WWJD...what would jessica do?

Teenage atheist Jessica Ahlquist questioned the display of a banner displaying a prayer in her public high school and was summarily blown off by school administration. Now that's such a surprise that a high school student wouldn't be taken seriously. As a plaintiff represented by the ACLU, Jessica won a slam dunk decision against the school...not a surprise. House representative Peter Palumbo has referred to Jessica as an "evil little thing" and a "pawn star" of the ACLU. Now that's the kind of elected state official I want to have representing me! The hell with the Constitution and all that separation of church and state nonsense! While we are at it...the hell with...no I go too far. A bit of christian kindness is in order...unlike the hostile outpourings that Jessica has endured over twitter and Facebook. Lesson learned? You can memorize the Constitution to spit back on multiple choice tests but don't have the courage to actually expect it to be applied at Cranston High School West.

STORY:  Misguided faith unjust to nonbelievers

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