DonorsChoose, Stephen Colbert & Gates Foundation join forces to promote college readiness

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This morning DetentionSlip was invited to attend a panel moderated by Stephen Colbert to announce a new partnership between and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Charles Best, founder, explained how the non-profit came about after a discussion in a teachers lounge. The organization allows teachers to post projects they are seeking funding for on the DonorsChoose website, then, "citizen philanthropists" can fund the projects whole or in part with any amount of money.

They are all about transarency as well, allowing the donors to pick which projects to fund, and giving them a breakdown of how every cent is spent.

The Gates Foundation got involved to match donations 1 for 1 for projects specifically targeted at helping students go on to college.

Afterward, I spoke with another blogger who was in the press section, and he told me DonorsChoose is very addictive. You donate a hundred bucks, and then you get this packet of photos and thank you letters from the kids you've helped.

In an effort to raise awareness about this great charity, we have selected one cause we liked. Check it out, and if you decide to give a buck or 50, put in the comments section sent you. It would be awesome if our readers could make this happen!

Featured Cause: Resurrect "Print" Journalism from the Dead

Also, for you teachers out there if you have a need for some materials -- books, supplies, etc. Visit the site and submit your project. If it has to do with College Prep, it will be INSTANTLY funded 50% by the Gates Foundation.

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