Queens High School Reunion Becomes Deadly

A group of twenty-somethings gathered for a private junior high school reunion party when the invitation went viral, spreading across the internet. The party began to spiral out of control as more and more people showed up--to the point where it became more like a block party than a reunion. It, especially, went downhill when one party crasher picked a fight with an invited member that turned into open fire on the guests. Six people got injured and one died. The man, still not found by the police, had an undisclosed issue with one of the invited guests.

Could the internet as a social agent be the blame for this, or was violence between the two party goers inevitable?

Story: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2010/05/23/2010-05-23_high_school_reunion_turns_deadly_in_queens_six_people_shot_one_dead.html

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