192nd Carnival of Education

Today is International Walk to School Day. Barring any sexual predators or crazy moms, it should be a pleasant walk. But just to be safe, we should leave a couple minutes early so we can pick up some classmates along the way. And while we're at it, let's see what they have to say about our schools.
First we meet our friend Q6, and he is a bit worried that educators are facing some challenges with the rise of technology. And Willy wants more than just Power Point presentations. But, we think school is getting boring at times, and Strasser just told us that our teachers are aware of our non-verbal communication in class! I don't want to be disciplined because my teacher isn't engaging us! Pat has some ideas, so hopefully they can learn something new to do with us kids. Isn't that what good teaching is about? But maybe Travis has a point when he questions the value of grades. While some feel the same about competency testing. And they're not alone. But a different program in Florida has been working, according to Matthew. In the end, Lorri said herself that if schools fail, what does that say about society? Bill ponders McCains education ideas(which might be better than Palins), while John has some ideas about what it takes to fix some schools. But speaking of politics, Nancy believes that teachers should be political.

Along the way we ran into Karin and she just read the new book Real Education. She wants to find out if school is for everyone, because the author feels differently. It's a good thing the other Matthew was with us because he reminded her the importance of reading for fluency vs. speed. We can always start a local Bookworm Club as well, but we want to make sure to make some connections while reading.

Intersection. Make sure to look left, right, and left again. And here comes Thomas. Let's help him carry his instrument because he has been getting additional music lessons. Not every school can offer free lessons! Hopefully one day he can shake hands with a legend like our friend Woodlass.

Grrl Scientist keeps pointing at the birds and telling us what we can learn from them, especially extinct ones. Between Kim talking about history, Amanda discussing US Government, and Alexandria's advice on math, I feel like I don't even need to be in class to gain knowledge. But eventually I will have to learn write a paper, even though it would be more fun to try one of Steve's science experiments. As long as my education doesn't lead to a dumbed-down degree, I'll be satisfied.

We are more than half way to school and it's nice to see that all the boys and girls have been getting along so far. Maybe Darren was on to something when he suggested education for dating violence. So is hugging the answer? I know one teacher might need a hug for having to give a cancer survivor a grade this term.

SCHOOL ZONE. It is fun to see the teachers ride past because we can know their salaries based on what kind of car they drive. But Joanne wants to know how we rate teachers. Eduwonkette certainly has her opinion about the topic. And let's not get Chaz started again about the Rubber Room debates. Mister Teacher tells us how many jobs are being lost every year. Dave wants us to just be able to start with the right teachers in the first place, because as Robert added, we can't send poor ones back to the minors. Perhaps Julie's opinions on ATR observations could add some insight on this issue. There is hope, so I think we should all hear Joel and try to regain focus.

Well, we're on the homestretch of the sidewalk so our moms can stop worrying and hopefully focus on some of their endeavors. Perhaps like taking away their child's cell phone. But Jack suggests that parents can make all the difference. And Michelle is willing to offer help for parents with Autistic children. As long as they don't make Henry's list for worst parents of the year. But all Jane is asking- is for some cooperation from parents. Oh, and it'd be nice to have some support from the House Education Committee of course.

There's the bell...time for class!

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