Teacher accused of burning disabled boy with cooking pan

I haven't heard of this form of discipline in schools yet. But I guess some teachers are under the impression that when a boy isn't listening, you can warm up a pan on the stove and burn his butt with it. I think ranchers try this with cattle, so it must be appropriate for the classroom. I heard boiling water works too. Kids always shape up after a 2nd degree burn.

Elementary school teacher arrested in meth lab bust

If you've ever heard that "The three best things about being a teacher are June, July, and August," now we know why. It's so some teachers can spend the summer focusing on their meth labs. Students always wondered why Mrs. Bordelon often spent afternoons shivering in the corner of the classroom worried that her teeth were falling out.

Central NY teacher accused of taking pictures up women's skirts

Story: Central NY teacher accused of taking pictures up women's skirts

This guy is accused of snapping pics of female co-workers under the table during meetings. Let's review his excuses. Accusation One: Police found pictures of what looked like a women's lap and skirt. Excuse One: He wanted to catch her doing work, instead of paying attention during the meeting. Accusation Two: Police found pictures of women's legs and feet. Excuse Two: He wanted to show his wife the shoes she was wearing. So far this guy sounds like a real piece of work. I wonder if he actually even has a wife?

Miss Georgia gives up title to teach

Story: New Miss Ga. bows out, Miss Cobb gets crown

She gave up a new car, a pageant wardrobe, and $15,000 to teach middle school instead. It's not every day that a teacher puts the kids first, so Miss Higgins should be recognized for this sacrifice. Don't worry, she's probably still the hottest teacher in school though.

Secretary charged with grade changing

Not only did mom change grades 193 times, she also lowered grades of other students to improve her daughters class rank. Here is how I would handle this one: Let the daughter graduate with high marks, get accepted into a top-notch college, and then watch her fail miserably because mom isn't there to facilitate their cheating habits. Afterwards, stick the mother with the tuition bill.

Iowa Prep Football Coach Gunned Down At High School

Story: Iowa Prep Football Coach Gunned Down At High School

This isn't the kind of story we like to report, but it does happen in our schools. Or in this case, our weightrooms. An ex-player interrupted a high school workout to shoot down his old coach. I am guessing witnessing this doesn't make your two-a-days any easier.

Bay Area girl suspended for videotaping unruly class

Story: Bay Area girl suspended for videotaping unruly class

If you tape it, they will watch. The young girl was fed up with the chaos in her classroom. Among other things, students were setting fires in trash cans. When she realized nothing was being done about it, she taped it and had the footage sent to the superintendent. And guess who got in trouble? While the school does have a policy about filming without permission, this is essentially like getting arrested for turning someone else in to the cops. The public education system has certainly made us proud!

Two arrested in igniting student's hair

Story: Two arrested in igniting student's hair

The mother of the victim, who is understandably not happy with the situation, is more concerned that the principal did not contact her until five days after the incident. Now, there are two sides to every story, but if I ever went home from school ablaze, I would hope swift action be taken. We will wait and see what they ban first- lighters or long hair.

15 Students Denied Diplomas After Protest

Story: 15 Students Denied Diplomas After Protest

The school withheld their diplomas because during the graduation ceremony they turned their backs on the school board president. This was in an effort to show their concern over teacher layoffs. Ready for the kicker??? IT WAS AN 8TH GRADE GRADUATION! I didn't even know eighth graders needed diplomas! Well, hopefully they can still get into high school.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Not getting screwed in college.

In the effort to bring you all things juicy in the education world we thought it might be interesting to offer you something with a slightly different flavor. How to not get screwed in your college experience. We caught up with Arel Moodie, author of Your Starting Point For Student Success who offered a few really interesting tips on how to make sure you don’t end up getting screwed out of what could have been a great college experience. High School grads (and teachers who want to help your grads succeed) listen up!

Read our exclusive interview HERE!

