Anti-Tea Party Teacher Back in the Classroom

Jason Levin, a middle school teacher and political activist, is some hot water over his website "Crash the Tea Party". He wants people to infiltrate tea party rallies, and do some monkey wrenching.

Some parents are upset.. However, this is done on his own time, on a personal website. Being a teacher doesn't mean you forfeit your rights to free speech or to take part in the political process. Further, this guy is someone who is using new media to be politically active -- in my mind, the kind of guy I'd want teaching my kids how to use the internet.

They are also mad because he sent some tweets during school hours -- in my mind, this is a huge over reaction -- technology is here, teachers have lives outside of school, and we should be stoked to have our kids being instructed by folks who have a grasp of how to leverage the internet...

STORY: Anti-Tea Party Teacher Back in the Classroom

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