Teacher fired for punching student

Story: Teacher fired for punching student

Sometimes teachers snap. They are human. Unfortunately sometimes the end result is a student getting unexpectedly assaulted in the hallway. I wonder how many future employers are going to be jumping at the opportunity to hire a guy who beat up a kid in high school?

Some Harrisburg schools closing early because of heat

Story: Some Harrisburg schools closing early because of heat

Dear Harrisburg,

We heard that you were closing school because temperatures were approaching the high 80's. Modern air conditioning was invented in 1902. It has since been an invaluable way to maintain a cool, comfortable indoor climate during warmer weather. We hope you consider this amazing device.


Your friends in Miami

PS- Our temperatures are in the 90's every day and we have to walk outside to get to every class. You don't see us crying.

Students suspended for making slingshots

Five fourth graders are facing disciplinary charges for making slingshots with pencils, paper clips, and rubber bands. I will spare the cliche MacGuyver reference and let you know that the principal threatened that he could have expelled the boys for the entire year. I say just lock them up now. Don't they know they could have shot someones eye out?

Students in School Drug Raid to Split $1.2 Million

Story: Students in School Drug Raid to Split $1.2 Million

Attention Principals, here's a great way to connect with your students (taken from Stratford High School in Goose Creek, SC):

1) arrive at school early, so you can be there when the majority of the kids in the halls are African American due to the bus scheduling
2) bring in the local police department k9 drug unit
3) watch as the cops draw their weapons and terrorize the entire student body
4) try to justify the fact they didn't find ANY DRUGS

What a shit show! This was in 2003, but the court has just approved a $1.2 million dollar settlement to be split between the students. The principal ended up resigning.

Say Uncle Sam, how's that war on drugs working out for you?

The above is actual video from the search.

Teacher Arrested for Bringing Nunchucks to School

Story: Teacher Arrested for Bringing Nunchucks to School

It was learned that the teacher may have feared the threat of ninjas taking over the school.

Teacher Accused Of Buying Vicodin From Student

Story: Teacher Accused Of Buying Vicodin From Student

Sometimes teens know where to get the best stuff at. At besides, sometimes it can be so time-consuming to fake an injury just to get some extra-strength pain relievers. No word whether or not the teacher and student met up on the weekends, crushed the pills, and blew them up their noses together.

Kids with ADHD Taking Meds Test Better in School

Story: Kids with ADHD Taking Meds Do Better in School

This is sure to send shockwaves through all the parents who object to giving their kids meds. But is this research really that surprising? The basic purpose of Ritalin and Adderall is to help children focus more. And isn't the point of public education to get the best test scores? Nevermind inhibiting their creativity or dosing their bodies pull of prescription pills. We need good test-takers!

School Bans Students from Bringing Birthday Gifts to Class

Story: School Bans Students from Bringing Birthday Gifts to Class

On the principals 'to do' list:

-Increase test scores
-Decrease drop-out rates
-Curb school bullying
-Eliminate birthday parties
-End fun

It's good to see we are really focusing on the hard-hitting issues facing our education system.

6-year old brings loaded gun to Fulton school

Story: 6-year old brings loaded gun to Fulton school

The school doesn't seem to be worried about this too much. "We think he just found something at home that he wanted to show off to his friend," says a spokesperson. I would say the fact that kindergarteners have access to loaded guns at home is cause for alarm. Imagine if he pulled the trigger?

Deputies Arrest Sex Offender Who Took Pictures At School

Story: Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Sex Offender Who Took Pictures At School

What a clever scheme for a sex offender! Get a job as a newspaper reporter and land a story in a middle school so you can snap pictures of little boys. And he would have got away with it too but some teacher became suspicious when he was spotted with a chubby in his pants.

Topless Teachers Pose For Calendar

Story: Topless Teachers Pose For Calendar

Sex sells. But something tells me if a group of female teachers came out with a calendar like this arms would be up in the air. The cause is good (cancer), and who wouldn't want to see their hunky basbeball coach in tight black jeans sitting on top of Harley? Peggy, the school secretary, already owns a dozen copies.

Michigan senior aces ACT, SAT and PSAT

Though it hasn't been confirmed, we heard she did it with one arm tied behind her back.

Elementary Student Suspended After Receiving Text From Mom

Story: Elementary Student Suspended After Receiving Text From Mom

Mom gets racy text message. Mom forwards text to 12-year old daughter. 12-year old sends it to everyone in the school. This really puts a whole new spin on how to manage the cell phones in school debate. I am sure principals like to know there are parents like this only making the problem worse.

