Strikes, Protests Hit Schools Like Wild Fire!

Schools everywhere hit with student, teacher strikes

It was the first day of school for millions across the country. But for thousands and thousands, strikes and protests prevented this day from going smoothly. Over 1000 Chicago students protested unbalanced funding in poorer neighborhoods by skipping school and showing up at the wealthier one instead. Some schools near Seattle had to be canceled altogether because of a teacher strike. The same thing is happening near Pittsburgh because of a wage dispute that doesn't appear to have a close ending in sight. Across the state outside Philadelphia, contract problems are looming and forced 7,000 students to not start class as scheduled. Detroit avoided a near-miss, but could have a rough ride in next 30 days if disagreements don't get resolved. So what is to be learned by all this? That the American public is completely satisfied with the current state of education.

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