Bus drivers crash, cuss, abuse and lose

Crazy! School bus drivers can't get it right today!

It all started when a New York driver got lost before school and took a busload to students on a 4 1/2 hour detour! For those not great in math, that is more than half of school day kids spent as the driver was trying to figure things out. While he was busy getting lost, a Connecticut driver had his feet kicked up at home, not realizing he left a girl on the bus for the second time! Luckily, it was only the first time for an Indiana driver who did the same thing! Parents love hearing that their 4 and 5-year old sons or daughters are trapped unsupervised inside a school bus at some parking lot. At least they were safe, which was more than the dozen kids in Colorado can say after smashing into the back of a semi. I can see how huge trucks can get overlooked while you're driving. Unless, like the DC bus aide, he was too busy sexually assaulting special needs girls on the bus. Hope you're proud of yourself man! Too bad the Kansas driver who made suggestive comments to the last girl on the bus didn't get the memo that this behavior is completely unacceptable. Oh, and the driver who fought two students in Tennessee might also want to bone up on school bus etiquette.

So wow! A lot in the world of school buses today. Who would have thought the kids don't even have to get to school before the trouble starts? Apparently it's not hard to pass your CDL test nowadays.

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