Lake Wales Coach Charged With Biting Player's Nose

The coach argues that he was able to motivate the players and win the game. He claims, "I have placed my teeth over a child's nose but I did not bite..." Oh! Well that sounds perfectly normal and acceptable then! For a second I thought he was crossing the line. Wrapping your lips around a teenagers nose has always proven to be the most effective way to get your point across. Now I know why some NBA players wear a face mask.

Teacher Accused Of Stealing From Students

Story: Teacher Accused Of Stealing From Students

It'll be like taking candy from a baby. Or in this case, like taking a couple grand from helpless, trusting, elementary school kids. He managed to rack up over $13,000 in stolen money from bake sales, candy sales, and Washington DC field trip funds over the past four years. Although it's not determined what he has been doing with the money, some suspect he planned to visit the Lincoln Memorial hundreds of times.

BREAKING: NYC Teacher Fights Corporal Punishment Reprimand with... A BOMB!

Story:Bronx School Evacuated After Teacher’s Threat

This 55 year old computer teacher was recently reprimanded for using corporal punishment (Illegal in NY State) on a student. He retaliated by barricading himself in a classroom, claiming he had planted a bomb in the library, and declared he was "on a hunger strike".

No dude, you're on an intelligence strike.

Lancaster County student accused of exposing himself in class

If you are looking for an express ride to the sexual predators list, stand up in the middle of class and start masturbating. Nothing makes a 14-year old girl more comfortable than seeing a classmate jerk off while yelling out her name. His parents must be proud.

Alaska school punishes students for taunting moose

I've got a hunch that there are 49 other states that have never had to face this discipline scenario.

Mother uses Bible verse on modesty to fight Irving ISD dress code requiring tucked-in shirts

According to the book of Timothy, young women are not permitted to tuck their shirts in at a public school. At least that is one mothers interpretation of the good book. You would think that school districts would consult the Bible before they institute dress code policies. The mom is also allegedly upset that the cafeteria doesn't offer the Blood of the Lamb on its lunch menu.

Indiana Police Arrest 2 Fifth-Graders for Selling Marijuana at School

Story: Indiana Police Arrest 2 Fifth-Graders for Selling Marijuana at School

The shocking part isn't that fifth graders have access to the drugs. What is more alarming is that there is actually a market to sell weed in elementary school. I guess that means we have to be on the lookout for meth and coke addictions by seventh grade. What age are we allowed to start pigeon-holing high school drop-outs???

Elmbrook Schools Sued over Graduations at Elmbrook Church

Story: Elmbrook Schools Sued over Graduations at Elmbrook Church

For nine years, graduation has been at the same church. All of a sudden the church-state argument strikes home with some people. In a related note, some parents of unathletic students in nearby schools are protesting that their graduation be moved from local civic arenas.

Kindergarten Teacher Sends Bag of Poop Home With Student

Story: Kindergarten Student Sent Home With Bag of Feces And Note From The Teacher

So, the teacher finds a turd on the floor. She assumes it's from a student who had had some accidents before, and decides the best idea would be to wrap the little guy (the poop, not the pupil) in a paper towel, and send it home with the student.

From the mom:
"She found a clear plastic bag with a piece of fecal matter wrapped up in a brown paper towel with the note on it. This little turd was on the floor in my room. And that's all it says. Nothing else. If it was his did she see him do this? Did she follow him around to make sure this was his, did she see it drop out? Or just assume it was his because he had an accident a couple of months ago?"
Say Mrs. Graham, are you sure that little turd you found wasn't just what you've been passing off as your teaching credentials?

Here is a video from CNN:

Embedded video from CNN Video

A Proposal to Separate Fast Food and Schools

Story: A Proposal to Separate Fast Food and Schools

A NY city councilman is fighting to put a restraining order on fast-food chains. He wants to ban them from being close to schools. Evidently if Burger King and Taco Bell move just a few blocks away, they become completely out of reach and teens will discontinue eating there. While I am not suggesting that fast-food joints don't contribute to our health problems, I don't think the solution is this easy. Let's start with educating youth about proper eating habits, and offer them more fitness options (for example- putting recess and P.E. back in schools?!) Just because popular books and movies try and convince us otherwise, McDonalds cannot take all the blame on this issue.

