"Douchebag" blog post costs senior her student council seat

Story: "Douchebag" blog post costs senior her student council seat

So, after getting jerked around by the administration with regard to scheduling of a battle of the bands concert, and THEN being threatened by the administration with an outright cancellation of the event when students organized to voice their concern, a student council member posts a comment on her personal blog (from home) which says "jamfest is cancelled due to douchebags in central office." The school then bars her from running for student council president, and also from speaking at graduation. The parents sue, obviously, and get this, some other douchebags in the "The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld a lower court decision... saying that while it was sympathetic to Avery's plight, the school did not violate her constitutional rights."

F sakes! Do I really need to delineate the dozen reasons this sucks? Avery, we've got a sweet writing gig for you at DetentionSlip.org -- and we'd love to video-cast your own personal graduation speech for millions of readers to see.

As we love to do, here is the contact info for the school:

Lewis S. Mills High School
26 Lyon Road
Burlington, Connecticut
Phone: (860) 673-0423
Website: http://www.region10ct.org/LSM/index.html

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