TheTruth for DetentionSlip(DS): The kids on the street tell me you are coming out with a new book on student success in college. A lot of students are graduating high school right now and entering college, what are a few tricks to make things really happen in college?

Arel: Well there are a lot of things students can do. As I mention in my new book, Your Starting Point For Student Success, the first thing or what I call the first pillar to success is realizing the only person responsible for your success is you. You have to be proactive and do the things that other student’s won’t so they can have the things that other student’s don’t. Here is a perfect example:
On the first day of class go to the professor’s office hours and say this : “Hello professor, my name is X and I’m a student in your Y class. I want to make sure I do the best I can in your class, if you were me what would you do to make sure you got the best grade in your class?”
Here’s why you ask this question. Most people forget that professors are human. They are all different and expect different things. By understanding what exactly each particular professor is looking for you can just give it to them. So whether your professor says “Well, I wouldn’t be late to my class, I absolutely hate that or I don’t care if you come to class or not, just make sure you are getting good grades on my exams” you’ll know what to expect from each class and know how to respond accordingly. And this same approach works for test time too. Ask the professor “If you were me, what points would you make sure to study for on this upcoming exam or what things would you make sure to include in this paper?” then just shut up, let them talk and take notes.

DS: Interesting approach. Couple that with what Tim Ferris (Four Hour Work Week) said about bringing several hours worth of questions for the proff or TA if you ever get anything less than an A on a test -- to really "encourage" them to serioulsy consider giving you anything less -- and you're 4.0 bound.

So what are some of the biggest mistakes you see students make and how can they avoid them?

Arel: Well, that’s a good question. In all of my travels speaking to over 50,000 students in 37 states I started to notice some patterns. Again there are a quite a few mistakes but one of the biggest mistakes has to do with what I call Average of 5. The Average of 5 is one of the 5 pillars discussed in my book and it states that you will become the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. So if you hang out with 5 knuckleheads then you are probably a knuckle head, if you hang around 5 dean’s list students then you are probably on the dean’s list. Surrounding yourself with people that hold you down and don’t l push you forward is a huge mistake I see students make.

I won’t ask student’s to believe me on this one, test me. Try this on for size. Make a list of the 5 student’s that you spend the most time with. Find out what all of their GPAs are. Add them up and then divide them by 5. I bet your GPA is somewhere around there plus or minus 5 points.

Finding the right people to be around and avoiding dead weight is something you must do if you want to succeed in school and in life really.

DS: One more question before we go back to stalking ex's on facebook, what’s the craziest thing that has happened to you while holding one of your speaking engagements?

Arel: Haha, well I remember this one time when I was speaking I had given a hand out to all the students, there was about 500 of them at this one particular high school. After it taking 20 minutes in the beginning to quiet them down, I only had about 20 minutes to do my entire presentation. After going through it and getting to the end, all of the students thought it would be a great idea to roll up the hand out and proceed to whack each other in the head with it. So basically at the end of the presentation it turned into all heck breaking loose and student s were all throwing or hitting each other with the hand out. What’s worse is that there were 10 teachers at the assembly and all of them did nothing. They just stood there and let it happen. I was like “Wow” I can clearly see who is the boss in this school. It got a little more crazy before I was able to calm everyone down but I’ll never forget the look on the teachers’ faces who just sat there unemotional and detached as world war 3 was breaking loose.

DS: Nice! Well we are about to wrap up here, I hear you want to do something special for DetentionSlip.org readers, what is that?

Arel: Yes definitely, I am on a mission to get my new book Your Starting Point For Student Success into the hands of as many college students as possible to help them make the right choices in and outside of the classroom. When your readers decided to join the mission they can go to http://www.yourstartingpointonline.com/Detentionslip.html where they not only can get over $1,000 in free bonus and a 200% more-than-your-money-back-guaranteed but they will also be able to get a free email consultation with me on any topic related to student success. All they have to do is pre-order one or two books before June 25th, after that date ends the bonuses and special gifts disappear with it. This is to help your readers take massive action right now!