Ohio school bans teacher-student texting

Story: Ohio school bans teacher-student texting

It's about time! The fact that these issues have to be addressed is troubling enough. There should not be a fine line between professionalism and non-professionalism. These are your students. You should not have to consider them when you are choosing monthly cell phone plans.

DonorsChoose, Stephen Colbert & Gates Foundation join forces to promote college readiness

Stephen Colbert - Photo by DetentionSlip.org

This morning DetentionSlip was invited to attend a panel moderated by Stephen Colbert to announce a new partnership between DonorsChoose.org and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Charles Best, DonorsChoose.org founder, explained how the non-profit came about after a discussion in a teachers lounge. The organization allows teachers to post projects they are seeking funding for on the DonorsChoose website, then, "citizen philanthropists" can fund the projects whole or in part with any amount of money.

They are all about transarency as well, allowing the donors to pick which projects to fund, and giving them a breakdown of how every cent is spent.

The Gates Foundation got involved to match donations 1 for 1 for projects specifically targeted at helping students go on to college.

Afterward, I spoke with another blogger who was in the press section, and he told me DonorsChoose is very addictive. You donate a hundred bucks, and then you get this packet of photos and thank you letters from the kids you've helped.

In an effort to raise awareness about this great charity, we have selected one cause we liked. Check it out, and if you decide to give a buck or 50, put in the comments section DetentionSlip.org sent you. It would be awesome if our readers could make this happen!

Featured Cause: Resurrect "Print" Journalism from the Dead

Also, for you teachers out there if you have a need for some materials -- books, supplies, etc. Visit the site and submit your project. If it has to do with College Prep, it will be INSTANTLY funded 50% by the Gates Foundation.

Student, 10, cracks Pa. state school test code

"I'm a PC, and I'm only ten."

Story: Student, 10, cracks Pa. state school test code

It reminds you how important standarized tests are when a fourth grader is able to hack a code and have the exams mailed out in bulk. Maybe this should serve as a sign that we need to focus less on paper and pencil, and see what 21st century kids can do with computers. Just a thought.

Protesters want coach Carlie Beck back

Story: Protesters Support Naked Coach

I'd be willing to bet that a lot of males were part of this audience. This sounds like the perfect pep rally. You have cheerleaders coming up with chants, and a bunch of people yelling back. The coach was recently fired for appearing nude in Playboy. Now her fans have set down the vaseline and tissues and begun rallying to get her back.

Boy Allowed To Wear Rainbow Wristband

Story: Boy Allowed To Wear Rainbow Wristband

His mother says, "It's a good thing that the school has finally realized that it can't just disregard First Amendment rights of students." When are principals going to figure out that banning things like this only draws more attention to it, and defeats the purpose behind why it was banned to begin with (presumably because they feel it causes a distraction).

Williamsville school assault stirs questions

Story: Williamsville school assault stirs questions

Two students got into a pretty bloody fight. (However it should be noted that they were in the same wrestling weight class). One boy had several fractures in his face and underwent surgery. The mother is questioning why she was the one who had to call the police about this incident. You would think that when your child has to go to the hospital, the school might have some answers or accountability. But in this case, they prefer to "handle things within their own walls." If only those walls could speak.

Marshfield Lunch Lady Sentenced for Stealing

Story: Marshfield Lunch Lady Sentenced for Stealing

She was found with churro sticks and pizza boats overflowing from her closet.

Imagine a Freshman Class of 30

Story: DoGooder.tv Short Film Contest

Here is an interesting short film from ASCD that illustrates what a high school would look like with a freshman class of 30 students. If you like it you can vote for it at DoGooder.tv

Progress Report: SCHOOL SAFETY- Are we just hitting the Panic Button?

Monday, April 20th, marks ten years since the tragic events of Columbine High School unfolded. It only seems fitting that DetentionSlip examines how this unforgettable day has shaped they way we discuss school safety.

I remember a scene from the movie Toy Soldiers where Sean Astin and his gang of classmates are held hostage by terrorists. During the standoff, the boys are routinely strip-searched and head counts are conducted every hour to ensure that none of the students have disobeyed their higher order. The sad news is, this standard practice often shadows a day-in-the-life of many current middle and high school students in the year 2009. But was it like this even a decade ago?

