Are the Liberal Arts Dead?

With the economic shitshow most folks are experiencing, some colleges are slashing liberal arts majors in attempt to focus on majors students "can actually sell". As the job market gets increasingly more competitive, college students are finding out they can't just hit keggers for 5 years and then expect to get a job. Unfortunately, the focus is still on "what can I sell" - in this case, time / skill in exchange for a paycheck vs. what value can I create?

The problem is, you can't always predict what will be the hot field when you graduate in 5 years or in 10 years or 30 years. Experts aren't even sure. What is the safe bet and advice for students then? I'd be looking to ways to get experience in a variety of emerging fields, building my problem solving skills, creativity, and team building. Being able to bring together people, ideas, and technologies will always be a high value activity. Entrepreneurship should also be a big part of the conversation with todays high school kids. I speak around the country about entrepreneurship and education and it is severely lacking in the curriculum.

What are your thoughts of how to help students decide what areas to pursue?

STORY: The Economy, Killing Liberal Arts Education?

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