DS: Well thank you so much and take care!

Arel: My pleasure, take care as well.

700 NYC teachers are paid to do nothing

Story: 700 NYC teachers are paid to do nothing

All the teachers that get accused of something or are under investigation don't get fired...they get paid time off! They get to hang out every day, away from the classrooms, and watch their paychecks keep coming in. If you are trying to analyze some flaws with our education budget problems, this might be a decent place to start looking.

School chief, aide arrested in cheating probe

Story: School chief, aide arrested in cheating probe

The principal did exactly what you are thinking. She erased students answers on a state test and changed them to the correct ones. I wonder how long this little scam has been going on? Now I understand the rationale behind her proposal to nickname her school "The Best School Ever."

Hundreds barred from SoCal high school graduation due to phony ticket scam

Tickets to high school graduation are hot items in some places. They are in such demand at Kennedy High in LA that attendees are forced to bootleg them and make their own. So the good and honest parents of many of these children did not get to see their kids graduate because the fake ticket-holders filled up all the seats first. I wonder if you can get away with this the next time the Eagles reunion tour comes through town?

Glasses Help School Go From F To A

Under No Child Left Behind, only 23% of Florida schools made adequate scores this year. If only we had known sooner that LensCrafters had the solution! Since this school is in Orlando, they are also considering giving everyone magical Mickey Mouse ears to help improve test scores.

South Pasadena police nab 160 in school bus sting

Story: South Pasadena police nab 160 in school bus sting

Police set up a decoy school bus in a busy intersection in an effort to catch people not stopping. Motorists were more confused than anything about what a school bus was doing hanging out there. Now the city is in an uproar because 160 drivers each got $500 tickets. Who ever said that cops have a quota to meet?

Ohio yearbook has hidden F-word on cover

Story: Shaker Heights, Ohio yearbook cover contains F-word hidden in high school student's artwork

This is not the first time the F word has slipped into a yearbook this year. Sneaking little gags like this past yearbook editors is an age-old tradition. And this school takes the prize. Not only did it remain a secret until after graduation, but they got the F-word on the front cover! Well played Shaker Heights, well played.

Substitute chokes 10-year old over dodgeball game

Story: New Rochelle sub denies police account of choking child, 10

Witness accounts have the teacher calling the boy a 'cry baby,' dragging him to the ground, and putting him in a sleeper hold. Had the boy been about 10 years older and in his weight class, then maybe we could have had this sanctioned by the Nevada Gaming Commission. It is obvious what the real problem boils down to- dodgeball has not yet been banned at this school.

Teen's Text Message Leads to Teacher's Arrest in Pot Case

Story: Teen's Text Message Leads to Teacher's Arrest in Pot Case

Please list any after school extra-curricular activities you are interested in leading. Does getting high with students count?
Mothers always have a hard time hearing that their 16-year old is experimenting with weed. That's generally when they demand that you can't hang around certain kids, because they will only get you into trouble. Kind of sucks for this mom that the bad influence happens to be a teacher at her childs school. Did he really think he was going to get away with this?

Diploma Denied To Student Who Bowed, Blew Kiss To Family

Story: Diploma Denied To Student Who Bowed, Blew Kiss To Family

Some schools are looking for any reason possible to punish students. After "showboating" and blowing a kiss to the audience, this boy was asked to exit stage left, no diploma in hand. This story just about epitomizes what is wrong with our schools. Too much power given to the wrong people who would rather strip the rights of children than see them succeed. Way to leave a positive final memory of high school!

Some Calif. kids may get 34 extra school days

Story: Some Calif. kids may get 34 extra school days

Basically, the school has short days to allow teachers to get extra work done. However, by state law these "short days" were too short, and didn't count as school days at all. Therefore, the kids and teachers need to make them up...all of them. So much for summer! A fourth grader from the school sums it up best- "[I]think it's dumb that [we] have to go to school for these extra days because some lady messed up." That's about right son, that's about right.