The shooting of Columbine helped institute a new popularity of the term "zero tolerance." Students as young as first grade have been suspended from school simply for drawing a picture of a gun! Dress code policies were dramatically revisited. (No colored hair. No piercings. No over-sized coats or pants. No bookbags. Basically, no individuality.) The addition of metal detectors have left teens with a sense that they are entering prison every morning at 7am. Many schools don't even allow students out of their classrooms without a legit reason.

Even though the shooters, Dylan and Eric, were not bullied, goths, or outcasts (as detailed in Dave Cullen's new book), they have lead us to believe that anyone who acts or dresses out of the ordinary will be labeled as a threat to our safety. Zero Tolerance can be the key factor that feeds us these beliefs. Although students will probably act the same exact way in school for years to come, teachers and principals would rather make us feel that a threat is always pending, so it is their job to forbid any behavior that might be seen as a warning sign. It is like living in a perpetual fire drill. No one takes it seriously except the administrators calling the shots.

Columbine instilled fear into the veins of the American public. School shootings and bombings are actually pretty rare. While youth have almost become desensitized to these threats (it's just another day you don't have to go to school), some teachers will argue that they fear every day of work because of how unpredictable children have become. A fear that most likely originated the day after Columbine. (For the record, based on statistics, your child has a greater chance having a sex-scandal occur in their school than a shooting.)

So what does it all mean? Are all students suspects? Judging by the number of teachers who would carry a gun to school if they were allowed, some might respond "yes." The label safety is the #1 most common tag on DetentionSlip. This suggests that it is a major concern of our public schools. All we hope is that students are able to focus on their education, without the distraction of ridiculous Zero Tolerance policies clouding their experience. But on the other hand, does this generation know any different?

Anti-Plagiarism Website Gets Green Light to Plagarize Student Work from Supreme Court

Story: Fourth Circuit's Turnitin.com Ruling Brings More Trouble for Plaintiffs

The Virginia Supreme Court just ruled that a private company, Turnitin, has the right to archive the complete text of students essays (without their consent, or against their direct request) under the fair use claim. Plagiarism

Turnitin is a private, for-profit company. They archive student essays in a giant database, and allow teachers to check the 'originality' of other essays by a proprietary algorithm that compares them to the archived text.

Two straight A students in Virginia didn't like the idea of being assumed to be de facto plagiarists, and filed a suit. They filed for official copyright of their papers with the federal government, and also included instructions that "the papers not be archived via Turnitit" -- of course, they were anyway.

First of all, hats off to these students -- I love the way they executed this, and had everything in order for the suit, and I hope they appeal the case.

As for the fair use law -- it's a victory, and as a news / journalistic site, we should be happy. But it is still unsettling that a private company is being allowed to archive student essays, AGAINST the request of the author. You could envision dozens of reasons a student wouldn't want their work seen by anyone beside the instructor (they reveal something very personal, it's a draft of a larger project, etc). Especially if the students are writing THIS IS NOT TO BE ARCHIVED on the essays. Shouldn't authors be able to own the copyright to the work? Further, should this company be allowed to profit off the essays of the students? Surely, the value of Turnitin increases exponentially with each essay added, and with each iteration the essasy is being referenced. Should the students not be entitled to a royalty payment every time the system reads the essay? The company claims to prevent plagarism, but seems to make money off outright copying of students work, without their consent.

Let's get some reader thoughts - comment below.

Here is a 2007 article from the Washington Post that gives some more background:McLean Students Sue Anti-Cheating Service - 3/28/2007

5th grade who viewed porn could face charges

Story: 5th grade who viewed porn could face charges

Curiosity did two things. It killed the cat, and it also got a couple of ten year olds arrested for typing "lesbian" into a school computer. If this was such a huge breach of security, you would think they could have some tech guy spend 20 minutes typing words into a search engine to make sure they are blocked. Now they face criminal charges for distribution of pornography to minors. Clearly, our schools have the childrens best interest in mind.

Edgewood teacher resigns over bar "field trip"

Story: Edgewood teacher resigns over bar "field trip"

Hopefully this teacher understands why some people might object to her taking underage students to a drag show and buying them alcohol. I just googled "Good Ideas" and I couldn't find this one anywhere in the search results. Weird!

School Educator Charged with Drug Offenses

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Especially when you manufacture and distribute large volumes of it. I am sure the parents at this school were thrilled to learn that instead of grading papers at home, she was weighing crack. Students thought that was her asking for change downtown over the weekend.

Coach had sex with student in gym restroom

This story came from a reader tip. He described it as, "Coach who replaced coach who messed around with underage players busted for messing around with underage players." I think that about sums it up.

