Today is the Day!

In the NYC Area? Want to learn more about getting rid of your glasses and contacts forever? Want to see how easy it is and watch a live procedure? Want some free food and drinks?

Then join us FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th from 5-7 PM as founder ANTHONY DAVID ADAMS gets LASEK EYE SURGERY at PARK AVENUE LASER in NYC. The entire staff, Dr. Chynn , his dog and Anthony will be in costume for the procedure! You will learn all about LASEK and how it is the safest and most accurate form of eye correction (vs. the out dated LASIK), you will meet the DetentionSlip team, and get to watch an actual procedure in the OR (optional).
"One of my biggest concerns was the risk involved with getting LASEK. When I learned that LASEK doesn't cut the cornea like the older, LASIK, and that 90% of problems are a result of cutting the cornea, I felt much more comfortable. Additionally, Dr. Chynn has done over 13,000 eye surgerys and all of them have been 100% legal to drive -- I love a perfect record." - Anthony David Adams

Dr. Chynn and his team are as generous as they are skilled and have offer an amazing BONUS DISCOUNT for anyone who comes to watch and eventually decides to get LASEK. I can't say HOW MUCH it is, but CAN SAY that it is UNHEARD OF! Just mention DETENTIONSLIP when you stop in or call. ALSO, anyone who comes in costume will get a discount on future services, and the BEST COSTUME will get an even BIGGER discount!

This event is in Manhattan (New York City), so come if you are here and tell your NYC friends to JOIN US this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th at PARK AVENUE LASER. If you are looking for New York LASEK, Park Avenue Laser is where you want to be this Friday!

If you want to contact them, here is the info!

Emil William Chynn MD FACS MBA
1st LASEK surgeon in NYC to have LASIK himself
NYs Only No-Cut No-Flap Center
102 E 25 St, NY, NY 10010
(212) 741-8628 / 741-2390 fax

Contact Shadi with any questions!

You can download a PDF of the Event Flyer HERE

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