If you can't beat em', beat em' anyway!

Port Arthur ISD Principal Bessie Johnson (Travis Elementary) is accused of using corporal punishment to "motivate" a group of fifth graders to perform better on standardized tests. She allegedly had the students kneel in front of their individual test scores and walked along beating them down the line. Shades of the Old Deluder Satan Act in colonial Massachusetts (1657?)...children are born evil and we need to beat goodness into them...or at least better test scores. And this level of brilliance is still pervasive in 18 states in the USA that still allow corporal punishment in schools. Corporal punishment does not work, does not teach, and does not motivate. The state needs to strip this idiot of her certification and send her for alternative training...Jiffy Lube perhaps.

STORY: http://blog.beaumontenterprise.com/bayou/2012/03/07/mom-alleges-port-arthur-isd-principal-gets-physical-to-increase-staar-scores/

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