Greenwich, Conn. School Bans Desserts

Apparently prior to this the cafeteria partnered with Ye Ole Sweet Shoppe. Is banning desserts the only way to solve childhood obesity? Using this logic we should ban books because reading may lead to near-sightedness. Since it seems schools have taken over the responsibility of parenting,why not educate and incorporate healthy lifestyles into the curriculum.
Do ice cream sandwiches really put you in the fast-lane to diabetes? As many times that the Food Pyramid gets updated it still always includes and sugars section. Remember ''use sparingly?" Has that now been replaced with a picture of a skull and crossbones?
It's already been mentioned, but junk food is not why kids are fat. We've been eating junk food for generations and generations. Any amount of field research will show that kids lack exercise. Figure it out.

What if I want to eat my salad last, and my cupcakes first? Do I still get detention? Seriously though, I'm all for schools teaching students healthy eating habits, and I am for some regulation of foodstuffs in schools. The solution is not, however, to simply eliminate foods, there also needs to be some sort of explanation / education, as well as a viable alternative. How about for the roll out, they show Super Size Me, have an executive chef come in for a day and prepare healthy desserts that are palatable, and start requiring teachers to be in decent shape. (I'd say about half my high school teachers spent all day wedged in a chair, AC on full blast, still sweating with neck fat flapping in the wind of a 1959 issue oscillating fan.)

Use this as an opportunity to teach kids big corporations, namely the food industry, exists first and foremost to make money for themselves, and actually have a profit incentive to cultivate an army of food addicts. Let's instead create an army of informed consumers that can actually make choices that will benefit them, instead of constantly beating the sheep mentality into their malleable brain stems.

One last question, if I can't have my two desserts, can I still take you up on that one desert offer? How about Dubai?

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