Lady Gay Gay Shirt Gets Teen Sent Home

A Tennessee student was sent home for wearing a t-shirt (above) that reads "I Love Lady Gay Gay". The school has said the shirt would cause a "disruption" to the educational process. When I was a high schooler I was suspended because my underground newspaper caused a disturbance. I never liked this rule, and felt it left way to much power in the hands of the administration. Information can be a major disruption -- for example, what about a class discussion about how neo-con groups fabricated reports that led to the escalation of the cold war in the early 80's-- that might disrupt some peoples realities. Education SHOULD be disruptive -- we should be disrupting kids worldviews on a DAILY BASIS and causing fundamental changes in the way they view the world. If your students are still holding on to some Iron age belief system that says "being gay is wrong", you shouldn't need to protect students from the truth that we are all people and should be treated equally with respect and dignity. 

STORY: School Sends Teen Wearing 'Gay' Shirt Home

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