Elementary school accidentally shows porn

Story: Elementary school accidentally shows porn

Starting them a little young aren't we? I would say there is a huge difference between hard-core porn and a Jonas Brothers movie. So while the kids learned what a skin flick looks like, the principal learned maybe group movies aren't the best idea anymore. Let's stick to teaching math and reading for now.

Chicago cop shoots teen after school break in

Story: Chicago cop shoots teen after school break in

Now even police officers are shooting down Chicago area students. The boy had a BB gun in his backpack while fleeing the scene. The cop claims it was pulled out, which is why he fired a round into his legs. It sounds like marshal law in Chi-Town, which kind of helps explain a lot. It's gonna take more than Kanye West to fix these problems. Maybe, say, Michael Jordan?

Tahoe man arrested for reportedly being naked near school

Story: Tahoe man arrested for reportedly being naked near school

After police investigated, they learned that this man (age 53) just happened to have the hobby of tying himself to a rock outside a high school while he reads a book...naked! I mean, I am sure we have all at least thought about doing this. My money says that if he is not homeless yet, he is taking the fast-track down that road.

Shen computer case has familiar ring

Story: Shen computer case has familiar ring

This 16-year old student has already been in trouble once for hacking the school computers. We have made this point before, teens like this should be used to set an example for how much smarter kids are than the adults teaching them. Sure, his principal received a higher education, but somehow this teen taught himself computer skills that will one day land him a job earning roughly around $100,000 after two years. It's the digital age...let's not see his ability go wasted.

High School Umpire Ejects Whole Crowd

Story: High School Umpire Ejects Whole Crowd

...On his way home, he ejected all the drivers from the road, the cashier at a McDonalds drive-thru, and later that night he ejected his family from his home. He was found the next morning curled up in his shower (still with his umpire gear on), clutching a pillow yelling "you're out!" over and over again.

Kanye West holds concert for improving students

(Image from Kanye's LAX airport fight, which lead to his arrest)

There's no one more inspiring than someone who boastfully named his album "College Dropout." Although Kanye has had his fair share of legal problems, hopefully he can be the answer to ending Chicago's education woes. It's not that the students don't want to graduate, it's just that many of them get shot before they have the chance. So listen kids, stay in school and one day you'll be fortunate enough to spend thousands of dollars on designer shirts and shoes.

Jurors See Pictures in Ex-Principal's Porn Trial

Story: Jurors See Pictures in Ex-Principal's Porn Trial

Just when you think you can trust your elementary school principal, you learn that he has been taking pictures of little girls, cutting out their heads, and pasting them on the bodies of naked women. While his lawyer is arguing that this habit is not child porn, the rest of us just got a little more cynical of the world. Oh, and we heard he used to let 5th grade girls dig their hands into his pockets and see if they find a prize. I doubt the jury will need to deliberate.

BREAKING: Racism Alive and Well in the UK

DetentionSlip.org exclusive: Swastika-loving seniors pull of prank

Question: When does a senior prank become hate speech? Answer: When it involves the most notorious symbol of racism. Thanks to a reader tip, we learned that high school seniors in England still believe in the harassment of anyone not associated with the Aryan nation. We are still investigating to find out if they are pumping the locker room showers with Zyklon-B poisonous gas.

Chicopee students free speech violated?

Story: Chicopee students free speech violated?

A popular teacher is being fired and the students have been rallying in protest. A bunch of kids have already been suspended, so the ACLU is looking to have their backs. At DetentionSlip, we love when students voice their opinions. To our knowledge, this teacher is inspiring and not in the middle of any sex scandals (which so commonly plague our schools). Find out what it's all about at Save Mr. Morales!

Teacher accused of displaying Bible sues district

This the same guy who was accused of burning a cross on a students arm. Now he is suing for $1 million dollars because he feels he has been harassed and his rights have been violated. A million dollars oughta make up for not being allowed to preach the Bible during a science class, right? Well Mr. Freshwater, I am sure you are familiar with this little passage from Proverbs 28:20- "A faithful man is rich with blessings; but one who is eager to be rich will not go unpunished. " Good luck with the lawsuit.

