Top 7 Reasons Oklahoma Schools Suck

It’s time for schools to put away the paddles

Perception is an interesting thing. See, here is the Oklahoman, thinking it's being ultra progressive with their new public stance on being anti-paddling.. and then there is the rest of the country, like us, thinking "What the f#$%? People are actually still paddling students?"

Top 7 Reasons Oklahoma Schools Suck
1) They are still paddling students
2) See #1
3) See #2
4) See #3
5) See #4
6) See #5
7) See #6
And if you are a teacher / parent / other person from Oklahoma who wants to whine to us about how your 'progressive' school has done away with this -- save it, and spend the energy lobbying to get the rest of your state up to speed with the 21st century.

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