Tip via Puking Dog

Delhi girl 'left in sun to die'

Story: Delhi girl 'left in sun to die'

Who ever said schools take corporal punishment too far? One 11-year old girl in India was forced to stand in the hot sun to serve her consequences. It turns out the teacher didn't assign a time frame on this, and just waited until she died instead. Talk about strict discipline.

Carlie Christine, High School Cheer Coach Fired After Posing Nude for Playboy

I always thought that high school cheerlearding coach was just a stepping stone to becoming a Playboy centerfold. She should be an inspiration to her young girls that they can reach their potential by never giving up. The boys of the school, on the other hand, will have to set new life goals since their dreams of seeing Ms. Christine naked have just come true.

Autistic boy, 4, left on bus, driver arrested

Story: Autistic boy, 4, left on bus, driver arrested

Generally, before you end your shift and head to Party City, it is suggested that you check the bus to make sure there aren't any kids left on it. Maybe she figured this 4-year old autistic boy could figure things out for himself? I can see how you might overlook a Butterfinger wrapper, but a 50-pound toddler?

Students Required To Stand During Pledge

Story: Students Required To Stand During Pledge

This debate is still going on? The school (after hearing grief from local war vets), determined that if you don't bleed red, white, and blue, then you don't belong in their classrooms. I believe the role of educators is to teach students the necessary skills to achieve their goals and become functional members of society. I am not sure where it says we are forced to develop young patriots.

Bad drivers to teach drivers ed.

I am still not sure if this is some sort of a punishment, or an ironic joke. But either way students will be taught to drive by teachers who have been convicted of causing traffic accidents. Great logic! Using this line of reasoning, do they plan on placing teachers who dropped out of college in their classrooms too? Personally, I would prefer to learn something new from someone who hasn't failed at it already.

DetentionSlip.org On Foxnews.com

Story: To Spank or Not to Spank: 'Strat Room' Panel on Corporal Punishment

On Monday, DetentionSlip.org co-founder Anthony David Adams was a guest on FoxNews.com's Strategy Room. Turns out the ENTIRE segment ended up discussing Corporal Punishment. We're working on getting the full length video, but here is 6 minute clip.

Thanks for all our fans who sent in hundreds of emails while we were on the air.

Texas elementary school gets noise citation

Story: Texas elementary school gets noise citation

There comes a point in every old mans life when you run out of things to complain about. Not the case for this San Antonio resident who is still firing on all cylinders. The school nearby had a field day that was, according to him, louder than police sirens, fire trucks, ambulances, and Air Force jets. Next on the list...the yellow buses are too bright.

Two Colts Neck High School students accused of counterfeiting money

To illustrate how smart these teens are, "...the boys sold the fake $10s and $20s in exchange for real cash in smaller denominations." I guess they don't understand basic principles of economics. But then again, they are products of our public school system. The principal became suspicious when the students put a down-payment on Ventnor Ave.

Student fatally stabbed in love triangle involving teacher

Story: Student fatally stabbed in love triangle involving teacher

Nothing can possibly go right when you are involved in a steamy love triangle with two students. Sooner or later it will lead to the lethal combination of jealousy and pocket knives. Meanwhile, the mid-life crisis of this 48-year old teacher is now responsible for ruining multiple lives. How is your confidence doing now ThunderLips?

Teacher regrets 'n word' slur

Note to future and current teachers- when you become frustrated at the quality of work coming from your custodian, don't send racist emails to your principal. It's one thing to regret your comments, but the intent is still in tact. Hopefully, in her soon-to-come sensitivity training, she will learn that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 allows black people to work in schools with white people. We cross our fingers this news doesn't break her heart.

Seminole teacher who dropped gun at school likely will get job back

We really need to get a more clear definition of "Zero Tolerance" if a teacher brings a loaded pistol to school and is then allowed back in the classroom. The district is letting her teach again on the grounds that they "assume the problem will never occur again." Talk about benefit of the doubt. A lot of people assumed that the boys from Columbine were clean and not going to create any trouble again either. And look how that miscalculation turned out.

Somerset student can keep long hair

Story: Somerset student can keep long hair

First we took their land, then we raped their women. Now we are telling Native Americans they cannot keep their hair long in our schools. It took some fighting, but this teen will now be able to honor his family tradition by keeping his hair past his collar. We currently have our research team looking for studies about the link between hair length and student performance.

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