Reform School NYC : Art for Education

Installation by founder Anthony David Adams entitled "Leave Them Kids Alone" at Reform School in New York City. Vegan belts provided by Truth Belts out of Canada, laser etching by PRPLMNT out of Brooklyn.
Today is the LAST DAY in New York to check out REFORM SCHOOL -- an amazing curation of art meant to inspire education reform. It's all being housed in a converted 5 story school house in Soho (Prince & Mott, New York City). The show runs today from 11am - 9pm Est.

DetentionSlip founder Anthony David Adams has contributed an installation entitled "Leave Them Kids Alone" -- a collection of 20 belts laser engraved with the names of each state where corporal punishment is still legal, and an accompanying wooden paddle.

According to Adams "The response to the piece has been amazing. I overheard a couple saying they came in from Queens to see the show because someone posted a photo of the work on facebook... and I had to do a double take when I saw Adrian Grenier (Vinny Chase from Entourage) visibly and audibly react in shock when he came to see it Saturday night. I've been around talking with people, and it's really doing it's job to raise awareness and start conversations -- most people are outraged and say that they had no idea this was happening in US Public Schools."

Check it out at

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