US House Hearings on Corporal Punishment in Schools

This past week, The Committee on Education and Labor held a hearing on Corporal Punishment in US Schools. This is ground breaking progress as it the first time in 18 years the government has discussed this issue.

Experts testified about the ineffectiveness of corporal punishment and the deleterious effects it can have on students. Both Democrats and Republicans agreed this needs to end, and the committee has promised to introduce a bill that would institute a federal ban on corporal punishment in US schools.

95 of the countries 100 largest school districts outlaw the practice. Even in Texas, which beats over 40,000 kids a year, the largest districts of Houston and Austin have banned the practice., along with The United Nations, PTA and other organizations opposes corporal punishment in schools. We have set up a Facebook Page which we encourage you to "Like" and help spread the word - raising awareness around this issue will be crucial in the weeks to come.

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