Teen Cheerleader Fined $27,750 for File Sharing 37 Songs

Whitney Harper, now a college senior, was fined $27k for sharing 37 songs when she was 14 by the RIAA. While we love sharing Backstreet Boys mp3's as much as the next #1 education news bloggers.. It seems folks should just subscribe to Napster or one of the other ~$20 / month services that give you unlimited access to music and avoid this hassle by the music police.

She is lucky however, in the first RIAA case to be awarded a settlement a Minnesota jury ordered a woman to pay $1.92 million for file sharing 24 songs (though the judge in the case reduced the award to $54,000 — $2,250 a track).

STORY: Former Teen Cheerleader Dinged $27,750 for File Sharing 37 Songs

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