Students arrested in Stamford High School prank

Story: Students arrested in Stamford High School prank

The following items were used to trash the school: spray paint, shampoo, silly string, marbles, glitter, markers, and pages ripped from a porno mag. Since not too many high school seniors are huge arts-and-crafts fanatics, there is probably a clerk at a nearby Party City who figured something was up. Either that or he thought they were re-creating scenes from Home Alone.

District bans file-sharing devices from its schools

Story: Dist. 204 bans file-sharing devices from its schools

MP3 players, cell phones, iPods...these gadgets are not going anywhere. Schools are blaming technology for a rise in bullying, and using it as its scapegoat for this district-wide ban. Let's consider this idea- Maybe school is becoming increasingly boring because it is not adapting to the needs of 21st century students, so children are left with no other choice but to allow text messaging to distract them in class. The resources ARE available to connect with this culture, it's just a matter of convincing stubborn administration to implement these tools.

Newsweek names Top 1500 High Schools

Newsweek released its annual report of the top high schools in the United States. Read it over. See if your alma mater made the cut! We are challenging readers to find juicy scandals (especially in the top 100) from any of these schools. Something tells me if anything ever happened, these schools have the money to cover it up, but we know there's a smoking gun out there. Let the games begin!

Ohio grads told to 'leave the state'

Story: Ohio grads told to 'leave the state'

A note went home to the seniors advising them that immediately after their ceremony they had to leave the state. Either this is Ohio's big plan to decrease its unemployment rate, or Jeff Probst is hosting the graduation.

90-year-old woman gets high school diploma

Story: 90-year-old Ill. woman gets high school diploma

Who said Chicago has problems graduating its students?! She dropped out of high school during the Great Depression. Now that she has her high school diploma...good luck finding a job in this current economy! Oh, the irony.

Obama's Campaign Promises that are about Education

Story: PolitiFact | The Obameter: Obama's Campaign Promises that are about Education

Politifact has put together a list of Obama's campaign promised dealing with education, and let's you know which ones he's completed, working on, compromised on, or hasn't taken any action on. The vast majority fall into the "No action" column. It's important to remember campaign promises are the reason folks get elected -- this site does a great job of assessing how much farther a candidate has to go to be congruent with their platform.

Centerburg High School cancels graduation amid cheating scandal

Story: Centerburg High School cancels graduation amid cheating scandal

Stop the press! No one walks this carpet until they figure out how more than half of the students got ahold of the answers to one of their exams. In the big picture, this social studies test really means nothing. But the superintendent needs to prove a point that this won't be tolerated. Oh well, I am sure these students have already planned on utilizing these cheating skills in college and aren't too worried about it.

Parents Say Cell Phone Video Shows Teacher Choking Student

Story: Parents Say Cell Phone Video Shows Teacher Choking Student

In the teachers defense, the boy allegedly threw a ruler at him first. If it goes to court, he plans to plead that two wrongs do in fact make a right. I am sure there are proper way to restrain unruly children, but if I were to wager a bet, I don't think that pinning them against a table and waiting until they cry 'mercy' is one of them. Please let me know if I am off the mark.

70 Rochester students punished after senior prank

Story: 70 Rochester students punished after senior prank

Basically everything with wheels rolled though the halls of this high school. The perps are not allowed back on school grounds, but can still attend graduation. Something tells me these seniors probably don't have much of an interest in going back to school anyways. Oh, and we heard there is videotape. So if someone sends a link to tips@detentionslip.org you can have your prank featured on this site!

Iowa student gives classmates rat poison

Story: Iowa student gives classmates rat poison; all OK

Try some ketchup and mustard it helped us! According to the article, it is unclear why the student brought the rat poison to school. What we are confused about, is why seven classmates decided to eat the stuff?! Maybe it looked better than the cafeteria lunch that day.

