Va. teacher fired for buttocks art sues

Va. teacher fired for buttocks art sues

Maybe if a teacher's salary was at a livable wage, this guy wouldn't have to "moonlight" by making butt art.

Every teacher I knew had a part-time job on the side. My school wasn't in an uproar when we learned our music teacher worked at a beer distributer three nights a week.

And this guy won teacher of the year! Let's honor a teacher when he makes an impact in the classroom and not scrutinize his social hobbies outside of the school.

One day you are turning in quarterly grades for the report card and the next day you’re wired off coke trying to bury your TV in the snow in your front lawn. But I'm OK with this teacher showing me CPR and the breast-stroke.

As adults, we come to grips with the fact that not everyone is perfect and as long as we maintain our professionalism while on the clock, then there's nothing to worry about.

Leave this guy alone.

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