Introducing TOMS: Shoes for Kids in Need

My friend Blake has an awesome company that does two things 1) makes awesome shoes 2) gives away shoes to kids who need them -- 1 pair for every pair someone buys.  He asked that we share this video with our friends and family this holiday season - and so who better to share it with then our family here on . I really like Blake, his company, and his mission, and hope you will not only be inspired by the movement he is creating, but also see opportunity to share this new type of business model with your students -- a model where the mission of the company is tightly interwoven with creating lasting, positive, social change. They are a great gift not only for your loved ones, but also for the kids in need every purchase helps out.

Let us know what you think, if you've got a pair of TOMS, or any other cool stories about giving back this holiday season.

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