Recession hits high school seniors' choices

Story: Recession hits high school seniors' choices

I stopped reading this article before I even got to the first sentence. The caption under the photo caught my attention when I read that this particular high school graduated 13 valedictorians this year. After doing some research, I learned that this is actually a growing trend in the US (one school in Florida actually has 18 valedictorians for 2009). Every definition I could find describes the valedictorian as a singular person who ranks first in their class and gives a commencement speech. Schools are now honoring anyone who receives straight A's in all four years with the title of "valedictorian." (Which also means a few minutes behind the mic for each) So maybe this is part of the problem. Giving all these seniors false hope that they are "the best" might actually set them up for failure when Harvard and Yale turn down their scholarship applications. #1 doesn't really mean that much when you're tied with over a dozen other people.

School bus driver balks at moving after incident

Story: School bus driver balks at moving after incident

After being hit by a thrown pencil, the driver decided to host her own stand-off by pulling over the bus, locking the doors, and waiting for over an hour for someone to fess up. If it went on any longer, she planned to ask the fire department to drive by and hose everyone down until she got answers. At some point, it's time to hang up the laces.

Manvel teacher accused of working drunk, kissing student

"Wanna make out?"

Talk about going out in a blaze of glory. After deciding that teaching wasn't really for him, he figured that getting liquored up and trying to make a move on one of the students was a good note to leave on. What he neglected to factor in, was that not too many future employers are going to jump on a resume that includes public intoxication and assualt on a minor. Hindsight is 20/20.

Haircut sparks controversy at Staten Island middle school

Story: Haircut sparks controversy at Staten Island middle school

Most schools at least cover their butts by defining ridiculous hair style policies in their handbooks. This school has no such rule, but the boy with a "half-hair cut" was still sent home. It turns out the principal just gets really weird about symmetry, and it was driving him nuts to see this off-balanced boy in the hallways.

Court says jury should decide lesbian coach's claim

Story: Court says jury should decide lesbian coach's claim

Basically, it sounds like she was fired a while back when it was revealed she was a lesbian. Then, when Maine realized that being gay isn't really constitutionally grounds for termination, they dug up some hazing stories about the players walking through sheep poop. The real question is- did the team have a winning record?

Minneapolis charter school director allegedly embezzled $1.38 million

Story: Minneapolis charter school director allegedly embezzled $1.38 million

"In the Ferrari or Jaguar switchin four lanes, with the top down screamin out- money ain't a thang."
He plans to plead not guilty, but the receipts to his house, car and strip club visits say otherwise. It should go without saying, but when over $1 million goes missing...the school is gonna suffer. I can see him weighing the two options: Let's see, do I want kids to get a decent education, or do I want to be filthy rich?

Oklahoma City schools' seating mishap may force retaking of AP tests

Story: Oklahoma City schools' seating mishap may force retaking of AP tests

384 students might have to retake a test because they didn't sit the right way around the tables. In the future, the state is also considering requiring students to sit with proper posture, hold pencils with only their right hands, ensure the classroom uses nothing above a 60 watt light bulb, and ensure that everyone ate a well-balanced breakfast. These are all very important factors that can affect test scores, and it is important to make rules to enforce them.

Waianae High recalls yearbooks containing racial slur

Story: Waianae High recalls yearbooks containing racial slur

A couple of students creatively spelled out the 'N-word' with some signs and landed a spot in the yearbook. "The photograph, with the racial N-word slur, was overlooked during a review of the publication, state education officials said." Great! Sounds like years of inbred racism has also been overlooked. Well, now the whole world can see the hate that these teens have. Let's just hope someone takes the steps to fix it.

Plano teen eats fetal pig parts on classmates' dare

Story: Plano teen eats fetal pig parts on classmates' dare

On a $50 bet, a ninth grade boy feasted on pig balls during science class. He was unavailable for comment because he was just about to jump off a bridge on another dare.

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