Paying students for good grades?

Story 1: Good grades pay off literally

Story 2:
Learn to Earn

NCLB is having so many positive side effects in education. Now we are paying students in some cities when they receive good scores. We can't think of any better way to spend money towards improving education? This is completely stripping them of any sense of "going to school to learn." Students are becoming more focused on whether or not they're going to be getting $20 for their math test, and over-looking the fact that the rest of their lives will not be incentive-based. How about we put this "allowance" into some kind of fund towards higher education, instead of having a classroom full of 4th graders with nicer cell phones than their teachers. So really, is this what we are resorting to? Teachers have gotten so bad at motivating students that the only way to get them to study is by paying them off?
Bad idea.

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