Pale face speak with forked tongue

Well, now that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) has solved all of the sexual abuse cases, they can turn their attention to more pressing matters. Sacred Heart Catholic School teacher Julie Gurta asked that Miranda be punished for committing what must be a mortal sin at Our Lady of Perpetual Motion...saying "Thank you" and "I Love You" in her native tongue, Menominee Indian. This must not be one of the "speaking in tongues" recognized by the RCC! Miranda was barred from playing in  the girls basketball game and we are guessing was given a few Hail Marys and Our Fathers as well. Gurta and the basketball coach have since apologized, but Miranda's folks are questioning their sincerity after the fact.

STORY: Miranda Washinawatok, Wisconsin Student Punished For Using Native Tongue, Receives Apology From School (VIDEO)

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