Import, export...deport

With all of the vitriol spewed forth by the far right in this year's GOP campaign, this story does not come as a surprise. Daniela came to the US from Columbia at age 4 along with her family. She has a 6.7GPA in the international baccalaureate program and dreams of being a heart surgeon after completing studies at an Ivy League school. Damn...another illegal deadbeat sucking at the tit of public welfare! Kudos to School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho who voiced his opposition to the judges rejection of her application for a green card and issuance of the deportation order..."over his dead body!" And, kudos to the overwhelming outpouring of support from her classmates. As for the judge and the whole "get tough on immigration" are just another brick in the wall.

STORY: Daniela Pelaez, Valedictorian At North Miami Senior High School, Faces Deportation Order (PHOTOS)

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