BIG BROTHER: California students get tracking devices

A California preschool is outfitting students with a jersey that has a tracking device to automatically take attendance and determine if the kids have eaten yet. I'd imagine the local teenage hackers will have fun with this.

STORY: California students get tracking devices

NYC Teachers Stashed Stolen Money In School

PS 149, you're so GANGSTA! 

From the article:
Officials say that former school business manager Katina Williams wrote more than $30,000 in checks payable to cash for unclear expenses, diverted the school funds into three bank accounts between 2005 and 2007, then apparently cashed them herself. Her frequent use of the checks "suggests a portion" of the money "was stolen." But Williams claims that she was following orders from Principal Shaniquia Dixon, and she called the DOE on Dixon: "It wasn't me; it was for her. All I was doing was following instructions. After I told her I wasn't going to do it anymore, I was ... fired from the school."

STORY: Buck-Passing Teachers Stashed Stolen Money In School

Mississippi Middle Schools Separates Class by Race

Remember that movie with Pauli Shore where he is a frozen cave man who thaws out and joins the rest of society? Could someone find the people with the technology to do that and point it on over at Mississippi?

For the love of god, this middle school has decided it's a good idea to have race requirements for various student government offices. Only white kids can run for class president, if you're black and in 8th grade, you can run for vice ( but not 7th or 6th graders) and

Anything we can do to condition them early so we don't end up with any black US presidents again -- I suppose allowing a black VP is a concession we should be willing to make to keep the presidential spots whitebread.

F&^%*$ ME!

STORY: Middle School Separates Class By Race

VIDEO: 4 yr old brings loaded handgun to kindergarten

Darwin Dad of the Year Award Nominee, James Chavez, accidentally left his LOADED semi-automatic handgun in his 4 year old daughters book bag. Sounds like an amazing show and tell.

Hilter quoted in yearbook

"Hail Hilter." Say what? No, no, no, he was just quoted in a Pa. high school yearbook! The quote reads, "And in the last analysis, success is what matters," telling all students that the end justifies the means. Administrators and teachers seemed to just pass the quote over while trying to fill the yearbook with "inspirational" quotes.

Story: Pa. High School Under Fire Over Quote from Hilter in Yearbook

High school teacher asks class to plan terror attack

A young Australian teacher instructed the class to explain how they would plan a terror attack and which innocent group they would target.

Sounds more like an exercise in violence and crude thinking, not an activitiy that teaches tolerance.

Story: High school teacher asks class to plan terror attack

19 McMinnville High School Football Players hit with Mysterious Illness

What's being put in the water?
All 19 players of an Oregon high school team suffered muscle damage after practicing before their fall season began. Doctors suspect creatine (found in high protein supplements) might be in their beverages, which at high dosages can lead to kidney failure.

Story: 19 Oregon players treated for a "very weird" illness

New Concussion Policy for High School Hockey

Coaches and players want to still play with brain injuries to win, win, win!

But because of the overwhelming sportsmen playing with concussions, AT&T Metroplex High School Hockey League implemented a new concussion policy for high school hockey players, which does not allow them to play after a having a concussion.

Story: New concussion policy for high school hockey league

School Fire One Day Before School Started

Seems like someone didn't want to go back to school! Just one day before classes started at an Indiana elementary school, the playground set was destroyed by a fire. The fire started around 2:30am and was set with the aid of old books.

Story: Playground torched at central Indiana school

High School Students bring gun to school

Two high school students brought a gun to school and failed at being inconspicuous about it. If you're going to store something like that in you backpack...pass it to your friend in the bathroom, not out in public. Despite obvious fears of devious and dangerous plots, the two were found out after a third person noticed the boy handing the gun over to a teenage girl. Thankfully, this was before anything bad could happen...both students are currently at a youth detention center.

Story: Two Athens high school students charged with bringing guns to campus

Human skull discovered at school

It appears that some cheesy high school horror film is being taped at Conway High School or even worse a death occurred because Horry Electrics discovered a human skull there! Apparently, the skull was used for educational purposes only. But at the moment, there are no more details why it was buried behind the school!

Story: Conway Police locate human skull at Conway High School

Roadway Misspelling: "SHCOOL"

"School" does not equal "Shcool." A roadside crew misspelled the word "school" as if they've never been. Time for a course refresher or two... especially since they misspelled the school's name, Guilford on a detour sign two weeks earlier!

Story: Crew Paints "SCHOOL" on Road Outside NC school

Over 500 images and videos of child pornography was found on this PA first grade teacher's computer! It appears that he only downloaded the images, not took personal pictures, but what's the difference? Perversion still shines through...

Story: Chesco first-grade teacher arrested on child porn charges

Flordia Principal Steals a Car

Another school leader setting an example for her students! This time, she's saying "Steal cars!"

Rendolyn Amaker, an elementary school principal, tried to rent a car with another person's credit card and ID, and subsequently was accused of attempted grand theft auto for it.

Story: Elementary school principal charged with grand theft

Using High School as a Means to Steal

Stealing=not cool! Posing as a student=not alright. And both illegal for that matter...

It's even worse when vulnerable people are involved. Two men posed as high school students so they could take advantage of elderly people. They said they were doing a school project. Their "project" happened to involve stealing from seniors at an assisted living center...

Story: Men posed as high school students, stole from seniors

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