US House Hearings on Corporal Punishment in Schools

This past week, The Committee on Education and Labor held a hearing on Corporal Punishment in US Schools. This is ground breaking progress as it the first time in 18 years the government has discussed this issue.

Experts testified about the ineffectiveness of corporal punishment and the deleterious effects it can have on students. Both Democrats and Republicans agreed this needs to end, and the committee has promised to introduce a bill that would institute a federal ban on corporal punishment in US schools.

95 of the countries 100 largest school districts outlaw the practice. Even in Texas, which beats over 40,000 kids a year, the largest districts of Houston and Austin have banned the practice., along with The United Nations, PTA and other organizations opposes corporal punishment in schools. We have set up a Facebook Page which we encourage you to "Like" and help spread the word - raising awareness around this issue will be crucial in the weeks to come.

Henry principal faces backlash over T.I. visit

This is great.. so as part of rapper T.I.'s sentence, he has to do 400 hours of community service including speaking at schools. One parent was upset that a convicted felon was being brought in to speak to his kid, and told the prinicpal. The principal, Terry Oatts, responded to the parent:

I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not available.

STORY: Henry principal faces backlash over T.I. visit

NYC Agrees to Shut the 'Rubber Rooms'

'Rubber Rooms' -- the places where suspended teachers sit and do nothing and get paid while waiting for a decision on their case (the average time being 18 months) -- will be shut down by December 2010. This has a been a massive debacle, wasting millions of dollars a year. A great victory and long anticipated reform.

 STORY: WNYC - News - City Agrees to Shut the 'Rubber Rooms'

Making Education Beautiful

Great article on Huffington Post by Jason Pugatch about the need to make education beautiful.
But look at what they walk into every day of the school year: chain link, bicycle-locked fences and drab buildings with no air conditioning. What is a school? Moreover, what do we want a school to be? A place of beauty and freedom for learning and expression, or a place where one is confined and taught? Architecture sends as clear a message to students as the teacher standing in the classroom. And it is something public school systems ought to consider as they begin to replace the aging schools in their districts.
STORY: Jason Pugatch: Making Education Beautiful

10,000+ Photos Taken of Students by School - Parents Sue

VIDEO: Stewart Hammers Fox News For Comparing Nuclear Summit Logo To Muslim Flags

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
A Farewell to Arms
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party was invited to be in the audience of The Daily Show this past week, and here is a clip from the show. FoxNews is really losing it here... Do any of you actually watch Fox "News"? Don't you feel insulted when they pull shit like this?

NY Teacher Steals Lunches from Students

Video shows student beaten; Cop suspended

Little hazy but def shows a cop laying into a student.

Just a tip: your wife isn't going to stop banging her personal trainer, no matter how hard you hit this kid.

STORY: Video shows student beaten; Cop suspended

Judge tells Mississippi schools to stop segregating

Wait, we can't let most of the white kids transfer to another school district and put all the ones who stay into all white classrooms? This is so unamerican. There is no more racism right? We have a black president.. Hey Mississippi - wake the fuck up.

STORY: Judge tells Mississippi schools to stop segregating

8-year-old girl run over by her school bus

"An 8-year-old honor student at W.S. Harlan Elementary School was accidentally run over and killed by a school bus Thursday." 

What a tragedy. 

STORY: 8-year-old girl run over by her school bus

Duder Leaves Pot in 6-Year-Old Son's Backpack

Dad of the Year Ronald Washington allegedly made a call to his 6 yr old sons school saying that "he left something in his sons elmo backpack, and needed to come pick it up".. Well.. when he showed up the cops were there to pick him up. Doh!

STORY: Uniontown Man Allegedly Left Marijuana In 6-Year-Old Son's Backpack

Meet T.J. Pluhacek, the Youngest iPad App Developer

This kid is cooler than your kid. I love seeing stories of young entrepreneurs. I was consistently getting busted in elementary school for selling WarHeads and Cry Babys and finally switched to online software sales at the age of 10. The shit I could have done with an iPad back then. Congrats to TJ! How many schools out there are running scared to ban the iPad?

STORY: Meet T.J. Pluhacek, the Youngest iPad App Developer

Jenny McCarthy closing her school for autistic children

I apologize for the photo (sort of) but hey, she did it. I really like Jenny -- for different reasons now then when I was 16 -- she has been an active advocate for Autism and has been running a school for autistic kids. The rumor is she split up with her man, and funding has dried up for the project  -- I don't really buy it as she has plenty of cash of her own.

