National Boycott Planned for Memphis,TN if Corporal Punishment Reinstated in Schools

The Memphis, TN school board is entertaining the idea of bringing back corporal punishment after a district wide ban for the past 5 years. is leading an effort with the support of parents, teachers, activists, musicians, and other celebs who are vowing to boycott the city best known for blues and Elvis if corporal punishment is reinstated.

Corporal Punishment is the archaic practice of hitting kids with boards or leather straps. It is currently banned in 107 countries, 30 US States + DC, and has been exhaustively proven to be ineffective. It's widely recognized by the international community as a human rights violation and has strong opposition from groups like the NAACP, PTA, and hundreds of other organizations.

NY Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy is about to introduce legislation that would ban corporal punishment on a national level. 

You can sign the petition to end corporal punishment in US schools here:

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