Prison Conditions in PA High School EXCLUSIVE

Developing Story: With over a dozen bomb threats at Governor Mifflin High School over the last two months, students and parents have all seen the downside to increased panic and security. Most threats have been found in school bathrooms, but none have lead to any suspects or even the sense of real danger. The following list details the daily/weekly routine of these students:
-All student enter the front doors only each morning with photo IDs and metal detector search
-Students gather in cafeteria before class starts
-ID required to use the bathroom
-Periodic locker searches
-Cameras posted outside bathrooms
-Meetings an
d assemblies to gather students and parents
-Canceled after-school activities
-Silent lunches
-No over-sized backpacks, purses, or instrument cases

The list goes on. What is alarming is the there are inmates in L.A. County prisons that have more rights than these students. An inside source informs that the school has pretty much been on lockdown for two months. Parents have even started at website at to help resolve this ongoing headache. While we can only hope that these hoaxes turn out to be nothing, it is still a shame that many children are forced to grow up in a constant state of fear and panic. We will continue to bring updates from this school district as we receive them.

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