As you know, we are doing a "FIELD TRIP" to cover the LASEK Eye Surgery of one of our editors... We had some readers ask us about the difference between LASEK vs. LASIK.
Here is what we can tell you!

The procedure I am getting is not the older LASIK, or "flap-and-zap" procedure, where an actual flap is CUT into your eye. I was always scared about getting my eye cut, and realized that it was the most risky part.

So I put off getting my eyes lasered until this year, when I learned about LASEK, which is a newer, more advanced procedure where there is no flap or cut made at all! This means that I have a 0% chance of having a flap-related complication! Which means my LASEK by Dr. Chynn will be 10x safer than any cutting procedure (like IntraLase or i-LASIK) by any surgeon still cutting flaps!

Dr. Chynn has LASIK himself, but that was a DECADE ago, and switched his entire practice to the non-cutting LASEK procedure about 4 years ago, for vastly improved safety, no dry eyes, and no night glare or halos (all of which is caused by the flap).

You can actually watch a live LASEK procedure on his website, and take the Simulator to see an actual procedure from the patient's POV. I'm using this right now, to "practice" before my own LASEK, so I won't be nervous in the OR (they said they'll give me Valium anyway, and have nitrous oxide/laughing gas in reserve if necessary--they are the only laser center in NYC with this, so you can see they're very innovative)!

If you have any questions on this procedure, or are thinking of getting it done, PLEASE leave us COMMENTS!

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