VIDEO: Homemade Spacecraft takes flight

What a cool project to do with your kids. We've seen a similar set up before, but I think this is the first we've seen of an HD camera being sent up.

Again, these types of things can be put together for a few hundred bucks -- what an AMAZING science project for a classroom to do.

Have the kids each sign a small contract saying they will explore the world through science, and send the contract to space! Frame them up and give the kids a great souvenir that will be sure to motivate them to keep science in their future.

Students fined for being late for class

We might be changing out named to five dollar bills if the trend in Salt Lake City continues... A school will be allowing students to choose between a $5 fine or 30 minutes of detention for being late to class. The fees will go to pay the teachers who need to watch the kids in detention.

The idea itself seems interesting -- but how about a dual policy that fines boring / ineffective teachers and reimburses the students for wasting their time.

Pros: students learn early that money will buy you out of most any trouble.

Cons: less advantaged students end up serving detention and the wealthier peers simply pay the fine.

STORY: Students at East High School will be charged $5 for being late to class

PANIC! No Dreadlocks At The Disco!

A student is being banned from escorting his date to Homecoming because he has... wait for it... DREADLOCKS!

The school has no written policy that says students can't have dreadlocks, however the superintendent claims that it has been an unwritten rule.

VIDEO: How Poetry Can Transform Education

Watch the interview With Urban Word NYC Executive Director, Michael Cirelli had a chance to catch up with Michael Cirelli, Executive Director of Urban Word NYC. Urban Word is a non-profit organization that empowers and transforms students through spoken word poetry. Their unique approach has won them numerous awards, and they've been the subject of an HBO feature.

Urban Word is based in New York City, but Executive Director Micheal Cirelli has developed a product for educators who want to bring the power of Poetry to the classroom. If you aren't using poetry in your classroom (or you are and want to take it to the next level), check out to learn more about the Poetry Jam and how you (or your child's) school can take advantage of this amazing new curriculum.

SHOCK: Students forced to Beat each other in Texas 2nd Grade Classroom

Dear Texas,

Can you please join the rest of the developed world and adopt a ban on Corporal Punishment in your schools?

The Rest of the World

P.S. In case you didn't hear - one of your 2nd grade teachers thought it would be a good idea to let the kids beat each other as a form of corporal punishment. Of course, if should be pointed out, the federal government allows this sort of thing, as we are the only country in the developed world to lack a ban on corporal punishment.

Decapitated body found at middle school

Waking up in the morning to a gruesome body of a male without a head defines a good morning at middle school...mmm hmm, yeah right!

Thankfully, classes were canceled. But it's still a mystery because there is no word on how exactly the 21-year-old male decapitated himself with explosives.

Story: Mystery Surrounds Decapitated Body

High schoolers mistakenly see gay porn

Blood banks in favor of gay porn, not giving blood!

When a blood bank employee tried to show a power point presentation on the importance of donating blood, he accidentally showed high schoolers images of gay porn, "teaching" sex-ed instead.

Story: Porn Presentation at Pa. High School

Mom pulls gun on middle school volleyball team

Don't be a naughty or else Mom will spank you...or in Texas, she'll shoot you.

One Texas mom pulled a gun on her daughter's opposing team, who had just won the volleyball game. The students fled the scene.

Story: Mom pulls gun on middle school volleyball team

Canada uses kids as speed bumps

Vancouver is rolling out a new program to use 2-D images that appear to look like kids running across the road to encourage drivers to slow down. The optical illusion may work -- or it might desensitize drivers to kids actually in the street and they will just squash more kids..

STORY: Canada unveils new speed bump: optical illusion of a child

Teacher accused of holding students at gun point for ghost hunting

BOO! The supernatural could frighten you and being held at gun point can do the same!

When students sought out a ghost they heard about, apparently, one teacher of theirs caught them and didn't appreciate that. He held the students at gun point for it, telling them to stay until the police came.

Maybe the ghost all along was just the teacher in the dark, dark night...Talk about a creepy teacher!

Story: Tenn teacher accused of holding teens at gun point

Student shocked himself in exchange for a Mountain Dew

A teacher encouraged a student to shock himself in exchange for a Mountain Dew. Cheap reward for so much pain; the things kids will do for a beverage.

Story: Student sues school for self-inflicted, heart stopping, electric nipple shock

Schools ban cancer awareness bracelets for offensive message

Who doesn't love boobies? Schools!!

Schools from California to Flordia ban cancer awareness bracelet that read "I <3 Boobies (keep a breast)." Could this deter the non-profit organization's cause? While the message is a strong and important one, the tone of the braclet is getting people talking, despite them being banned.

The bracelets cost $4 and can be bought at this link: Keep a Breast.

Story: Schools ban cancer awareness bracelets for offensive message

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