Little Kids Perform 'Scarface' For School Play (VIDEO)

Well.. it's a fake school play, but, you get the idea..

VIDEO: Damning Expose of Public Education

Spring Break Tips (VIDEO)

Spring break tips from Alan Sitomer (the genius behind BookJam).

Charter School Doubles as Bar (VIDEO)

In a true display of urban mixed use development, one Philly charter school has been set up to be a full on night club after hours. Like some 1920's speak easy where the chalk boards flip down to reveal racks of Crystol and Ciroc and the patrons come in to get  "crunk". Rapper and scholar TI has been known to frequent the place.

Is this a new way to generate money for strapped school districts?

We're intrigued. Hey Philly, if we come down to check it out can we get comp'd bottle service?

FULL STORY: Charter school doubles as bar

Bibles for Porn in Texas! (VIDEO)

(Samson & the Prostitute - Judges 16:1 "and he went into her")
The student organization Atheist Agenda has staged a publicity stunt in which they are allowing students to trade in "smut for smut". They have a table set up in a heavily trafficked area where they will trade you a porno for any holy text. The group points out that the content of these holy works contains graphic depictions of sex that are no different than what you find on YouPorn.

Some students are outraged, others love it. The administration has made the right play here, by publicly acknowledging that the students are protected under the first amendment.

VIDEO: Texas College Campus Divided Over Bible for Porn Campaign

Senate Panel Clears School Lunch Bill

Basically, thousands of kids get sick each year because schools serve them food that has been recalled and/or is being manufactured in plants infected with bacteria, etc. On top of that, some American's are turning into little blobs, while others are going hungry.

In hopes of getting safer food in the guts of Americas youth, the senate is gearing up to vote on the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. This bill would commit an additional $4.5 billion to child-nutrition programs over the next 10 years and would be the largest overhaul the US school food system has seen in decades.

Why not have organic, locally grown, vegan food at all schools? Kids would be healthier, the planet would be healthier, and so would their conscience.

STORY: Sweeping school lunch bill clears Senate panel -

Live with Lindsey Ray!

Free TV : Ustream

Having an awesome time down in Sarasota, FL with Lindsey Ray to help them bring Google Fiber down here to one of's favorite states ;)

You can check out the live stream above or you can TEXT "LINDSEY" to 74574 for a free mp3 off her new EP.

I saw Lindsey play in NYC last month and fell in love with her great sound and positive energy.
She's also super nice in person.

ACLU's School-to-Prison Pipeline Game

New online game from the ACLU explores the connection between the US Public School System and kids ending up in jail. It's a "choose-your-own-adventure" type game where you face situations typical to kids in school -- like being suspended for having a cell phone you brought to school to keep in touch with a sick parent. Powerfully convincing interactive commentary on the need to reexamine zero tolerance policies in schools as well as the hidden function of school as a funnel to prison.

VIDEO: Teacher orders kids to assault classmate

Story: Teacher accused of instructing kids to kick fellow student

A teacher is on paid leave after allegedly ordering her class to kick a fellow student. 8th graders who were present at the beat down are reporting they were told the line up and take turns kicking another student as a punishment. One girl reported that she just pretended to kick him, and noticed that his legs were bruised and that he was crying.

While this teacher is on leave, it's important to point out that corporal punishment is still legal in Texas, along with 20 other states. Where do we draw the line?

How to Make Extra Money as a Teacher

I had a chance to catch up with Doug Fath, a former substitute teacher who now makes over 6 figures a year in passive income (working less than 6 hours per week) by investing in student housing. He's now put together a ton of free videos explaining how he's doing this and how teachers (and others) can benefit from his system.

This is perfect for any teachers or parents looking to make some additional income this year. Very cool! 

Visit his site to learn more >> Six Figures With Student Housing

Michigan 6-Year-Old Suspended From School for Making Gun With Hand

Story: Michigan 6-Year-Old Suspended From School for Making Gun With Hand

After pretending to shoot his classmates with his fingers, the 6-year old was sent home for the rest of the week. Hopefully during his suspension, his mom allows him to use his pretend pencil and pretend books to keep learning.

Teacher suspended over Black History Month photos

Story: 3 LA Teachers Removed Over Choice of Black Heroes

OJ Simpson was a gridiron great who not only set several NFL records, but successfully transitioned into a notable acting career with commercials and movies. Dennis Rodman was one of the most prolific rebounders in NBA history who has been a key member of many championship teams. RuPaul can be seen as a torchbearer in the gay community for not only becoming a well-recognized cross-dresser, but served in lead positions in a number of major network tv shows. These individuals are among a long list of African-Americans who were celebrated in an LA school recently. They also happen to be the reason three teachers are suspended right now. The superintendent fails to recognize their great accomplishments, and believes these teachers need punished for highlighting their success.

Students Accused Of Trying To Poison Teacher

Story: GA Students Accused Of Trying To Poison Teacher

We can only hope that much like a Shakespeare classic, that the teacher was poisoned out of love...twice.

VIDEO: Tom Yorke Raps For Education in Indiana

If there is one thing we love more than shaking down the education system, it's teachers rapping about state tests... Brandon Curl, a 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher at Gary Lighthouse Charter School sent us this video.

P.S. Is that Radioheads Thom Yorke at 1:36? You decide...

Teacher Accused Of Giving Student Concussion

Throwing kids against doors might be one way to problem solve, but every silver lining has a touch of gray right? The teacher was probably aware that very few people who suffer from concussions actually die, but in the future, we might want to explore some alternative methods of discipline. Just a thought.

Mass. School Bus Driver Charged With Raping 8th Grader

Story: Mass. School Bus Driver Charged With Raping 8th Grader

There may have been a language barrier, but it clearly needed to be defined what the difference is between giving students a ride vs. giving students a ride. It probably got a little suspicious when the girl NEVER got off at her stop, and was always the last one on the bus. Hopefully there is a prison near his route, because he may as well call that his last stop.

5th Graders Share Fruity Pot-Laced Snack at School

Story: 5th Graders Share Fruity Pot-Laced Snack at School

It should come as no surprise that the school is Stoneman Elementary. I get the feeling that all the kids have older siblings that make Fruity Pebble snacks with weed.

Obama unveils $900M plan for schools

One of the ideas not listed in his plan, is to replace teachers with robots.

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