108 Students Suspended Over Dress Code

"The number of students who were suspended equates to about 3 percent of the entire student body at Arsenal Tech."
108 Students Suspended Over Dress Code

TheTruth Says:
Fashion is exponential -- each generation is trying have the same visual impact as the one before, yet with each generation society numbs to the extremes, so as the trend setters look to shock and expand boundaries, or simply, to get attention, they need to push harder and harder. Of course, this is often hard for the minds of principals, school boards, and parents to deal with.

Hall Monitor Says:
It was also discovered that each student that does not have blond hair and blue eyes was expelled from the school. And for some unforeseen reason, teen pregnancy spiked coincidently the same day that 108 students were suspended.

What are we trying to prove here? Is the cafeteria going to start serving prison meals? And the students will be stripped searched after eating to make sure they didn't turn their spoon handle into a shank?

This is a public high school, a tech school at that, and they're coming down on 15 year old kids for wearing a shirt with a Nike logo? This is a far stretch from the "Big Johnson" and Bart Simpson "Who the Hell are you" shirts of the early 90's.

Let's start holding schools accountable for producing good citizens with values and an education, not a bunch of graduates who will be too scared to take a job outside of accounts receivable because they've learned the consequences of taking risks and having an imagination.

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