MIT Students Explain How to Photograph Space for $150

Actual photo taken by students for less than $150!

STORY: MIT Students Explain How to Photograph Space for $150

Some MIT students rigged up a used digital camera, weather balloon, cell phone and Styrofoam beer cooler to take photos of outer space. Amazing. The total cost was $148 and didn't require any special hacking of the components -- this would be an amazing science class or art / photography project for a class or independent student. Of course, if the gov keeps cutting NASA spending, this might be the only way the current generation sees outer space. Next up, turn some toilet paper rolls, a pack of jumbo sparklers and a gold fish bowl into a space ship.

Free prize from DETENTIONSLIP to any teacher / parent who does this with their student. Write DETENTIONSLIP.ORG in big letters on the balloon, and send photos to -- we will feature it on the site.

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