Back to School = Back to Sex!

We're back to school and the timing couldn't be sooner for our sex crazed pedophiliac teachers. They must have been in a drought all summer because sex scandals are hitting the headlines like wildfire. Right after hearing that a Phoenix teacher got 12 years for molesting a 14-year old student, teachers from Sunnyvale and Oil City, Pa couldn't resist the urges with teens of their own. A Salt Lake sub lowered the bar with a 13-year old girl and a Barre, Vt teacher just got arrested AGAIN for having sex with the same student. Four teachers from Bucks, PA a got fired because they knew about a teacher-student affair. But a teacher from Warrenton, Va took the prize this week because not only did he have sex with his student, but he made it into his own porn. Gotta love what the bottom of the barrel has to offer. Better add condoms to the back-to-school supply list!

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