Value-subtracted analysis in NYC

More misguided folks blindly following shoddy research that supports value-added analysis in education.
Grounded in the Tennessee STAR Study, which has been essentially discredited, the political attack on public schools pretends to use data and statistical analysis, now to rate teachers. Here is the direction we would like to go...have all elected officials submit to value added analysis and publish the results to the electorate. Better yet...base their salary on the value they have added to the economy. For example, once unemployment reaches 7% or lower, start paying them 50%. When it hits 6%, up the salary to 70%. Once it dips below 5%, full salary. And as a bonus (merit pay) when we stop going to war for one year, throw in health care....but no contraception!

STORY: New York City Teacher Ratings: Teacher Data Reports Publicly Released Amid Controversy

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