Depressed teacher can sue school district

Story: Depressed teacher can sue school district

Have you ever heard that some people will try to sue you for anything? Well let's listen to this teachers case. Evidently she has some disorder that requires her to be exposed to natural light (not the beer). In 2005, her classroom was moved and it did not feature exterior windows. She claimed to have begun suffering from the following side effects: "significant inability to concentrate, organize her thoughts, retrieve words, make decisions, and focus on the needs of her students, hypersomnia, racing thoughts, panic attacks, uncontrollable crying, inability to eat, and thoughts of suicide." That was 2005. She hasn't taught there since. This is 2009, and it's time to take the school to court! My only question is, "Hey sweetheart, don't you live in a Wisconsin town that only gets like 90 days of sun during the year? And all of them are in the summer when you're not teaching? Help me out to understand this natural lighting disease of yours a little better."

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