Students in School Drug Raid to Split $1.2 Million

Story: Students in School Drug Raid to Split $1.2 Million

Attention Principals, here's a great way to connect with your students (taken from Stratford High School in Goose Creek, SC):

1) arrive at school early, so you can be there when the majority of the kids in the halls are African American due to the bus scheduling
2) bring in the local police department k9 drug unit
3) watch as the cops draw their weapons and terrorize the entire student body
4) try to justify the fact they didn't find ANY DRUGS

What a shit show! This was in 2003, but the court has just approved a $1.2 million dollar settlement to be split between the students. The principal ended up resigning.

Say Uncle Sam, how's that war on drugs working out for you?

The above is actual video from the search.

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