We've got spirit how about ...U-tah

We’ve got spirit, how about…U-Tah?

The Canyons School District (Draper, Utah) decided to veto their student’s top choice for school mascot, the cougar, because it is disrespectful to women. Thank you for teaching these kids an important lesson…when it comes to decision making, majority vote doesn’t really count for much. The board of education will probably let these high schoolers decide what color crepe paper may be used for homecoming, or even go out on a limb and let them choose Coke or Pepsi. But when it comes to a school mascot, how could they possibly be trusted with such a life altering judgment? And, did anyone poll the cougar population ( I mean the four legged ones)? My bet is that they would be opposed to an affiliation with such tight-minded, anti-democratic folks. So much for the graduation address from Courtney Cox or Joan Collins.

STORY: Cougar Mascot Vetoed For Utah's Corner Canyon High School For Being Offensive Toward Women

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