Segregated Proms En Vogue in Racist Georgia High Schools


Story: In Georgia, Segregation Endures on Prom Night -

I'm not sure what's more troubling, the fact that THERE ARE STILL TWO F^&$ING SEPARATE PROMS for Black / White kids (what if you are mixed race, asian, latino?) or the CAVE MAN IGNORANCE of the white folks they interviewed.

The trick bitch on the right (the mom) said:

"This community and this school system is fine like it is. This is the way they have done it ever since the school system opened and they have started having proms. So it has worked for them this way. Why change something that has worked? It isn't broken. The kids are fine with it. Everyyear when it comes time to start planning for prom, you have the white kids who start planning for their prom, and the black kids who start planning for their prom."

The trick bitch on training wheels (Harley Boone, the daughter in the middle) said

"..we don't have a school sponsored prom, we have a private prom. It's always been segregated.There's always been 2 separate proms. It don't[sic] seem like a big deal around here, it's just what we know and what our parents have done for so many years. In our school system it's not really about being racist or having all white friends or all black friends. We all hangout together, we're all in the same classes, we all eat lunch together at the same table. It's not about what color you are, it's about your attitude and how you present yourself, and how you take care of yourself, it's not about if you're black or if you're white."
Ummmmmmm... Whaaaa? How the f&%* is this girl graduating high school -- it actually IS about whether you're white or black (thus the entire segragated prom thing).. And "it's all about how you present yourself", you mean like that bootleg Louis Vutton knockoff bag you're rocking? Or how about presenting yourself in a national news outlet as a racist twit. Oh, we get it now!

Of course, the black students interviewed weren't as enthusiastic.

Read the article and accompanying slide show here.

Oh, and Harley Boone is on Facebook, friend her while I go vomit.

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