Even though Creationism IS nonsense, Judge says teacher can't say so.

Story: Judge: Teacher violated kids' rights by calling creationism 'nonsense'

The teacher calls bullshit on the bullshit, and is found guilty. That's some bullshit!

Can't teachers explain religion for what it is? Stories that were made up to help people recall the sun cycles for farming, plant crops, and have a fun way to explain the world pre-science?

You're allowed to teach Egyptian and Greek "myths" were just stories, but "god" forbid you explain how Christianity was based on the same concepts (For those not up on their history, the Egyptian God Osiris was also born of a virgin, had 12 disciples, was crucified, performed miracles, was resurrected after three days, etc. -- Osiris was hundreds of years before Christ -- along with countless other pre-christian deities -- these are just recycled ideas. See many more of them here)

I would argue that the current climate protects the religious myths unduely. Why do we favor preserving the myth of Christ over Zeus? Isn't that in violation of the equal protection clause?

To be fair this teacher was a little hostile -- he needn't be and can still get his point across, simply discuss the facts! He said a few things, the one worth quoting is: "when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth."

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