex offender, who previously lured little girls with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. 18-year-old, Jose R. Reyes, dated and later raped a 14-year-old disabled girl. Police arrested him and his bail is $100,000.


Child brings pellet gun to school

Children sometimes like to bring toys to school, a video game system or a doll, but a second grader brought a pellet gun to school. The school was brielfy put on lockdown, but thankfully the students informed teachers immediately and the boy didn't bring any pellets with it.


Man exposed himself to elementary students

Man exposed himself to elementary school children at the playground. The article cryptically says he was "doing his business"... He currently is being charged for this lewd act.


Superglue in locks costs school 1000s

Superglue got pranksters at Pioneer High School in a super sticky situation...if they get caught, of course. But in this case, students didn't use the adhesive properly, they didn't glue anything together! Students used toothpicks to put superglue in the locks on the classroom doors, so students and teachers could not enter or exit. It's also sticky for the school because this prank will cost $15,000 to repair.


Monday was no holiday for Grand Prairie students

Snow is still on the brain at Grand Prairie middle school in this summer weather. Students had to make up school after an excessive snow fall that caused classes to be canceled because of severe power loss. Making up school on memorial day interfered many's holiday plans, despite the school's low attendance for the day.


Woman, 76, found dead outside Oakland school

Instead of finding discarded school supplies or misplaced soccer balls outside school, passerbyers found a 76-year-old woman lying dead at the entrance of Westlake Middle School in Oakland on this Monday, memorial day. Surveillance cameras caught her acting disoriented before she died...what a way to spend a holiday...



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