School Guard Accused Of Breaking Student's Arm

School Guard Accused Of Breaking Student's Arm

I'm sure there are two sides to every story, but the headline to this one may as well read: "Cops prove how tough they are by man-handling a helpless 15-year old girl."

Let's be serious here. What's the worst harm this girl could have been causing the school staff that it was necessary for two huge dudes to tackle her and break her arm?

Since it's California, we're positive these guards have a rich history of being racist and couldn't wait for the opportunity to rage out on an entire black family. Let's just relax for a minute and not get so upset that you probably lost the starting full-back position to a black kid when you were in high school.

Apparently the biggest threat to school safety is a 100-pound girl dropping cake on the floor. I can remember kids bringing in butterfly knives and only getting referrals. The only thing this girl will be getting out of her education is perpetuating young black anger and distrust towards white authority.

Great job guys! Keep the outstanding work!

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