STORY: Jenny McCarthy closing her school for autistic children

Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

Top 100 Minds In Education?

We are in the process of rolling out a new site, DetentionSlip 2.0, that will be the best of what we're doing now, but will be taking things to a whole new level.

Our mission will be to bring together the top minds in education (teachers, researchers, principals, school board members, homeschool gurus, child psychologists, authors, and others) to create a "huffington post" of education -- a multi author platform that will move the needle forward on educational thought in the USA and beyond.

With that, we'd like to solicit your nominations for the Top 100 Minds in Education. To nominate, simply leave a comment with the persons full name, what they do, there website if you can find it, and a sentence on why you think they should be included in our list.

Please share this with your friends! Get to it!

Schools profit with alpaca poop!

(TV's Jake Sasseville with an Alpaca)

An Illinois school booster club is going to be raising money by selling 30 lb. bags of alpaca poop as fertilizer. You might remember when a kindergarten teacher sent a bag of human poop home with a student (and later resigned) -- perhaps this would have been a better option and would have made them some money in the process.

STORY: School booster club plans to sell alpaca manure as a fundraiser

Lady Gay Gay Shirt Gets Teen Sent Home

A Tennessee student was sent home for wearing a t-shirt (above) that reads "I Love Lady Gay Gay". The school has said the shirt would cause a "disruption" to the educational process. When I was a high schooler I was suspended because my underground newspaper caused a disturbance. I never liked this rule, and felt it left way to much power in the hands of the administration. Information can be a major disruption -- for example, what about a class discussion about how neo-con groups fabricated reports that led to the escalation of the cold war in the early 80's-- that might disrupt some peoples realities. Education SHOULD be disruptive -- we should be disrupting kids worldviews on a DAILY BASIS and causing fundamental changes in the way they view the world. If your students are still holding on to some Iron age belief system that says "being gay is wrong", you shouldn't need to protect students from the truth that we are all people and should be treated equally with respect and dignity. 

STORY: School Sends Teen Wearing 'Gay' Shirt Home

VIDEO: Teen Suspended for Prom Dress

Students Paddled for Prom Dress

17 year old girls are being paddled for having prom dressed that are too short. Am I the only one who sees the perversion here?

STORY: What not to wear

Has the iGeneration Arrived?

by Dr. Larry Rosen author of "Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn"

Defining and understanding a generation of Americans has always been difficult until years after the generation ends. Although there is universal agreement on the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1964) and most people agree that Generation X started in 1965 and ended around 1979, after that it gets murky. In my research and writing I believe that the “Net Generation” started in 1980 when those future Internet users were born. Others have called this Generation Y, Millennial Generation, and Generation M, but I think that the defining feature has always been the importance of the Internet in the lives of these children, teens, and young adults.


Are the Liberal Arts Dead?

With the economic shitshow most folks are experiencing, some colleges are slashing liberal arts majors in attempt to focus on majors students "can actually sell". As the job market gets increasingly more competitive, college students are finding out they can't just hit keggers for 5 years and then expect to get a job. Unfortunately, the focus is still on "what can I sell" - in this case, time / skill in exchange for a paycheck vs. what value can I create?

The problem is, you can't always predict what will be the hot field when you graduate in 5 years or in 10 years or 30 years. Experts aren't even sure. What is the safe bet and advice for students then? I'd be looking to ways to get experience in a variety of emerging fields, building my problem solving skills, creativity, and team building. Being able to bring together people, ideas, and technologies will always be a high value activity. Entrepreneurship should also be a big part of the conversation with todays high school kids. I speak around the country about entrepreneurship and education and it is severely lacking in the curriculum.

What are your thoughts of how to help students decide what areas to pursue?

STORY: The Economy, Killing Liberal Arts Education?

SHOCK: 6 yr old accused of sexually abusing students

Allegations that a 6 yr old student at Middleton’s Fuller Meadow Elementary School has been sexually abusing other students hit the radar this week. Reports that 10 other students have been victims of the abuse. The student has been removed from the school.. however, the bigger issue here seems to be -- what is going on with this kid at home? I'd bet my lunch money this little guy has been the victim of some sort of sexual abuse himself.

STORY: Middleton boy, 6, accused of sexually abusing students

Classroom striptease? NOT GUILTY!

Some students were preforming a strip tease for their class; the teacher was taken to court; not guilty.
The argument was that he didn't try to stop it or prevent it, and he argued that he wasn't aware of what was going on. Thoughts?

STORY: Teacher found not guilty in classroom striptease

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